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A Caribbean vacation is a dream to many. Thus, exploring the BVI islands through BVI Yacht Charters would be a great fulfillment. However, some find it challenging to navigate the waters and plan an ideal itinerary.

Imagine missing out on the experience, from the white sand beaches to the vibrant marine life.

That’s where luxury sailing yachts come in! Following this advice for a smooth charter experience is a good idea.

You can quickly go from St. Thomas to the different BVI islands with BVI sailing charters. It’s genuinely a sailing vacation paradise. Adding to the excitement is that there are many unique attractions that big cruise ships cannot reach.

So, here are some of the highly recommended BVI spots to visit and premier catamarans to charter your dream vacation.

The British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands in a Nutshell

  • One of the many Caribbean islands.
  • It has four larger islands as part of the British territory, namely:
    • Tortola
    • Virgin Gorda
    • Anegada
    • Jost Van Dyke
  • It’s part of a group of islands called the Virgin Islands.
  • In addition, the far northeast part is the Greater Antilles.
  • To the west of these islands is Puerto Rico.
  • Apart from the four big islands, there are 32 smaller ones.
  • Moreover, approximately 20 of those small ones have no people living on them. Some of the uninhabited islands are:
    • Great Tobago
    • Salt
    • Peter
    • Cooper
    • Norman
    • Guana
    • Beef
    • Great Thatch
    • Little Thatch
    • Marina Cay
  • The main town, Road Town, is where most activities happen. It’s not very surprising because it’s actually on the biggest BVI island, Tortola.

British Virgin Islands Yacht Charters Bounce Back on Track

Tourism is incredibly important in the British Virgin Islands. It’s one of the main industries that sustains the islands’ economy. It’s also one of the major job sources in the region.

From 2010 to 2020, the highest number of visitors in the BVI occurred in 2016, within a 10-year period. It accounted for approximately 1.1 million visitor arrivals from both cruise ship and day tour yacht charters.

However, with the previous travel restrictions, visitor arrivals plummeted significantly. From 2019 to 2020, it decreased to approximately 500,000 in the total number of arrivals.

Finally, in 2022, the BVI tourism industry bounced back with a 347 increase in the total number of tourists.

In general, tourism in the BVI appears to align with the UN World Tourism Organization report of July 2022. This further suggests that the tourism industry worldwide will continue the upward trend in the years to come.

So, it isn’t too late to charter in the BVI. You can still start planning with your loved one, family, and friends!

Getting Around the Islands on BVI Yacht Charters

There are many points of entry to the region, either by air or by sea.

Major Airports in the British Virgin Islands

  • Tortola – Terrence B. Lettsome Airport 
  • Anegada – Auguste George Airport 
  • Virgin Gorda – Taddy Bay Airport

There are also chartered flights for international transfers from Puerto Rico. It is the ultimate stopover for connecting flights to the BVI.

Good news: US guests can fly from Miami, Florida, to Beef Island, BVI, on American Airlines.

Not from the US? Here are additional flight information:

  • Some travelers choose to fly to St Thomas. From there, they can take a connecting flight with Cape Air or Seaborne Airlines to Tortola and Virgin Gorda.
  • You can also fly via Winair from St Maarten to one of BVI’s major airports.
  • Travelers from the UK might find flying to Antigua more accessible via VC Bird International Airport. Then, get a connecting flight to Tortola.

Marinas for BVI Yacht Charters

The yachting business is constantly growing in this part of the world. Since the 2000s, over 50% of BVI visitors have chosen chartered boats over hotels for their stay. In addition, 90 percent of them usually visit for the holidays rather than for business.

Thus, finding anchorage won’t be a problem. Some of the major marinas in the British Virgin Islands are:


  • Sopper’s Hole Wharf and Marina
  • Nanny Cay Resort and Marina
  • Tradewinds British Virgin Islands Yacht Club
  • Manuel Reef Marina
  • JY Harbor View Marina
  • Lower Belmond Bay Marina

Jost Van Dyke

  • North Latitude Marina

Virgin Gorda


  • Fisherman’s Wharf

Is it easy to travel from St. Thomas to the BVI?

Yes, definitely. One of the most accessible gateways to the British Virgin Islands (BVI) is St Thomas.

Here are a few reasons why:


St Thomas is geographically close to the BVI. Thus, making it a convenient starting point for crewed BVI yacht charters.

You have several ports of departure:

Depart from USVIArrive at Tortola BVI
Charlotte AmalieRoad Town Tortola
Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda
Red HookJost Van Dyke
Road Town West End
ports of origin from St. Thomas USVI to the BVI

Generally, travel time is approximately 30 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on your type of yacht and your island of destination.

Many Transportation Options | BVI Yacht Charters

St. Thomas has a solid transportation system, including an international airport. Therefore, it’s quite easy to fly in from various locations. Then, you can quickly reach the ferry terminals to continue your journey to the BVI.

Yacht Charter Hub

There are regular and frequent ferry and private yacht charter services connecting the USVI to different islands in the BVI. You can choose from different types of boats for your island visits, such as sailboats, catamarans, power catamarans, or bareboat charters. A trusted yacht charter broker can easily arrange your trip.

Entry Point to the Caribbean

It’s a popular entry point to the region. If you want to explore multiple island destinations, you can do that from Charlotte Amalie.

Beautiful Scenery

Arriving at St. Thomas is a beautiful treat to the eye. But your luxury charter only improves with the many picturesque islands and beautiful beaches you will pass through. So, you can spend an overnight or do a day tour between the USVI and the BVI.

beautiful landscapes - BVI Yacht Charters
View from Tortola

Jost Van Dyke | BVI Yacht Charters

This place is one of the smallest islands in the BVI. Nevertheless, it has a rich history and offers the finest dining experience. So, you can savor amazing barbecue, Indian cuisine, and fresh seafood. There are also charming beachside restaurants to unwind.

A few of the most iconic spots with live atmosphere are:

Where Is the Soggy Dollar Bar?

The Soggy Dollar Bar is southwestern, specifically on White Bay. Look for its iconic beachfront location with palm trees and a laid-back vibe.

If you’re on a luxury yacht charter, you can anchor at Great Harbour or by a dinghy offshore.

What to do on Jost Van Dyke?

Meanwhile, if you’re up for an adventure, there are many scuba diving opportunities around the island.

Other fun activities include snorkeling, beachcombing, and enjoying the island’s relaxed atmosphere.

How to Get to Jost Van Dyke?

You can take a ferry from St. Thomas or Tortola to get to the island. There are regular trips and the ride is about 30 to 45 minutes.

Better yet, rent luxury BVI catamaran charters for more freedom and privacy.

$93,700 - $100,000 /wk
  • 4 Cabins
  • 80.00 Ft Cat
  • Built: 2022
$62,000 - $64,500 /wk
  • 4 Cabins
  • 74.00 Ft Cat
  • Built: 2018
$50,500 - $59,500 /wk
  • 4 Cabins
  • 65.00 Ft Cat
  • Built: 2023
Scuba  Scuba Diving On Board

Virgin Gorda | BVI Yacht Charters

It’s the third largest BVI island with national parks, trails, and stunning beaches. You can also find yacht clubs, accommodations, shopping areas, and restaurants in Spanish Town.

Interesting Facts about Gorda Peak National Park

  • The island’s highest point at 1,370ft
  • It’s a dry forest. So, it was placed under international conservation.
  • Research funded by the UK’s Darwin Initiative found endangered plant species.
  • It is also home to the world’s smallest lizard, the Virgin Gorda gecko.
  • There are hiking trails with fantastic views.
  • On clear days, you can see Anegada on the northeast side.
  • There are also picnic sites in the area.

All About the Baths at Virgin Gorda | BVI Yacht Charters

Here are a few things you need to know when going to the island.

How are the Baths in Virgin Gorda formed?

The Baths are famous rock formations in Virgin Gorda. They are giant granite boulders that create intricate grottoes and hidden pools. These are the result of volcanic activity millions of years ago. Therefore, these landscapes now have a distinctive and scenic appeal that guests adore.

So, you can float, swim, snorkel, or enjoy soaking in the water.

How to get to the Baths of Virgin Gorda?

Option 1: If you’re coming from Spanish Town, you must get a taxi to take you to the baths. You have to do a short hike of about 0.5 kilometers from the parking area.

Option 2: When you come from Tortola on a ferry, taxis at the docks can take you to The Baths.

Option 3: The best option is to rent BVI Yacht Charters and anchor on a mooring near the Baths. All you have to do is enjoy the waters! No need for walking or hiking.

The Baths - BVI Yacht Charters
giant boulders at The Baths

Getting to Virgin Gorda

via Air: Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport on nearby Beef Island.

Via St Thomas: You can also fly into St. Thomas USVI and catch a ferry or rent a private yacht charter to VG.

Via Tortola: There are also direct ferries from Tortola and St. Thomas to Virgin Gorda’s main ferry terminal at Spanish Town.

Where to Stay in Virgin Gorda?

You will find different types of accommodation in this area including resorts, villas, and smaller hotels. The top places to consider are:

  • Oil Nut Bay
  • Rosewood Little Dix Bay
  • Leverick Bay Resort & Marina

Is Virgin Gorda safe?

Generally, this place is safe, especially for BVI Yacht Charter guests. When traveling anywhere, it’s smart to follow safety tips like protecting your stuff and staying alert to your surroundings.

$59,000 - $70,000 /wk
  • 4 Cabins
  • 67.00 Ft Cat
  • Built: 2022
Scuba  Scuba Diving On Board
$35,900 - $55,000 /wk
  • 4 Cabins
  • 63.00 Ft Power
  • Built: 2018
$35,549 - $39,046 /wk
  • 4 Cabins
  • 54.00 Ft Cat
  • Built: 2023

Tortola Overview | BVI Yacht Charters

  • Largest island in the BVI.
  • It serves as the capital city of the region.
  • BVI Yacht Charters often begin in this area.
  • It’s home to luxury resorts, modern towns, and stunning beaches.

Apart from luxurious resorts and pristine beaches, Tortola is a sailing paradise and also offers fishing hotspots.

What is Tortola known for?

It’s a top destination for sailing and water sports enthusiasts. The place boasts beautiful landscapes, like Sage Mountain National Park, a protected area.

As it’s a national park, there are plenty of things to do like picnicking, hiking, and conservation and research efforts. It also has the highest peak in the BVI and USVI measuring 1,710 feet. Generally, it has a rich vegetation.

If you plan to visit, the entrance is just a 5-minute walk from the car park.

Waterfront at Road Town Tortola - BVI Yacht Charters
Waterfront at Road Town, Tortola

Where do cruise ships dock in Tortola?

Road Town Pier offers a modern cruise ship facility. It has duty-free shopping, restaurants, and easy access to transportation for exploring the island.

Where is Road Town? | BVI Yacht Charters

Road Town is the British Virgin Islands’s capital and on the southern coast of Tortola. It’s a bustling hub for shopping, dining, and experiencing the local culture.

Where is Cane Garden Bay?

Aside from the beautiful beach, it’s also famous for its lively atmosphere and water activities. Make sure to arrive there early as many tourists flock to the area.

There is also a range of accommodations, from beachfront resorts to villas and guesthouses.

Peter Island

It is the largest private island in the BVI. However, it has suspended operations because of the hurricanes.

Norman Island

Despite being a private island, this place is a popular stopover of BVI Yacht Charters. It is very popular for snorkeling and diving.

Power Cat

$92,500 - $100,000 /wk
  • 4 Cabins
  • 80.00 Ft Cat
  • Built: 2023
$62,000 - $64,500 /wk
  • 4 Cabins
  • 74.00 Ft Cat
  • Built: 2018
$59,000 - $70,000 /wk
  • 4 Cabins
  • 67.00 Ft Cat
  • Built: 2022
Scuba  Scuba Diving On Board
$45,000 - $51,000 /wk
  • 3 Cabins
  • 65.00 Ft Power
  • Built: 2019
$32,000 - $38,000 /wk
  • 3 Cabins
  • 63.00 Ft Cat
  • Built: 2018
$35,900 - $55,000 /wk
  • 4 Cabins
  • 63.00 Ft Power
  • Built: 2018
$25,000 - $39,000 /wk
  • 3 Cabins
  • 60.00 Ft Cat
  • Built: 2013
$27,000 - $30,000 /wk
  • 4 Cabins
  • 51.00 Ft Cat
  • Built: 2022
Scuba  Scuba Diving On Board

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