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Yacht charters in Central America will offer so much diversity. Magnificent rainforests and ancient ruins, white sand beaches, and pristine waters. Any true adventurer will strive for a Central America yacht charter. From the mangroves of Mexico and Guatemala to the fishing grounds of Costa Rica.

You will find various landscapes. To emphasize, the world doesn’t stop at the surface. Especially the great blue hole of Belize is one of the most incredible dive spots in the world.

This area is a fusion of numerous cultures, ethnic groups, languages, and traditions. The region is synonymous with passion and mysticism. In particular, culture, sun, beach, sand, richness, and volcanic heat. Indeed the population lineages come from old and varied cultures. When they merged with Europeans and Africans, it generated a rich fusion that made it a unique and incomparable region.

About Central America

Sailing yacht Zephyrus
Sailing Yacht Zephyrus

Central America is the southernmost, isthmian portion of the North American continent. It connects with South America in the southeast. And is bordered by Mexico to the north and Colombia to the southeast. The Caribbean Sea to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west.

The region consists of seven countries. Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama. Yacht chartering mainly takes place in Mexico. And in Belize, Costa Rica, and Panama too. Catamarans and sailboats are available for charter in Belize and Panama. As well as motor yachts.

Costa Rica’s options are mainly motor yachts in the Pacific side of the country. Around the Cancun and Riviera Maya regions of Mexico, you can enjoy both crewed sailing catamarans and power catamaran charters. Snorkeling with whale sharks is very popular in the Riviera Maya area. Specifically, July and August are the best months to experience that.

The beaches of the Riviera Maya are top-rated. Fine white sand, turquoise blue waters, and large coconut palms await you. And you especially want to visit one of several ancient Mayan cities in this beautiful region. Tulum and Cobá are the most prominent ones.

Update: Our classic Caribbean yacht charter EROS is now sailing in Panama!

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