“You Make the Memories, We’ll Make the Arrangements”

The US-Virgin Islands Yacht Charter offers several beautiful islands to explore: 

  • St John
  • St Thomas
  • St Croix
  • Great St James
  • Little St James
  • Water Island

They are sister islands to the British Virgin Islands and the Spanish Virgin Islands.

So, explore and enjoy these beautiful islands on a US Virgin Islands Yacht Charter.

Here is a quick overview of each island. Click on the links for further details, including things to do and places to see.

US-Virgin Islands Yacht Charter from St John

Yachts anchored at Francis Bay US Virgin Islands
Francis Bay at St John US Virgin Islands

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of St John. This is the gem of the US Virgin Islands, the smallest of the three islands. Most of the island is part of the U.S. National Parks.

When is the best time to sail? Take advantage of the summer months. In August, you can have the time of your sailing on to St John Virgin Islands.

Top Tourist Attractions in St John

Tourists, guests, families, and groups of friends wouldn’t run out of things to do on the island.

You shouldn’t miss out on the following:

  1. Visit the natural sanctuary, Virgin Islands National Park. Witness the various birds, fish, and corals.
  2. Head over to Peace Hill for an easy hike. Reach the top called “Christ of the Caribbean.”
  3. Find peace and quiet while on a yacht charter. You can spend some peace and quiet along the “Fungi Passage.”
  4. Admire the historic Mary Point Estate.
  5. Enjoy breathtaking views of Cruz Bay.
  6. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city by exploring Coral Bay.
  7. You can also check out the more secluded part of the island on East Bay.
  8. Although Caneel Bay, is under redevelopment, guests can access the Honeymoon Beach to relax and enjoy the privacy.

Activities in St John

Guests of all ages will never get bored on St John Virgin Islands. There are plenty of activities in store for everyone:

  1. Visit some of its famous beaches, such as Trunk Bay, Hawksnest Bay, Cinnamon Bay, and Maho Bay. Note that you can enter Trunk Bay only if charterers agree to pay the $5-dollar entrance fee per person.
  2. Enjoy snorkeling in the shallow waters of Watermelon Cay. And If you’re lucky enough, you might even get a glimpse of turtles, rays, conch, and large starfish.
  3. Along Cruz Bay, guests could find various shops, restaurants, and cafes.
  4. Dine in some of St John’s local restaurants, such as Sun Dog cafe, Lime Out, Uncle Joe’s Barbecue, and Sam and Jack’s Deli.
  5. You can also go hiking on well-preserved trails.
  6. Not to mention, go swimming and scuba diving on Coral Bay.
  7. In addition, you can relax by getting a massage or participating in yoga classes on the island.
One of the beaches in St John US Virgin Islands
One of the beaches in St John US Virgin Islands

US-Virgin Islands Yacht Charter from St Thomas

Islands of St Thomas combines the natural beauty with a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Charlotte Amalie, the capital of the US Virgin Islands, is one of the most beautiful harbors in the world. Thus, the most visited port in the Caribbean islands.

Indeed, elegant dining, exciting nightlife, and world-class duty-free shopping are abundant in Charlotte Amalie. Hence, the city’s reputation as the shopping mecca of the Caribbean. Visitor flock from all over the region and around the world.

Top Tourist Attractions in St Thomas Virgin Islands

St. Thomas offers an unbeatable combination of unceasing winds and tranquil waters. So this makes it one of the Caribbean’s most coveted tourist spots.

In fact, here are a few must-see places on the island:

  1. Fort Christian is one of the top tourist attractions in St Thomas. Its walls tell a tale that goes back 300 years. Therefore, making it the oldest standing structure in the Virgin Islands.
  2. Coki Point is a picturesque and popular beach. The lively atmosphere here draws both cruise ship passengers throughout the week. And more of local families during the weekends.
  3. Visitors can have some time lounging on the soft sand. They can also go diving into the shallow depths of the clear blue waters. Others simply enjoy snorkeling along the shoreline.
  4. Be sure to visit Drake’s Seat trip to St Thomas. It’s an iconic viewpoint where the legendary Sir Francis Drake surveyed the Caribbean Sea for Spanish armadas. Tourists can also marvel the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea converging.
  5. With its stunning beauty and rugged north coast, Magens Bay is an ideal location for swimming and snorkeling. In fact, guests would find numerous amenities. This includes parking, lifeguards, equipment rental, showers with fresh water, and various restaurants and bars.
  6. Emancipation Garden, a park that serves to honor Abraham Lincoln. His proclamation in 1848 led to freedom for enslaved people. This tranquil place even has a replica of the iconic Liberty Bell.
  7. For an intimate island wedding ceremony, Island Mike St Thomas has special package rates for a dream wedding.

Activities in St Thomas

Tourists in St Thomas will be amazed by the remarkable shops, delicious restaurants, local bars, and captivating beaches. The island has a laidback ambiance but you will never get bored trying out different activities, such as:

  1. Go on shore excursions. You can never go wrong with a half-day sail and snorkeling with the turtles. Don’t miss out on seeing a brilliant marine ecosystem.
  2. Hop aboard an elegant sailboat as you make your way to the magnificent Buck Island. Enjoy the crystal clear waters and vivid corals, maybe even spotting some majestic green turtles in their native home.
  3. Hop aboard a catamaran and explore the waters of St. Thomas on a sailing excursion from Frenchman’s Cove.
  4. If you’re in for some adrenaline rush, why not try the extreme zipline experience? Glide through the Caribbean rainforest on St. Thomas and enjoy breathtaking ocean views. And if you want something even more unique, don’t forget to check out the Yo-Yo. It is the only zipline of its kind in the Caribbean!
  5. Enjoy a catamaran sunset sailing tour. Soak up the unforgettable experience of a stunning catamaran sunset sailing tour departing from Margaritaville. Feel the warmth of the ocean breeze, sip delicious drinks, and nibble delectable hors d’oeuvres. Soak in the unforgettable landscapes and sceneries, too.
  6. Discover St. Thomas’s array of fascinating attractions on a private tour. Marvel at the stunning views from Drake’s Seat, Skyline Drive, and Mountain Top. Get to know the island better by learning about its history. Visit the historic St. Thomas Synagogue and immerse in its culture while exploring nature.
Some chartered yachts anchored at Buck Island St John
Some chartered yachts anchored at Buck Island St John

St Croix | US-Virgin Islands Yacht Charter

Lying 35 miles south is the island of St Croix Virgin islands. St Croix is the largest island in the group, approximately 26 miles wide. The two main cities are Christiansted and Frederiksted.

It has retained more of its Danish character than the other US Virgin Islands. It has many historical sights and most of the original great houses restored.

Top tourist attractions in St Croix Virgin Islands

Here are some of our guests’ favorite places to visit when in St Croix:

  1. For those interested in history, a visit to St. Croix is a must. It has been under the rule of multiple nations: Spain, The Netherlands, England, France, the Knights of Malta, and Denmark.
  2. Marvel at the remarkable ruins of centuries-old sugar and cattle estates. You can see lush botanical gardens, as well as stunningly restored structures.
  3. At the extreme edge of St Croix stands Point Udall. It has a remarkable sundial monument, claiming to be the easternmost landmark in the USA.
  4. Buck Island, Marine Life Monument, is a spectacular spot to visit, situated off the St. Croix coast. In 2001, it became the very first Marine Protected Area, ensuring the preservation of every resource.
  5. Rainbow Beach offers a stretch of golden sand and serene turquoise waters, perfect for swimming and sunbathing. In addition, you can witness the annual St Croix Reef Jam, where there’s live music, food, and other festivities.
  6. St George Village Botanical Garden is an environmental treasure trove. It is a protected area to preserve historical and living collections. With its stunning display of over 1,000 varieties of plants, it is an exemplary showcase of flora and fauna.
  7. Annaly Bay and its Tide Pools is a secluded location. Thus, you need to have a personal vehicle and walk some distance. However, every ounce of effort to get there is truly rewarding.
  8. Once there, visitors will be enveloped in the wondrous natural beauty of the environment, especially the gorgeous tidal pools.

Activities in St Croix | US-Virgin Islands Yacht Charter

Guests will always find this part of the Virgin Islands an exciting destination. So, try out some of these fun activities in St Croix:

  1. Take a St Croix Island Sightseeing Tour. Discover the island’s beauty and culture on an exclusive tour with a knowledgeable local driver/guide.
  2. Explore St Croix in a whole new way with a guided small-group horseback riding experience. Ride through the rainforest and pastures with an expert tour leader who will show you the local flora and fauna. After a while, stop at a sugar mill to take pictures. It’s the perfect way to immerse yourself in the beauty of St Croix.
  3. Create your own adventure and discover the pristine waters of St. Croix by paddleboarding. Have the freedom to paddle where you want, when you want. Our top-of-the-line fiberglass paddle boards are guaranteed to satisfy all experience levels.
  4. Escape the daily grind and embark on an exciting yacht charter in St. Croix. Explore the USVI’s finest beaches. With a customize itinery, you can have a hassle-free experience and unparalleled comfort.
  5. As your go further, there are stops for snorkeling and swimming spots with onboard snorkeling gear. Listen to music while sailing, and even request for a hotel pickup – all ensuring a complete, unforgettable experience.
  6. Take advantage of all St Croix offers, from local cuisine and wines to vibrant nightlife! Go off the beaten track. You can gain an authentic insight you can’t get anywhere else.
  7. Learn from the locals and the native Crucian dialect to immerse yourself in the culture truly. Therefore, this will no doubt be an immensely rewarding experience.

Note: Take advantage of Virgin Islands Catamaran NEMO special holiday rates.

More Options for a US-Virgin Islands Yacht Charter

Great St James

Great St James is a private island in the east end of St Thomas. A day in this area means an exclusive escape from all other crowded beaches in the USVI.

Meanwhile, on the west side is the Christmas Cove. It is a popular snorkeling and mooring spot for day charter boats and yachts.

Overall, the unspoiled and secluded island provides the perfect vacation spot. You can relax and explore thus, taking in the natural Caribbean scenery.

Little St James | US-Virgin Islands Yacht Charter

Little St James is a private island off the east end of St Thomas. Also, there are very unique underwater rock formations here that create a perfect habitat for stingrays, turtles, and octopuses. In addition, several celebrities and famous personalities have visited this island.

Water Island | US-Virgin Islands Yacht Charter

Water Island is the fourth United States Virgin Island. It is located in St Thomas’ Charlotte Amalie harbor. Spend days on the beach, kayaking, and exploring the shoreline at Limestone.

Try a day of fishing or boating. With A day trip to St. Thomas, you go hiking, and exploring the remains of military fortifications.

Guests can also join the locals for movie night on the beach, or have lunch and drinks at Honeymoon Bay. And if you’re up for some exercise, take a bike tour around the island and take in the sights and sounds.

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US-Virgin Islands Yacht Charter FAQs

View of Caneel Bay - US-Virgin Islands Yacht Charter
Charlotte Amalie - US-Virgin Islands Yacht Charter
Fish Cay - US-Virgin Islands Yacht Charter
US-Virgin Islands Yacht Charter in a marina

Do you need a passport for the Virgin Islands?

Yes, all travelers to the US Virgin Islands need a passport, regardless of their nationality. U.S. citizens are NOT required to have a passport, but it is highly recommended to bring one.

Can US citizens travel to Croix?

Yes, US citizens can travel to St Croix and are not required to have passports.

What is the US Virgin Islands Currency?

The official US Virgin Islands currency is the United States Dollar (USD). Furthermore, ATMs are available in all three islands. Most establishments also accept credit cards but, cash is always a good backup.

What are the places to avoid in St Thomas?

St Thomas USVI is generally a safe haven with a very low crime rate. But, if there are places to avoid in St Thomas, it’s best to avoid dark narrow streets just to be sure.

What’s the difference between the British Virgin Islands vs the US Virgin Islands?

The BVI is a group of 60 islands. Meanwhile the USVI is composed of four major islands (St John, St Thomas, St Croix & Water Island) and 50 smaller islets and cays.

Most tourists say that BVI is more laid back, luxurious, and ideal for couples looking for a romantic getaway. On the other hand, the USVI is best for a family vacation.

Lastly, the BVI offers variation in sceneries. It’s easy to sail from one island to another because they’re closer to each other. Meanwhile, the USVI offers sailing adventures from its capital, Charlotte Amalie. And major tourist spots take a while to reach.

Can you do a day sailing trip from St Croix to St John?

Yes, there are definitely sailing trips from St Croix to St John. On average, it takes about 3 hours to sail from one point to another. But, it all depends on your preferences.

By renting a private yacht charter, you can customize your itinerary for these destinations.
Here’s an example of St Croix St John itinerary.

Please note that these USVI charters also include stops for swimming, snorkeling and relaxing on the beach. Some would even include lunch or an open bar.

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