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Hang out by the beach, read a book in one of the best beach bars in BVI
Enjoy reading a book or hanging out in one of the best beach bars in BVI

The British Virgin Islands offer some of the most spectacular nightlife in the Caribbean. If you’re looking for lively nightlife or a relaxed dinner, there’s always something for everyone at BVI.

The BVI has various activities to explore: live music, great cocktails, shopping at night, and reggae beats. Whatever you are looking for in nightlife in the BVI, you will find it here on our list. Read on for more.

Local Caribbean Drinks at Soggy Dollar Bar

Soggy Dollar Bar is one of the most iconic BVI beach bars. It’s located on the pristine beach of White Bay, Jost Van Dyke. Since the 1970s, it has become synonymous with Caribbean imbibing, thanks to its signature concoction, the Painkiller.

This must-have, smooth, and full-flavored cocktail consists of the following:

  • premium dark rum
  • cream of coconut
  • pineapple
  • orange juice (proportions are secret)
  • topped with fresh grated Grenadian nutmeg.

The beach bar also serves other delicious drinks and offers tasty food such as burgers, sandwiches, salads, and more. As one of the best bars in BVI, it attracts visitors worldwide looking for a great time.

So, come by and enjoy the Caribbean atmosphere, drinks, and food at this one of the best restaurants in BVI.

Partying with Locals and Visitors at Foxys Bar

Foxy’s bar is one of the most popular BVI beach bars, yet the oldest bar in BVI. It’s located in the heart of Jost Van Dyke and is a lively hotspot at night. It’s been serving delicious food and strong rum drinks since 1968. Therefore, it’s a great spot to mingle with locals and visitors.

During the day, Foxy’s Bar offers lunch and dinner, with a great selection of international and local dishes. On Friday and Saturday nights, there’s a Famous Beach BBQ. Meanwhile, Sundays to Thursdays are for a la carte menus. There is also a boutique selling Foxy’s gear, gift items, and men’s and women’s clothing.

The bar is renowned for its parties and events, especially its legendary New Years party. Thus, it has become one of the best bars and restaurants in the BVI.

Whether you’re looking for a fun night or tasting local cuisine, Foxy’s is the place to go!

Soggy Dollar Bar in BVI
Soggy Dollar Bar in BVI

Game Night at CocoMaya Restaurant

Situated at the heart of a Spanish Town on the Caribbean island of Virgin Gorda, you’ll find the charming CocoMaya. It overlooks the Sir Francis Drake Channel with views of Tortola. So, guests are treated to a lovely white-sand beach. As a result, guests can access the gorgeous, green coastline of The Baths, which offers an authentic, contemporary experience. Nothing beats the guaranteed unique, old-world charm of Tortola.

With its relaxed beach-chic vibe, it’s one of the most popular BVI beach bars to spend an evening with friends. With an all-in-one place, restaurant, bar, lounge, and beach, guests have the perfect place to get away from it all. A slow lunch, a chilled bottle of rose, thoughtfully crafted cocktails, heart-warming sunset, what more can guests ask for?

Furthermore, there is Fire Fridays music with a DJ and private beach dinners with local fresh produce. Most of all, guests can enjoy choosing from an extensive choice of drinks, and some of the island favorites are Lemon Basil Passion Margarita and Coco Sour. It’s no wonder why Coco Maya Bar is considered one of the best bars and restaurants in the BVI.

Finally, one of the many highlights of this place is the Wild West Gaming Night. Try your luck by playing roulette, blackjack, and poker. On the other hand, watch a memorable dance performance, and enjoy horse racing, along with lots of great prizes.

So, finish your night with something new at CocoMaya restaurant and bar.

BVI Full Moon Parties and the Best Beach Bars in BVI

If you’re looking for a night to remember, you should head to the BVI for a Full Moon Party.

Another highlight in the BVI is the Trellis Bay Full Moon Party. Here, Tortola transforms into the party capital of the Caribbean. With various events on the island, guests and locals can enjoy live music, bonfires, fire dancers, arts & crafts, and BBQ. Thus, it’s an experience not to be missed.

And with plenty of restaurants nearby, you won’t go hungry. Make sure to check out the best restaurants in BVI when visiting for the whole moon party.

Lobster Festival in Anegada

For the most delicious British Virgin Islands nightlife experience, head to Anegada and enjoy the Lobster Festival! This gastronomic event is held in Anegada and is renowned for its Caribbean spiny lobster-filled feast. It’s open for residents and visitors to explore sampling the best freshly-caught lobster flavors and decadent dishes. From traditional recipes to more creative dishes, the lobster is prepared in over ten different ways – even lobster ice cream!

The event is not just about the food – there’s also live music, the best beaches, and plenty of fun activities. It’s a true culinary oasis featuring lots of fresh fish, barbecue meats, and more. All in all, it’s an experience like no other and one of BVI’s most anticipated events.

Explore different beach bars and restaurants to get into the spirit of the British Virgin Islands’ nightlife and festivals. Get a taste of modern and vibrant BVI bars, where you can sample some of the best cocktails, food, and music.

So, whatever your preference, check out some of the best bars and restaurants in BVI during your visit.

Get Ready to Experience British Virgin Islands Nightlife

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So, get ready to explore some of the best BVI beach bars and restaurants. You won’t be disappointed.

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