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Formal and informal Learn to Sail programs are available on a few crewed yacht charters in the Virgin Islands. However, we recommend doing your ASA 101 close to home on a small boat before chartering. It will be a better experience.

10 Essential Sailing Safety Tips – BVI & Caribbean Yacht Charters Sailing is a fun and stimulating activity that involves a mix of freedom, relaxation, intensity, and thrill. It offers an excellent opportunity to explore and start a new adventure. While the fun may be your main reason for sailing, safety should be your number […]
Travelers to the U.S. Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands Travelers to the U.S. Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands, as well as other islands in the Caribbean, with an interest in sailing and racing, will be sure to want to explore the IC24 sailboat racing. IC24s are excellent for those who are […]
Learn to Sail Catamaran Sailing Vacation offered by Alternate Latitude Learn to sail catamaran sailing vacation – Go sailing with Alternate Latitude and learn to sail while on your yacht charter vacation in the Caribbean! Join Captain Steve Schlosser and Captain Rick Weiler on a Caribbean yacht charter vacation aboard the beautiful 2001 Voyage 440 catamaran sailboat […]
Learn to sail charter vacation is an opportunity that is available in the Virgin Islands. There are various options you could choose to do: 1. Private crewed catamaran or mono-hull sailing yacht with just your party onboard. 2. Captain only catamaran for your exclusive use. Both options are opportunities to experience the Virgin Islands while […]