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North Sound, Virgin Gorda, BVI - BITTER END BEACH

Virgin-Gorda British Virgin Islands, the second most populated island in the British Virgin Islands. North Sound is a very popular bay when on charter in the British Virgin Islands. In addition to Fat Virgin, it is home to the Bitter End Yacht Club, Saba Rock, Leverick Bay Marina, Moskito Island, and the mega-yacht marina.

the baths Virgin-Gorda
The Baths

While visiting Virgin-Gorda, be sure to see the Baths, a labyrinth of beachside boulders forming a series of pools and grottoes. Nearby beaches include Spring Bay and Devil’s Bay, as well as Savannah Bay to the north. For hiking enthusiasts, there are numerous trails that lead up Gorda Peak to a lookout tower. From this vantage point, you will have incredible views of the surrounding islets.

We enjoy spending at least one night in North Sound. The sailing within the Sound is excellent since there is always a breeze and smooth water. It is also popular for watersports like water skiing, tubing, paddleboarding, kayaking, and more. Virgin Gorda British Virgin Islands is a must-see on your yacht charter adventure. When you aren’t at mooring and enjoying the sunsets, the line of sight sailing is some of the best in the world.

Spend your evenings in the calm North Sound, or head to shore for amazing cuisine, friendly locals, and good memories!

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