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Catamaran Yacht Charters

Without a doubt, catamaran yacht charters are the most popular crewed charter boats at present. These boats have spacious accommodations, covered main deck space, and flybridges with 360-degree views. In addition, many flat deck lounging areas make these yachts appealing to the casual sailor looking for comfort and being close to the shallow waters. In addition, catamarans are known for being more stable than a traditional monohull. The catamarans’ design allows them to have spacious living and separate living spaces. So if you are a person that can see the value in having separate lounge or getaway areas, then catamarans are probably for you.

Popular Cruising Areas | Catamaran Yacht Charters

The US (USVI), British Virgin Islands (BVI), the Bahamas, the Grenadines, and St. Maarten are very popular areas for cruising on a catamaran. You and your family and friends can journey to a new destination daily. Catamarans are not only ideal for seasoned sailors but also novices. The two hulls, widely spaced apart, provide tremendous stability while sailing. In addition, the spacious cabins and main areas allow guests to spread out while feeling safe and comfortable. Sunbathing on the ample-sized trampoline while watching the most beautiful sunset, a tropical cocktail in hand, makes you feel in paradise. And, of course, a vast selection of water toys provides an opportunity to spend ample time above and below the ocean surface.

Above all, you can be served a 5-star meal in the protected alfresco dining area. Perfect for guests who do not want to miss even a moment of the spectacular scenery right in front of them.

Some of the popular models are the following:

Catamaran yacht charters vary from one charter group to the next. Depending on the size of your group and the level of service you wish to enjoy. Some are crewed catamarans with two crew, while others have three or more crew members. Undoubtedly, more crew members generally mean a higher level of service.

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  • Sunreef 74
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Would you like to know the overall costs for Motor Yacht Charters

Advance Provisioning Allowance “APA” as you will hear it referenced as is an amount set aside in addition to the marketed charter costs. This includes but is not limited to fuel, food and beverages, additional port fees, etc. APA is often between 30% and 40% of the catamaran charter price. This is primarily dependent on fuel consumption. Also, be prepared for a customary 20% crew gratuity in the Caribbean.

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