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Marina at Oil Nut Bay, Virgin Gorda

Oil Nut Bay Marina Village is now open. It is located on the eastern tip of Virgin Gorda. This exclusive resort offers superb island paradise living. The development and resort now offer guests on sail and motorboats the opportunity to experience this unique luxury property.

Three out of four piers are currently built. With a total of 70 berths available for rent. A slated 93 berths are expected once construction is complete. The marina accommodates boats up to 130 feet (40 meters) in length. With drafts of up to 8 feet (2.4 m).

Oil Nut Bay residents own the majority of the berths. However, they are available to guests when residents are not using them.

Boat guests have access to the Marina Village and Nova restaurant. In addition to the suspended pool and bar. Additionally, hammocks and daybeds provide much-needed relaxation.

Oil Nut Bay Marina Village Nova Restaurant

Guests and residents alike can socialize at The Nova restaurant. Locally sourced ingredients, whenever possible, are the culinary emphasis. The menu is a tapas-inspired one. Some of the signature dishes include Copper Pot Cauliflower. For the seafood lover, Surf and Turf sliders and Driftwood Sashimi with BVI Sea Salt and Wahoo Poke.

And there are signature cocktails as well. Such as the Oil Nut Bay Swizzle. It is in fact a blend of Gin, Velvet Falernum, Pineapple, Turks Head Cactus, Sage, Lime, and Mint.

At the Marina Village, you will also find The Coffee Shop, serving artisan coffee, loaves of bread, and pastries, There is also The Market, a great place to stock up on wines and spirits, as well as “to-go” dishes from Nova. For book lovers, a library is on the premises. Besides artisan shops and The Boutique for retail therapy in resort wear.

Purchase a $75/day pass per person as a boat guest, and you will have gained access to the rest of Oil Nut Bay.

An Eco-Friendly Development

Oil Nut Bay is located on the easternmost tip of Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands. It is one of the more recent luxury resorts and developments to open in the area. It is only accessible by helicopter or boat. Not only does it offer luxury living for residents and guests, it is also an eco-friendly development. With power from solar panels and reverse osmosis used to turn saltwater into potable drinking water. For pools and irrigation Oil Nut Bay recycles gray water. Moreover, it’s a huge asset considering how dry the climate generally is in the British Virgin Islands.

The development, Oil Nut Bay is located on 400 acres of land. With different “villages” set up where both existing and planned villas are located. All the villas have breathtaking views of the clear, blue waters below. There is also a community garden. As well as The Beach Club restaurant and a tennis court. Another key point is water sports activities. They can be arranged at the water sports office. Oil Nut Bay Marina Village includes the Nature House and the Nut House. Which is essentially a daycare for children to play and learn.

Recovering From Hurricane Irma

Oil Nut Bay's Nova Lounge
Nova Lounge

The development is the brainchild of David V. Johnson, an American developer known for his billion-dollar Bay Harbor development on Lake Michigan in the United States.

According to Oil Nut Bay’s site, there are currently 13 villas available to rent at Oil Nut Bay Marina Village. There were originally 17 available. All in all, with plans to have a total of approximately 67 properties built over the course of ten years. Hurricane Irma put a stop to that and Oil Nut Bay closed for reconstruction until December 2018.

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