“You Make the Memories, We’ll Make the Arrangements”
Our top picks for BVI Private Catamaran Charter. Before checking the list, read this Ultimate Guide Before Chartering a Private Catamaran in the Caribbean. Why Choose a BVI Private Catamaran Charter? A BVI private catamaran charter typically comes with a captain and crew for a relaxing vacation. The crew will meet every guest’s needs, from […]
Here’s an ultimate guide for a Caribbean Catamaran Charter. Understanding a Caribbean Catamaran Charter Catamaran A catamaran has two hulls, while trimarans have 3 hulls. You can choose from a power catamaran, sailing catamaran, or trimaran. Your Bon Voyage Boat has better stability and ample cabins, making catamarans popular for chartering experiences. What is a […]
What is a private catamaran yacht charter? A private catamaran charter is not a shared charter but an exclusive type of charter. It gives guests the freedom to customize their charter vacation. And it is less crowded than cruise ships, making the experience more fun and relaxing. Chartering Options for Catamarans Trimarans, power catamarans, and […]
Introduction to BVI Crewed Catamarans The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is an excellent sailing destination in the Caribbean. Our 10Best BVI Crewed catamarans offer an ideal way to explore these beautiful islands with luxury and comfort. Chartering a crewed catamaran typically includes a professional crew, making your charter experience one of a kind. Why Choose […]
Diving, snorkeling, and scuba diving are fun activities on British Virgin Islands charters. You’ll also be able to taste culinary delights while on the charter. Nonetheless, these are only a few of the activities in the blues you shouldn’t miss. With the help of professional and reliable yacht charter brokers, you’ll be able to find […]
Are you yearning for turquoise waters and untouched beaches? BVI charters with crew open doors to an exclusive world away from crowded tourist spots. Privacy is something that money can’t always buy on land. Your time is precious as a successful executive, entrepreneur, doctor, or lawyer. Sailing on a private yacht means you can avoid […]
Perhaps this is your first time sailing in the BVI. We’ll give you a sneak peek at what it feels like to finally visit the British seas. In addition, we shared sailing in the BVI tips, like what to bring and what to wear. British Virgin Islands TODAY The British Virgin Islands have recovered 90% […]
Make your yachting adventure comfortable and safe with a BVI crewed charter. Explore the white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and national parks in the Caribbean. Furthermore, visit its hidden gems aboard a yacht of your choice. So, what are you waiting for? Charter a yacht with BVI SAIL today. Crewed Yachts AVAILABLE you might […]
The British Virgin Islands have more to offer. The clear waters, white sand beaches, and nature trails are surely stunning. But BVI sailing charters in 2024 unlock many more hidden gems. The Baths in Virgin Gorda remains the most visited spot in the BVI in 2024. It captivates many visitors with its iconic granite boulders. […]
Shred the waves and embrace the wind with an epic kitesurfing adventure aboard the legendary Nova Catamaran. This yacht is popular for its stability and comfort. Thus ensuring a smooth and fun journey for all skill levels. But the real magic happens when your private boat includes a kitesurfing charter, like the Catamaran Nova. It […]