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The British Virgin Islands, or BVI for short, is a beautiful collection of islands just north of Puerto Rico and east of the U.S. Virgin Islands. It’s one of the most popular yachting destinations in the world because it offers everything from crystal clear waters perfect for snorkeling to stunning beaches where you can relax all day long under a palm tree!

The BVI forms a necklace of islands and cays strung along Sir Francis Drake Channel between Puerto Rico in the Spanish Virgin Islands and St. Kitts in the United States Virgin Islands. Sailing is line-of-sight on most occasions, with the option to enjoy the open ocean if one chooses. This makes it a top-rated yacht charter destination for many beginners. They enjoy the sailing experience, great beaches, snorkeling, kiteboarding, and scuba diving.

The BVI has many award-winning crewed Motor Yacht Charters we can assist you with. Motor yacht charters are indeed very popular yacht charters in the BVI. Also, you might choose a sailing yacht charter cruising at a leisurely pace on course to your next anchorage. If you want to learn more about sailing, you can often do that while on a sailing charter.

The crewed yacht charters range in length from 70ft to 150ft+ staffed with two to 15+ crew members. The choice is yours to make.

You can enjoy cruising leisurely among the islands or at a quicker pace by visiting multiple anchorages every day. Here again, the choice is yours, depending on the conditions. Some charterers prefer to relax in their favorite anchorage for a few nights before cruising to the next beautiful spot.

You can eat onboard or go ashore for local cuisine when you’re on a charter boat. Generally, dining on a crewed yacht is excellent because it’s delicious and the service is fantastic; however, it’s always nice to try something new. The British Virgin Islands offer many culinary delights sure to please any palate.

Experience the British Virgin Islands and the Caribbean by chartering one of the Motor Yacht Charters.

AU$0 - AU$80,000 /wk
  • 5 Cabins
  • 98.00 Ft Power
  • Built: 2010
€69 - €86 /wk
  • 5 Cabins
  • 104.00 Ft Power
  • Built: 2011
$2,000 - $3,000 /wk
  • 2 Cabins
  • 44.00 Ft Power
  • Built: 2012
€3,000 - €24,000 /wk
  • 3 Cabins
  • 60.00 Ft Power
  • Built: 2000
$5,500 /wk
  • 2 Cabins
  • 60.00 Ft Power
  • Built: 2007
€5,600 - €10,150 /wk
  • 3 Cabins
  • 55.00 Ft Power
  • Built: 2011
€6,750 - €11,250 /wk
  • 2 Cabins
  • 36.00 Ft Power
  • Built: 2022
€7,000 - €12,500 /wk
  • 3 Cabins
  • 59.04 Ft Power
  • Built: 2009
€7,000 - €9,100 /wk
  • 2 Cabins
  • 40.00 Ft Power
  • Built: 2012
€7,700 - €8,400 /wk
  • 1 Cabins
  • 37.00 Ft Power
  • Built: 2023

Virgin Gorda | Motor Yacht Charters

Being the second-largest island in the British Virgin Islands, there are many motor yacht charters in Virgin Gorda. It is known as the “Fat Virgin because of its shape. The island comprises several distinct areas: Gorda Peak National Park, North Sound, Beach Coast, The Baths, and the Valley. All of these places are worth visiting. Explore Virgin Gorda on one of the Motor Yacht Charters.

The mountainous center of the island is home to Gorda Peak National Park. There’s plenty of hiking available here, but check out the view from the top! North Sound offers beautiful beaches perfect for swimming or relaxing on the sand.

The Baths, motor yacht charters
The Baths on Virgin Gorda

It’s also where you’ll find The Baths. It’s a group of small tidal pools and volcanic rocks eroded over time by wind and water.

Lastly, there’s the Valley, the main habitation area on this gorgeous island with its dense vegetation, lush landscape, and many other things to see and do.

Tortola, the capital of the BVI

Tortola is the largest of the British Virgin Islands and is famous for its beaches, dining, shopping, and sightseeing opportunities. If you’re into boating activities, Road Town is the place for you—it’s got everything from marinas to yacht clubs. The Sage Mountain National Park offers hiking trails and panoramic views in the island’s southwest region.

Places to see while on Tortola | Motor Yacht Charters

Sage Mountain – If you are looking for a place to hike in the British Virgin Islands. The highest point is Mount Sage at 1,716 feet, with panoramic views of the surrounding islands. Several marked trails will take you up to the top of Mount Sage, but be careful, as some parts of these trails can be steep and slippery when it rains. This hike is excellent if you’re looking for something easy but still want a fantastic view!

Cane Garden Bay – The beach at Cane Garden Bay is perfect for those looking to relax, with clear water and calm waves. You are making it ideal for families with small children or people who don’t want to get knocked around by strong currents, as they could find at some beaches on the island. It also has plenty of chairs and umbrellas available for rent if you don’t want to bring your own, plus there are plenty of nearby eateries, so you won’t have to walk too far if you’re hungry or thirsty.

Sopers Hole – McCuthbert Soper Inlet is a yachter’s dream. Quaint shops, bars, and cafes line the waterfront. The harbor was named after former plantation owner McCuthbert Soper in the 18th century.

Advance Provisioning Allowance

Advance Provisioning Allowance “APA,” as you will hear it referenced, is an amount set aside in addition to the marketed charter costs. This includes but is not limited to; fuel, food, beverages, additional port fees, etc. APA is often between 30% and 40% of the charter price, primarily dependent on fuel consumption. Also, In the Caribbean, be prepared for a customary 20% crew gratuity.

If you’re looking into exploring the Bahamas, you can also try another world-class motor yacht charter. Inquire at BVI SAIL for available yacht charter boats that meet your requirements.

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