Norman Island

Norman Island
The Indians, four rocky pinnacles
The Indians

In the British Virgin Islands, Norman Island is said to be the island Robert Louis Stevenson used as the model for Treasure Island. This 600-acre uninhabited island is steeped in stories of pirate treasure and has been a popular stop for sailors looking for treasure and adventure of all kinds. Just off Norman Island is The Indians. These large rock formations look similar to an Indian headdress and make for good snorkeling.


Besides occasional rain showers, the weather on Norman Island is warm to hot and humid. However, the heat is tempered by the constant blowing of trade winds. Be aware that hurricane season in the British Virgin Islands runs from June to November.

Places to See

Willy T a 98-foot schooner
Willy T
  • William Thornton (Willie T’s) – A 98-foot schooner that has been converted into a bar/restaurant and is anchored in the Bight of Norman Island in 1996. A world-famous floating party that’s ok for the kids early in the day, but just for the adults in the evening. The menu includes standard pub fare as well as local favorites. And of course, order a Zeus Juice. A mix of tropical fruit juices and a generous amount of Willy-T rum.
  • Pirate’s Bight – Enjoy salads, burgers, sandwiches, steaks, as well as seafood. More suited for parties with young children than Willie T’s. Contact: Phone 284-496-7827.

Things to Do

  • Snorkel and Scuba Dive. The bays around Norman Island are all spectacular snorkeling and diving spots, with the most popular and famous being The Caves and The Indians. You will certainly be in awe of the abundance of colorful fish.
The Caves at Norman Island
The Caves, Norman Island
  • Hike. Pack a day pack with some water, a snack, and sunscreen and venture up to Spyglass Hill, a spot supposedly used by pirates as a lookout over the surrounding waters. You may also want to wear a hat since there is no shade along the trail.
  • Kayak or SUP. The calm water around the island are perfect for gliding along and taking in the scenery.
  • Treasure hunt. You never know, there may be actual pirate booty hidden on the island.

Marinas and Anchorages

  • The Bight. This is the main anchorage on Norman Island. This has good shelter with many mooring balls. It’s best to arrive early for a good location especially during the winter months.
  • Kelly’s Cove. Just south of Water Point, Kelly’s Cove is a more secluded anchorage with room for a few yachts.
  • Treasure Point. Many National Parks Trust moorings are available for permit holders. No anchoring is permitted due to the delicate coral.
  • Privateer Bay. A day anchorage with a few mooring balls.
  • Soldier Bay. Holds one or two boats.
  • Benures Bay. A good overnight anchorage, protecting you from southern winds.
  • Money Bay. A one-boat anchorage with good snorkeling.

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