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What are the best restaurants and bars in BVI?

Here’s where locals go when it comes to BVI’s best restaurants and bars. Discover traditional BVI cuisine. Enjoy BVI Restaurant Week. Try out beachfront eateries, fine dining establishments, plant-based food options, and more!

So sit back, relax, and get ready to discover all the unique culinary delights the British Virgin Islands offer. Bon appétit!


Bamboushay Restaurant and Lounge

If you’re looking for one of the best BVI restaurants, look no further than Bamboushay Restaurant and Lounge.

Location: east end of Tortola

Menu: offers a variety of Caribbean dishes and traditional island favorites, including conch chowder, grilled lobster, and mahi-mahi tacos.

Bar: Yes. You can sip your favorite cocktail while indulging in the restaurant’s fresh, delicious cuisine.

Enjoy stunning ocean views while feasting on some of BVI’s best food. It’s the perfect spot for an intimate dinner or a night out with friends. So, head to Bamboushay Restaurant, and soon it will be one of your favorite restaurants in BVI.

The Dove Restaurant | Best Restaurants in BVI

Location: in the heart of Road Town, Tortola, The Dove Restaurant was recently renovated since it’s a historic West Indian cottage.

Menu: Offers contemporary Asian, Latin, and Caribbean dishes.

Bar: Yes. Enjoy their extensive wine cellar, and well-crafted cocktails, too.

Additional features: upper deck lounge, chandelier-lit dining room for dinner

This is the perfect place to experience world-class cuisine. The menu has been carefully curated to highlight internationally sourced ingredients and fresh, local produce.

Indeed, the old-world charm makes The Dove one of the best restaurants in BVI.

D’Coal Pot BVI Restaurant Bar and Grill

A restaurant that stands out from the rest: D’Coal Pot BVI Restaurant Bar and Grill is the place to be.

Location: Carrot Bay, Tortola

Menu: an eclectic mix of authentic Guyanese and international cuisine, including roti, BBQ ribs, and Rib Eye Steak.

Bar: Yes. Pair your meal with some drinks.

Additional features: an outdoor garden area with colorful tables and umbrellas

In addition, the humble restaurant may be too simple in aesthetics, but the food and service certainly are top quality. This restaurant pays homage to its Guyanese roots. A small coal pot is displayed right near the mural on the far wall. It’s also a way to remember how locals in Guyana used coal pot way before gas and electric stoves became popular.

Mellow Moods Cafe | Best Restaurants in BVI

Mellow Moods Cafe is a true gem of a non-meat eater. It’s a restaurant located in Road Town, BVI.

Location: Road Town, British Virgin Islands

Menu: a wide selection of healthy food with meatless dishes, healthy drinks, veggie burgers, teas, and juices.

Aside from the healthy and delicious food at Mellow Moods Cafe, tourists also love its affordable price tag. Guests can’t get enough of world-class cuisine, friendly service, and a fantastic atmosphere. No wonder why this place is one of the best restaurants in BVI.

Naturally Tasty by Rotiman

Are you still trying to be health-conscious while on an island vacation? You can never go wrong with Naturally Tasty by RotiMan.

Location: conveniently located across from the Road Town Ferry Terminal

Menu: specializes in American, Indian, and Caribbean dishes that are hot, fresh, and always ready to go.

Additional features: outdoors in the park, second floor with air conditioning, an outdoor deck on the third floor

So, enjoy the cool breeze while feasting a healthy, hearty meal. Plus, all their dishes are crafted with organic ingredients so you can feel good about what you’re eating.

The Sugarmill Restaurant | Best Restaurants in BVI

The Sugar Mill Restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in BVI. Two Sugar Mill restaurants offer various dishes, all cooked with local ingredients and creative recipes.

Location: Little Apple Bay, Tortola

Menu: The Sugar Mill offers a fine dining experience by serving steaks, fresh seafood, veggies, and other Caribbean dishes. On the other hand, Tramonti is more casual by serving pasta, pizza, or a burger.

Bar: Yes. The place offers cocktails and drinks, too.

Guests are welcomed with a relaxing atmosphere while enjoying an intimate dinner with friends or family. Meanwhile, dining in Tramonti offers a more easy-going meal while taking in the stunning view of the Caribbean sea.

Celebrate every occasion in both restaurants, whether formal or informal dining. So, expect the freshest catch and locally sourced ingredients. Not to mention that chefs constantly experiment with new dishes to tantalize your taste buds.

Red Rock Restaurant and Bar

Get the complete package when dining at Red Rock Restaurant and Bar. This includes an elegant fine dining setup, friendly service, and a relaxing ambiance. Indeed, this makes this place one of the best restaurants in BVI.

Location: waterfront at Penn’s Landing Marina, East End, Tortola

Menu: Caribbean, International cuisine (freshly caught seafood, organic meat, locally sourced vegetables)

Bar: Yes. Enjoy a cocktail, ice-cold beers, single-malt whisky

Additional features: sun deck, green and shady garden, large event area for private functions

What are you waiting for? You can’t miss Red Rock on your next island vacation.

Delicious meals in one of the best restaurants in BVI
Delicious meals in one of the best restaurants in BVI

Virgin Gorda

CocoMaya Restaurant

CocoMaya is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a slow lazy lunch. With a beach fire pit blazing, it is an idyllic destination.

Location: located just minutes from Virgin Gorda’s iconic Baths

Menu: South East Asia & Latin American flavors with a touch of Caribbean

Bar: Yes. Sip on well-mixed cocktails, especially the Lemon Basil Passion Margarita and Coco Sour.

Expect carefully picked, unique, fresh, vibrant, delicious, and delightful dishes. Indeed, only the freshest BVI seafood and healthy local produce. Truly one of the best restaurants in BVI that gives a memorable dining experience.

Nova Restaurant – Oil Nut Bay, Virgin Gorda

Nova Restaurant is a new hub catering to BVI day and overnight yacht guests.

Location: Oil Nut Bay on the east coast of Virgin Gorda

Menu: a wide selection of international dishes – Asian, Caribbean, and Western cuisine

Bar: Yes. Choose from various cocktails or share a bottle of wine with friends

Additional features: restaurant directly on the water, suspended pool, bar, hammocks, and daybeds

From fresh seafood to local fruit and veggies, it’s no wonder this is one of the best restaurants in BVI. The bar at Nova is also great for socializing and enjoying a few cocktails.

Bath and Turtle / Chez Bamboo

One of the most longstanding restaurants in the BVI since 1998 Bath & Turtle / Chez Bamboo.

Location: located in the beautiful Virgin Gorda and is a popular spot among locals and tourists.

Menu: serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Caribbean buffets, live music

Bar: Yes, enjoy the vibrant happy hours.

Bath and Turtle / Chez Bamboo offers a beautiful experience and some of the best food in the British Virgin Islands.

So, head to Bath and Turtle for a beautiful dining experience.

Mad Dog Bar and Restaurant

In Virgin Gorda, Mad Dog Bar and Restaurant has been a favorite of locals and tourists for years. Unfortunately, it was heavily damaged during the 2017 hurricane but was rebuilt and is now better than ever.

Location: Baths Hill, Virgin Gorda (near the entrance to the famous Baths)

Menu: known for its wide selection of salads, burgers, sandwiches, and seafood. All are made with fresh ingredients. Conch fritters and tacos are a crowd favorite.

Bar: Yes, the restaurant serves cocktails and drinks

So, there’s no reason to miss this restaurant. It should, instead, be at the top of your list, especially when taking a BVI yacht charter vacation.

The Restaurant at Leverick Bay

Location: inside Leverick Bay Resort and Marina. Guests can choose to make reservations at the Upstairs Fine Dining Restaurant or the Cove Restaurant / Jumbies Beach Bar.

Menu: Serves gourmet cuisine, and Caribbean and American dishes, that make guests feel at home. They also have seafood specialties, the Friday BBQ night is also something to look forward to.

Bar: Yes, the place has a bar that serves an amazing selection of wine and cocktails.

So, give this place a try and you won’t regret it!

Saba Rock

Location: a little oasis found in North Sound, Virgin Gorda

Menu: an open-air restaurant that serves a delectable fusion of Caribbean and international cuisine

Bar: serves both classic and well-mixed cocktails in a vibrant beach club-style bar

Additional Features: guests can choose to dine in either the Main Restaurant or The Sunset and Main Bar

So, satisfy all your cravings in the perfect spot at Saba Rock Bay.

Bitter End Yacht Club

For the longest time, Bitter End Yacht Club has been a crowd favorite for locals and visitors alike. Devastated by the hurricane in 2017, the place was rebuilt with much support from the community.

Experience the local bounty’s freshest flavors and get a true taste of the Caribbean. Choose where to dine from the following:

  1. The Clubhouse – enjoy a range of lunch and dinner served in its truest Caribbean taste
  2. The Buoy Room – offers an array of cocktails
  3. Reef Sampler – treat yourselves to some appetizers and drinks

Indeed, Bitter End Yacht Club is a must-visit spot when it comes to the best restaurant and food in BVI.

Cauliflower rice for the vegetarians
Cauliflower rice for the health-conscious

Jost Van Dyke

Foxys Taboo

Foxy (the owner) is renowned for his warmth and ability to charm visitors with his songs, jokes, and stories. Not to mention that this place is a longstanding member of the BVI’s Yachting tourism industry.

Location: Foxys Taboo is in the shade of a Tamarind Tree in Jost Van Dyke.

Menu: casual lunch and dinner, plus the famous weekend BBQ night.

If you want an authentic taste of the local culture, head to this place. Moreover, the restaurant owner received numerous awards for his contributions to BVI heritage and tourism.

Hendo’s Hideout

Location: White Bay Beach, Jost Van Dyke

Menu: Caribbean restaurant and bar with an American twist on the menu and a variety of local ingredients. Enjoy a delicious lunch, dinner, or Sunday brunch.

Bar: The bar also features some of their signature “Delirious Donkey” cocktails.

Additional features: Events, Great View, Events

In addition to great food and drinks, Hendo’s Hideout also offers friendly and efficient service. No wonder it’s one of the best restaurants in BVI.

Soggy Dollar Bar

With its stunning Caribbean setting, the Soggy Dollar Bar is one of the most popular restaurants in BVI. It’s the perfect spot to relax and take in the view.

Location: White Bay, Jost Van Dyke

Menu: Caribbean, American, the restaurant is famous for its sandwiches and wraps

Bar: the highlight of the bar is the ever-famous drink, full-flavored rum, “The Painkiller”

Additional Features: bar, restaurant, souvenir shop, a great view of the pristine beach

Location: White Bay, Jost Van Dyke

Menu: Caribbean, American, the restaurant is famous for its sandwiches and wraps

Bar: Yes, the highlight of the bar is the ever-famous drink, full-flavored rum, “The Painkiller”

Additional Features: Aside from the bar and restaurant, guests can enjoy both shopping and looking at the great beach view.

Norman Island | Best Restaurants in BVI

Pirates Bight | Best Restaurants in BVI

Here’s one of the most iconic restaurants in BVI, the Pirates Bight.

Location: Norman Island

Menu: casual dining that offers seafood, poultry dishes, and appetizers such as cracked conched and coconut shrimp

Bar: Yes, the place offers drinks to pair with excellent starters.

Additional features: guests can enjoy Giant Jenga games, breezy and open-air outdoor dining, a ferry from Hanna Bay on Tortola

Thus, Pirates Bight is genuinely one of the best restaurants in BVI.

Cooper Island

Cooper Island Beach Club

Location: Cooper Island

Menu: The restaurant serves lunch and dinner. The menu includes healthy Caribbean food and freshly caught seafood. So, it’s highly recommended for those who are not fond of eating meat.

Bar: The rum bar is not to be missed – it has an impressive selection of over 280 rums. It’s highly recommended to get the rum sampler, as well as the homemade rum-infused chocolates. You’ll also find all the classic rums, aged rums, and traditional cocktails for your enjoyment.

Additional features: Guests can enjoy their meals and cocktails. They can also see the wonderful Caribbean sunset at Cooper Island Beach Club’s outdoor lounge area.

No matter what you’re looking for in terms of restaurants and food in BVI, Cooper Island Beach Club won’t disappoint.

Scrub Island

Scrub Island Resort, Spa, and Marina

In this resort, guests can dine in Donovan’s Lounge, Cardamom & Co., and One Shoe Beach Bar. Guests can find a Caribbean menu with a hint of American cuisine and well-mixed cocktails.

Furthermore, they use a mix of local and imported ingredients. But, don’t worry because they’re all healthy. So, it’s more worthwhile to spend time on this island.

So, treat your taste buds with the wide selection of drinks and dishes in these establishments. Indeed, one of the best restaurants in BVI.

Anegada | Best Restaurants in BVI

The Wonky Dog

Location: Benders Point, Anegada

Menu: Caribbean dishes majority are fresh seafood, especially the famous Anegada Lobsters presented in different ways. And the restaurant also offers salads and steaks.

Bar: Guests can chill during dinner or lunch while sipping on drinks.

Additional Features: An upper deck that offers a great view of the harbor

If you’re on a yacht charter, never miss Wonky Dog in your stopovers. Get a taste of the wide Anegada lobster dish selection.

The Lobster Trap

Location: Setting Point, Anegada

Menu: Mix of Caribbean, Mediterranean, and American dishes but guests always look forward to Anegada Lobsters served fresh from the trap.

Bar: The restaurants serve wine and other drinks.

Additional Features: They have a dock nearby and the restaurant sits on the water.

More than anything else, The Lobster Trap is a place to have a good time and create memories. Foodies can truly say this is one of the best restaurants in the BVI. A must-visit for every tourist.

Enjoy a BVI Yacht Charter While Keeping Healthy

The British Virgin Islands offer a unique opportunity. By sailing, explore the Caribbean Sea and its pristine beaches, lagoons, and coves. But when it comes to enjoying a BVI yacht charter, why not do it while keeping healthy?

With plant-based cuisine, vegetarian boat charters, and sustainable food charters, it’s easier to find the best food in BVI. Hence, this ensures to keep your vacation is both delicious and nutritious.

One of the most popular BVI yacht charters is Sailboat Liberte. It’s ideal for those who sail in style while enjoying plant-based meals. Get onboard boat charters that offer delicious and sustainable meals prepared onboard.

No matter which type of BVI yacht charter you choose, you can always get the best of both worlds. Enjoy delicious, healthy food and amazing views of the Caribbean Sea. So, a BVI yacht charter could be just what you need for a good trip for your body and mind.

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