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Today, two-thirds of St John is part of the Virgin Islands National Park, featuring fascinating trails, secluded coves, and dazzling white beaches. Cruz Bay, the center of activity on St John, contains colorful shops, lively bars, and fabulous restaurants. Its unspoiled forests and stunning beaches attracted the attention of wealthy families such as the Rockefellers, who sought privacy and tranquility on the island.

In 1956, Laurance Rockefeller was so moved by the island that he bought and donated broad expanses of land to the National Park Service to keep St John “a thing of joy forever.”

St John island is a short sail from Red Hook, St. Thomas, USVI, or from Tortola or Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands.

beach on St John US Virgin islands
One of St John beaches


It is warm year-round in St. John. The average high is 84-89°F, with August being the hottest month and Dec-Jan the coldest. The average min temp is 73°F-80°F. The rainiest months are October to January. However, rain showers can happen at any time of the year.

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St John | Places to See

Tourists, adventure-seekers, families and other guests would never run out of places to visit amazing island. Here are a few of St John’s most popular tourists spots:

Virgin Islands National Park

Considered an oasis of preservation, this park at St John Virgin Islands has over 7,259 acres of land and 5,650 adjacent submerged lands. In addition, this beautiful park serves as a sanctuary for tropical and migratory birds, 800 species of plants, fish, and coral life alike.

Peace Hill

The hike to the top of Peace Hill is an easy one. Once you reach the top you’ll see the remains of a windmill and a plaque marking the spot where the “Christ of the Caribbean” statue once stood. It was destroyed by Hurricane Marilyn in 1995.

Fungi Passage

Fungi Passage is a haven for adventurers journeying between Mary Point and Whistling Cay. Regardless of the intensity of the weather, sea conditions, or even the tides, one can always find solace in this tranquil channel.

Mary Point Estate

The vantage point from this old sugar cane plantation is spectacular. Located on the north coast of Saint John, USVI, Mary Point Estate is a nationally recognized historic property that features a unique selection of sights and landmarks. Since its listing on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in 1978, visitors have flocked to admire its classic beauty. But it doesn’t stop there: travelers can also explore the site’s traditional servants’ house, outbuildings, and centuries-old cemetery.

Cruz Bay

A trip to Cruz Bay starts off with an amazing ferry ride where travelers get to witness breathtaking views of the island as it is inaccessible via airways. Apart from being the social and economic epicenter, this waterfront also houses numerous restaurants, cafes, shops, and boutiques which will fill up one’s holiday with loads of shopping! Furthermore, one can head to Mongoose Junction – a collection of businesses full of Caribbean architecture or visit The Parrot Club – in downtown Cruz Bay to take a break from sightseeing while indulging in video slots, blackjack, and roulette! And when all is said and done for the day, travelers can settle down in any of the stunning vacation rental resort condos, inns & B&Bs, or private villas for some rest and relaxation!

Coral Bay

Coral Bay is the other, quieter town located on the Caribbean island of St. John in the US Virgin Islands. Many of its residents are boat owners living in Coral Bay Harbor, while others are nestled away high up in the hills offering picturesque views of both the Caribbean Sea and the British Virgin Islands. It’s an exciting destination that features great bars and restaurants, three grocery stores, as well as funky shops such as Jolly Dog for tourists and locals to explore! You’ll know you’ve reached Coral Bay when you come across a spot aptly known as “The Triangle”. Perfect for those seeking a relaxing break from bustling city life.

East End

For travelers seeking some serenity, St. John’s East End is a great destination. Accessible only by car or jeep, it is more secluded than other parts of the island. Here you can explore stunning beaches such as Haulover Bay, Brown Bay and White Sand Beach – perfect for swimming and snorkeling – and experience natural wonders like Perlican Rock Snorkeling and Limetree Cove Beach.

Things to Do at St John

  • Visit the beach. Trunk Bay, Hawksnest Bay, Cinnamon Bay, and Maho Bay are just four of the dozens of beaches on St John.
  • Snorkel. The shallow waters around the island make for some superb snorkeling. In fact, one of the most popular spots is Watermelon Cay. Here you may spot Green Sea Turtles, rays, conch, and large starfish. Although you may be mesmerized by the underwater world, be very careful of the current, which can be quite strong at times.
  • Shop. Cruz Bay has a variety of shops selling everything from jewelry, and clothing, to local art. Also, you’ll find food markets, fine restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops.
  • Dine.
  • Hike. The Reef Bay Trail takes hikers through dense forests, plantation ruins, and rock outcroppings marked by well-preserved petroglyphs.
  • Get in the water. Since more than one-third of the national parkland is underwater, snorkeling, scuba diving, and sailing are popular activities on St John. An underwater trail at Trunk Bay provides some of the best snorkeling in the Caribbean.
  • Relax and rejuvenate. Visit a spa or get a massage. In addition, you can take a yoga or pilates class.

Marinas and Anchorages | St John


  • Coral Bay Marina (not serviceable)
  • St John Marina (not yet in service)

Mooring Buoys and Anchorages | St John

  • Cruz Bay
  • Cinnamon Bay
  • Watermelon Cay
  • Francis Bay
  • Caneel Bay
  • Honeymoon Bay
  • Hawksnest Bay
  • Maho Bay
  • Leinster Bay
  • Coral Bay, Round Bay, and Hurricane Hole
  • Salt Pond Bay
  • Great and Little Lameshur Bay

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