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Charter USVI St Thomas, “part of CKIM Group Inc.” is here to help you navigate how to charter in the USVI. This article will dive into what we feel is some good need-to-know information. Ranging from how to arrive, different types of charters, popular itinerary destinations, and some recommended yacht charters for you to start browsing. Let’s get to it.

Getting to the USVI

Passports, Visas, etc.

Among the most critical factors that make yacht chartering in the USVI so popular is the ease of access from the mainland of the United States. Since the USVI is indeed a US territory, a passport is not required from American citizens.

However, let’s dive into this a little deeper. Passports are not required for US citizens traveling the U.S. Virgin Islands, but they serve as the best form of identification. US citizens will still need to prove US citizenship and can provide their identity to officials by presenting a raised seal birth certificate and a government-issued photo ID such as a state-issued driver’s license.

In conclusion, non-US citizens must provide a valid passport and fulfill visa requirements.

*Note; this information is broad in scope and is not guaranteed; please visit the US Embassy’s page that corresponds with your country of citizenship.

Flights and other travel aspects

As far as flying from the continental US, five airports offer direct service to the USVI. Non-stop flights to St Thomas are available from New York, Atlanta, Miami, Orlando, and Charlotte. Direct flights to the US Virgin Islands fly from two different New York airports (JFK) and Newark (EWR). Probably a wise thing to do is to figure out the best way you can get to one of these airports.

Unfortunately, there are no direct flights to St Thomas USVI when flying from Europe. However, one can get to the USVI by traveling to Puerto Rico, St Martin, or the continental US.

Once one arrives at St Thomas, we arrange a transfer to your hotel on St Thomas or the marina for embarkation. If you need assistance with this, we would be glad to certainly help.

The different types of yacht charters in the USVI

You will have some choices when choosing the type of vessel for your USVI yacht charter. These range from motor yachts, power and sailing catamarans, and traditional sailing monohulls. We have taken the time to produce an article that dives deeper into this and some other beneficial factors at; Caribbean Boat Charters and Get Pointed in the Right Direction.

Charter USVI: Destinations and more

The US Virgin Islands offer many serene and calming places for exploration. Such as St. John, Saint Thomas, Saint Croix, Great Saint James, Little Saint James, and Water Island. These islands are closely related to the British Virgin Islands and the Spanish Virgin Islands.

However, they have managed to maintain an independent culture that you can explore through various activities with a US Virgin Islands yacht charter. Time to explore these a little deeper into these destinations.

Embark from St Thomas

Charter USVI, St John
St John’s naturally preserved beauty

St. Thomas is a beautiful blend of natural splendor and modernity on this island. Charlotte Amalie, the capital of the United States Virgin Islands.

Often been considered one of the most architecturally pleasing harbors since its heyday back when it was first built. This bustling hub welcomes tourists from all over who come here for its well-known duty-free shopping outlets or to fill up on some great food.

St John definitely should be on your itinerary | Charter USVI

Approximately two-thirds of St John Island is a Virgin Islands National Park. This area features fascinating trails, secluded coves, and dazzling white beaches. Cruz Bay contains colorful shops, lively bars, and fabulous restaurants.

But also offers unspoiled forested areas and spectacular coastlines where you can go for long walks without bumping into another person. It’s no wonder that it attracts vacationers from all over the world!

In 1956, Laurance Rockefeller was so moved by the island that he purchased much of its land to donate back to the National Park Service for preservation. Such that it would remain a thing of joy forever.

St John Island is a short sail from the nearby islands of St. Thomas, Jost Van Dyke, and Tortola.

St Croix

Travelers flock to the pristine beaches and world-class entertainment opportunities when they visit St Croix. In fact, it has been said for centuries that if you want the ultimate vacation, you need only head over there!

These days though, many go for what St Croix is most famous for – its culture. From vibrant art galleries filled with locally made artwork and famed artsy movies filmed there to historical tours around plantations where sugarcane was once grown, this unspoiled land has something unique to offer everyone.

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Scuba  Scuba Diving On Board

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