“You Make the Memories, We’ll Make the Arrangements”

This Sailing from St-Thomas to St-Croix to St-Thomas Itinerary showcases your dream come true. Experiencing the US Virgin Islands (USVI) on a chartered catamaran is ideal for your family and friends of all ages. In fact, the US Virgin Islands are only a short flight from the continental US. And this year-round destination has no “off” season, with an average air temperature of 77°F to 86°F. The water temperature is 79°F in the winter and 84°F in the summer. You can swim here every month. The USVI are famous for their beautiful white-sand beaches and crystal-clear turquoise sea as well as amazing coral reefs that attract the most colorful marine life. The main islands are St Thomas, St John, and St Croix. And this suggested itinerary will allow you to see them all.

Yacht Haven Grande, St Thomas meet your crew for the St Thomas to St Croix to St Thomas charter
 Yacht Haven Grande, St Thomas

This itinerary is only a guide for you, an example of places and activities that are waiting for you to explore. And if you have sailed before, you know that weather might change your St-Thomas to St-Croix and back to St-Thomas cruise. Now, are you ready to begin your 7 night, 8-day itinerary? Are you ready to dive, snorkel, kayak, windsurf, hike, and explore even more?

Day 1 St Thomas – Cruz Bay, and Honeymoon Beach, St John

Today you will meet your crew at Yacht Haven Grande in St Thomas. You have been communicating with them before, many times. They know what you are expecting and what you would like to experience. Then you will have a safety meeting and will motor sail over to Cruz Bay/St John.


Shopping at Cruz Bay – Wharfside Village. A variety of interesting stores, conveniently located in the center of Cruz Bay, next to the ferry landing wharf. This is a very pleasant place for the entire family to buy souvenirs, browse and wander. 

After exploring Cruz Bay you have the option of hiking the scenic Lind Point Trail to Honeymoon Beach. This is a fun hike of about 20-30 minutes. You will see lush flora and native wildlife and the most stunning views over the sea. Or, you might opt to have the captain of your chartered yacht take you over to this spectacular destination.

Honeymoon Beach

Honeymoon Beach is located within the Virgin Islands National Park. The shoreline is blessed with soft white sand and large sea grape trees and coconut palms for shade. Gentle slopes cause the calm water to deepen gradually so this beach is ideal for swimming and wading.


  • Walking – on the fabulous beach
  • Swimming – in the refreshing waters of the bay
  • Snorkel – In the spectacular crystal-clear turquoise water. Also expect to see sea turtles, even the occasional ray. On the west side is a reef located in semi-shallow water making it easy to see coral and fish up close.
  • Have a smoothie, a frozen cocktail and some delectable local food at “Bikinis on the Beach Bar & Grill“. Open from 9 am to 5 pm. Sandy runs the bar and is well liked for her pleasant smile coupled with great service. There is live music on Tuesdays, Thursdays and on weekends.

After your first exciting day in the USVI, savor a delectable meal onboard your chartered yacht. The incredibly talented and creative chef will cater to your specific culinary desires.

Manna, a luxurious catamaran. It comes with an incredibly experienced and caring crew
Manna, a luxurious catamaran comes with an incredibly experienced and caring crew.

Day 2 Honeymoon Beach – Maho Bay, St John | St-Thomas St-Croix St-Thomas Itinerary

Wake up surrounded by the most beautiful sights of the Caribbean. And the best part: an incredibly delicious breakfast. Today you will sail across the north shore of St John to Maho Bay, which is one of the most serene and charming bays in the Caribbean. It is part of the US Virgin Islands National Park. Crystal clear turquoise water, a white-sand beach, and swaying palm trees will greet you. Since the water here is shallow it is an ideal spot for the children and for snorkeling. It is an optimal location to see green sea turtles and rays. The crew of catamaran Manna will have snorkel gear and an underwater water camera ready for you.


  • White-sand beach – Relax and adjust to the relaxed, laid-back island life in the shade of a coconut palm. The shallow shoreline is a great spot to build a sandcastle. While on Maho Beach, check out Maho Crossroads, a pop-up village consisting of a Tiki Bar on a movable trailer, a converted VW Bus food truck, and the Love Maho Beach Boutique.
  • SwimmingMaho Bay is perfect for the entire family to swim in the warm clear blue water. The sandy bottom extends out about 20 yards, making it ideal to wade, swim or float.
  • Snorkeling – Maho Bay is home to green sea turtles and abundant marine life. Turtles can be seen more easily early in the morning or late afternoon. Remember not to touch the endangered green sea turtles. They are protected.
  • Kayaking – It is an amazing adventure to kayak across Maho Bay. The unique vantage from the water offers a view that is worth the paddling. You will see rays, colorful fish in addition to sea turtles.
  • Hiking – Hike up to American Hill Great House Ruins. Follow the Cinnamon Bay trail to the American Hill trail. From here you will find the best spot to take amazing photos of Maho Bay. Also, on the way, you might encounter a donkey or an iguana.

In the evening, sit on the deck of your chartered yacht, and enjoy dinner while watching the most delightful Caribbean sunset.

Day 3 Maho Bay, St. John – Salt Pond Beach – Coral Bay, St. John

Drunk Bay's amusing sculptures. See them on your St-Thomas to St-Croix and back to St-Thomas Itinerary
Drunk Bay’s amusing sculptures

On day three of your Sailing from St-Thomas to St-Croix and back to St-Thomas Itinerary, you will leave Maho Bay. After a pleasant sail, your first destination will be Salt Pond Beach.

Activities at Salt Pond Bay

  • Snorkeling – The best snorkeling will be along the eastern shoreline. Look for rays, turtles, and giant hermit crabs that call the seagrass home. Salt Pond Bay offers two snorkeling trails. Ask the crew of your chartered yacht where to find them.
  • Swimming – Calm waters and a sandy bottom make it a good choice for a morning swim.
  • Hiking – Be sure to apply plenty of sunscreen and lace up your sneakers. Then, follow the narrow path on the eastern end of the beach. Stay to the left and you will arrive in Drunk Bay. You will see a wilder, rockier side of St. John. Surely the amusing stacked stones and coral “sculptures” will delight all ages. Take pictures of them and create your own contribution for future visitors to enjoy.

Return to your yacht, relax and sail to Coral Bay. Coral Bay was actually the side of the island that was settled first. It offers spectacular tropical surroundings, soft white sand, and sparkling blue waters.

Activities at Coral Bay

  • Swim – In the warm clear waters of the Caribbean.
  • Beaches – Relax on on the beach.
  • Snorkel – Be delighted by the amazing world below the water’s surface.
  • Dive – With an average year-round water temperature of 80 to 82 F, and visibility in the water from 60 to 100 feet, St John is ideal for diving.
  • Try Local Cuisine – Miss Lucy offers a true taste of old St John with fresh and flavorful Caribbean cuisine. Sit at the water’s edge, sip on an amazing rum cocktail and savor what the Caribbean is all about.
  • Kayak – Perfect location for kayaking along the beautiful shore.

Have the captain take you in the dinghy to Lime Out – You will love this floating bar and taco boat. In fact, you can swim right up to it, no fins required. Sit on one of the circular green floats or at the bar. Munch on tasty tacos and drink local juice, hibiscus tea, or a hand-crafted cocktail all in the comfort of the Caribbean sea.

Back on board, relax, and let the crew pamper you. Look forward to exploring St Croix tomorrow.

Day 4 Coral Bay, St. John – Buck Island, St. Croix 40 miles (5-hour sail)

Coral reef and tropical fish you might see close to Buck island, St Croix. On your St-Thomas to St-Croix to St-Thomas Itinerary
Coral reef and tropical fish you might see close to Buck Island, St Croix.

Start the morning early, with an amazing breakfast created by your yacht’s talented chef. Leave St John and the enjoyable Coral Bay, and then head for the open sea. You will cruise for approximately 5 hours through magnificent turquoise blue waters.

During this time you will most likely see a dolphin or two. In 1961, Buck Island National Monument was established by President John F. Kennedy. Uninhabitated Buck Island is best experienced below the water’s surface. Less than 200 of the park’s 19,015 acres are above water.


  • Beach – Buck Island has one of the world’s most important beaches for nesting hawksbill sea turtles. It also provides safe nesting sites for birds, including brown pelicans.
  • Snorkel – The 4,554-acre long barrier reef is home to more than 250 species of fish. Watch for hawksbill, green, in addition to leatherback sea turtles. Here you will find some of the most brightly colored tropical marine life on St Croix.
  • Dive – The elkhorn coral reef that surrounds two-thirds of the island has dramatic coral formations. Dive in deep grottos and marvel at the sight of sea fans and colorful fish such as brilliant blue tang, parrotfish, and angelfish.
  • Hike – To experience a magnificent view over the area, hike to the top of Buck Island.

Enjoy a well-deserved relaxing evening on the catamaran. Take some Instagram-worthy photos of the Caribbean sunset.

Day 5 Buck Island – Christiansted, St. Croix

You might want to partake in an activity on Buck Island this morning you did not find time for yesterday. Buck Island is located only 1.5 miles off the northeastern shore of St Croix. It will be a short sail to Christiansted, one of the two main towns on the island.

Once the capital of the Danish West Indies, Christiansted offers you a unique opportunity to experience USVI history. This quaint one-square-mile town has maintained a lot of its Danish architectural heritage with old churches, cobblestone streets, and an imposing fort. Christiansted is a very interesting town for the whole family and well worth exploring. You will also have ample freedom to find presents and souvenirs to take home, as well as sample local cuisine.


  • Tour of St Croix – The ideal and most fun way to get an introduction to the island. In an open-air or air-conditioned bus, see St Croix’s beauty and heritage sites. Learn about its history and attractions in a narrated tour. Visit the Botanical Garden, a Danish Sugar Cane Plantation and Rum Distillery, and more.
  • Fort Christiansvaern – Constructed in the late 1700s of yellow brick. It is in fact the best preserved of the five Danish forts remaining in the West Indies.
  • Rainforest – With your hired car explore the Mahogany Road. This road twists and turns through the small rainforest. When on this route stop at Leap. This open-air shop is devoted to creating serving trays, tables, wall hangings, clocks, and more out of salvaged native wood. This is a true offbeat adventure that is open Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm.
  • Mt Pellier Domino Club – While driving Mahagony Road you must stop here. It is closed on Mondays, but open other days from 10 am to 5 pm. Then make sure to order a Mama Wanna, personally concocted by Miss Norma, as is her delicious food. However, what the Mt. Pellier Domino Club is most famous for, are the non-alcoholic beer-drinking pigs. Indeed they post this sign: “Disclaimer: No pig livers are harmed as we only serve non-alcoholic beer to our porcine pals!”

After such an action-packed day on St Croix, sit back, relax and share your islands experiences with the crew on board your yacht.

Day 6 Christiansted | St-Thomas St-Croix St-Thomas Itinerary

Today your day will start with a leisurely breakfast on board. Get ready for exploring more of St Croix.


  • Walking tour of Christiansted – Experience the rich history, authentic cultural traditions with a guide. Members of the Crucian Heritage and Nature Tourism (CHANT) will show you Christiansted through the eyes of friendly and knowledgeable residents.
  • Golfing – At the Buccaneer Beach & Golf Resort. It features a golf course with stunning views of the Caribbean. In fact, this par 70 course offers fantastic ocean views from 13 out of its 18 holes.
  • Shopping – You will not want to leave St Croix without original island-inspired jewelry, t-shirts, and Cruzan Rum, and brightly colored scarfs and wraps.
  • Kayaking in a bioluminescent bay – Are you ready for an unforgettable, almost mystical experience? This natural wonder of Mother Nature looks like little stars flying past you on your kayak. You can pick up the comb jellyfish really carefully. It will light up neon green like a glow stick. St Croix is home to two “bio-bays”. You can witness this natural phenomenon in both, Salt River Bay and Altona Lagoon. The kayak trips start right before sundown.

Point Udall – Hire a taxi or rent a car for this very scenic 30-minute drive from Christiansted to Point Udall. The new day will start here like a fireball rising over the horizon. Above all, stunning panoramic views over the sea greet you at the easternmost point of the United States. The Millenium Monument was erected in 2000 to commemorate the beginning of a new millennium. This giant sundial is a fitting tribute since Point Udall is the first place the sun rises in the United States.

The crew on your yacht will eagerly wait to pamper you after such an awesome day on St Croix.

Day 7 Christiansted – Christmas Cove, Great St James | US Virgins

Today you will leave gorgeous Christiansted and St Croix behind. After a couple of hours of relaxing on the trampoline, while feeling the magnificent ocean breeze energizing you, the crew will anchor in this most amazing place: Christmas Cove. Located on Great St James Island, this sheltered oasis is home to a magnificent abundance of marine life. This tranquil cove has immaculately clear water, sea turtles, abundant marine life, and an equally wonderful undeveloped shoreline.

Activities at Christmas Cove

Try to wake up in ample time before sunrise. It will be well worth it.

  • Swim – with sea turtles.
  • Dive – at Cow and Calf. Ask your crew for directions.
  • SnorkelFantastic right off the boat or along a rock ledge that’s covered with a multitude of fan and brain coral teeming with colorful tropical fish. Other desirable snorkeling spots include ‘The Stragglers and Cabrita Point.
  • Watersports – Tubing, wakeboarding, or foiling
  • Walking the BeachLook for seashells and sand dollars.
  • Relax – Relax on the deck of the yacht. Have a pizza from Pizza Pi, the famous floating restaurant/sailboat that serves some of the best NY-style pizza in the Caribbean.
  • Watch the sunset – Nothing can compare to watching the red/orange glow of the horizon as the sun sets in the Virgin Islands. And nothing is better than to enjoy it with your family and friends while sipping on a rum cocktail. If you can, sleep the last night on the trampoline of your yacht, see all the twinkling stars above, perhaps a shooting star?

Day 8 Christmas Cove to St. Thomas | St-Thomas St-Croix St-Thomas Itinerary

sailboats in St Thomas US Virgin Islands
St Thomas US Virgin Islands

Rise early and take another leisurely swim in Christmas Cove. Say goodbye to the turtles and vow to come back soon. Today, on your sailing from St-Thomas to St-Croix to St-Thomas Itinerary, you will sail toward Charlotte Amalie. It is an easy sail into Charlotte Amalie harbor. This area of St Thomas offers wonderful shopping opportunities and historic sites.


  • Shop – at a multitude of quaint stores and boutiques. You will find a present for everybody on your list. Equally important: Treat yourself to a piece of beautiful local art.
  • Walk – along cobblestone alleyways and climb steep streets. Here you’ll find a wealth of buildings that provide insight into the colonial life of the past. Charlotte Amalie is listed in the Registry of Historic Places.
  • Visit Blackbeard’s Castle – built around 1674-1680 as a watch tower for guarding Charlotte Amalie.

Find your way back to the boat and gather your belongings. Say goodbye to the crew who will arrange transportation for the 15-minute taxi ride to the airport. Vow to be back as soon as possible.

The end of your St-Thomas to St-Croix to St-Thomas Itinerary.

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