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Water Island, located in St. Thomas’ Charlotte Amalie harbor, is the fourth United States Virgin Island. The island got its name because of the rare freshwater ponds that served as an essential source of hydration for passing sailing vessels. In addition, these waters are a beacon of respite to adventurers seeking reprieve on their journey.

Furthermore, a day on Water Island might include relaxing on the beach, kayaking, exploring, and taking a bike tour. Although the island is small there is certainly much to do and see.

honeymoon beach at water island
Honeymoon Beach

Weather | Water Island

It is generally warm on Water Island, similar to the weather on the neighboring islands. The hottest time to visit is August while the coolest time is January. November sees the most rain.

Thus, it’s best to explore the island when the weather is warm and sunny. It could also be a chance to see the neighboring islands or perhaps, enjoy the pristine beaches in the area.

Places to see

  • Providence Hill. Ride a bike or take a golf cart to this peak and enjoy spectacular views.
  • Honeymoon Beach. Spend a few hours or the entire day swimming and snorkeling. Dinghy’s Beach bar serves drinks and lunch.
  • Limestone Beach. Less populated than Honeymoon Beach. It is rocky but has good snorkeling areas.
  • Fort Segarra. The United States bought Water Island in 1944 so they could begin constructing a military base. Construction stopped when World War II ended. The remains of the base are still present, however.
  • Carolina Point Plantation. The Plantation is remarkably preserved. The remains include masonry foundations, cisterns, bake ovens, ruins, house-like structures, and slave cabins.

Things to do | Water Island

  • Rent a golf cart. Rachael’s Rentals has golf cart rentals and lots of local knowledge to share.
  • Look for wildlife. Some animals to look for are the Red-Footed Tortoise, iguana, and birds.
  • Snorkel. Tourists and guests can never afford to miss out on snorkeling in the unspoiled beautiful beaches of Water Island.
  • Hike. If you’re visiting Water Island for hiking, ensure to check out the hiking routes available on the Map of the island. You’ll definitely need plenty of water, sunglasses, hats, snacks, and sunscreen – anything that’ll help make your journey more comfortable! Then, admire the gorgeous views while exploring this delightful island.

Marinas and Anchorages

The closest Marina to Water Island is on St Thomas. However, your yacht will anchor close to shore and take you to the island on the tender.

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