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Oppenheimer Beach, St. John US-Virgin Islands Yacht Charter

Here is your list of the 9 Best Beaches in St John, in the US Virgin Islands. From Mahoe Bay, Trunk Bay, Hawks Nest, and more! St John’s beaches offer a variety of experiences and adventures.

Some like Trunk Bay are world-famous beaches, appearing on TV, in magazines, and in postcards. Others are hidden, private utopias that take a bit of hiking or some adventure.  Join us as we tour St John searching for some of the Caribbean’s finest beaches — and the energy source.

About St. John | Best Beaches on St John US Virgin Islands

Caneel Bay is one of the best beaches st john US Virgin Islands
Caneel Bay, St John

St. John, United States Virgin Islands is one of my recommended Virgin Islands sailing itineraries for guests who are visiting the Virgin Islands for the first time. It is also recommended for those who have sailed the British Virgin Islands and have spent little time in the US Virgin Islands.

The island has a different atmosphere than St. Thomas, which is a 20-minute ferry ride away. Cruz Bay is charming, with many shops, restaurants, and bars within walking distance. In addition, the bandstand and square serve as the central downtown hubs. Arriving in Cruz Bay by your yacht’s tender, the group can go their separate ways depending on each person’s interest.

Some may wish to enjoy a massage at one of the local spas. Charter guests may visit Mongoose Junction with its art galleries, ice cream shops, restaurants, and bars. Others may wish to buy jewellery at one of the stores in town. Others may hike to Cruz Bay or from Cruz Bay to Honeymoon beach. There are many activity options to enjoy.

The Beaches

The beaches are excellent, and the snorkelling and the water is clean with tiny amounts of debris. Most of St. John is US National Park. In addition, because of US regulations, boats must meet US Coast Guard regulations which help maintain a healthy environment.

Your yacht charter crew will show you the highlights of St. John and other smaller US Virgin Islands.

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