“You Make the Memories, We’ll Make the Arrangements”
Category: Wellness Charters

A wellness yacht charter can offer healthy cuisine, daily yoga sessions, visits to a spa, or onboard massages.

Virgin Islands Wellness Sailing Vacations: We have Exciting New Options to make your Sailing Charter Vacation a Trip to Remember! It’s Time to Plan your Wellness Sailing Vacation! MISS KITTY had a great season last year, but Captain Pat is looking forward to this season and having Aline back on board with her new skills […]
How is your yacht charter cuisine catered to your taste? For many, personal diet preferences are not much more than a list of “likes” versus “don’t like.” Go to a restaurant and don’t order the veal if it’s not your thing. Furthermore, ask the waiter to hold the onions and push away the bread if […]
One of the beautiful after-effects of a vacation onboard a luxury yacht charter is the reconnection of the mind, body, and spirit.  The goal of many yoga practices is often the same: a focus on the connection between the mind and body. That’s why you should consider a yoga based yacht charter.  Recognizing this similarity […]
A Guided Meditation Caribbean Vacation which can be while chartering a yacht on your Caribbean Yacht Charter Vacation It is said that stress is the number one leading cause of disease. With that said, what better place to de-stress and unwind than on your Caribbean vacation? Below, I am going to invite you to tune […]
It has been said that the greatest asset you can have in the world is your health. While you are enjoying your Caribbean vacation, I invite you to look within where your true “wealth” comes from. How do you care for yourself regularly? How do you handle stress? Are you feeling healthy and alive? Take […]
So, you have found yourself on a luxury vacation. I love the word “luxury” because it has the root “lux” in it. Lux means light or life. The truth is, you can seek outside of yourself for luxurious experiences, but the real luxury in life is happening inside of you in each moment.  True? Your […]
SAINT LUCIA TO HOST 2ND ANNUAL HEALTH & WELLNESS RETREAT Saint Lucia will host “Elevate Yourself” the 2nd Annual Health & Wellness Retreat, October 4- 7, 2012. Leading experts, including actress and best-selling author Lindsay Wagner and Today Show nutrition and health expert Joy Bauer, will offer tips and advice during wellness seminars, beachside fitness […]