“You Make the Memories, We’ll Make the Arrangements”
Yoga on the beach

It has been said that the greatest asset you can have in the world is your health. While you are enjoying your Caribbean vacation, I invite you to look within where your true “wealth” comes from. How do you care for yourself regularly?

How do you handle stress? Are you feeling healthy and alive? Take time during your vacation to unwind, rejuvenate, and restore your sense of peace and relaxation. Research shows that stress is the #1 cause of disease. I know that for myself, it is only natural to feel my stress melt away when I am in the Caribbean. Below I have listed a few tips on healthy living that will help you de-stress and access your inner “wealth” daily—both while on vacation and at home during your busy life.

Tips on healthy living in the Caribbean:

1. Live life with a clear nervous system:

Discover how regular chiropractic care can add to your overall well-being by unleashing stress that exists at the level of your nervous system. Practice yoga regularly and learn how it can play an integral part in your life. The fusion of chiropractic and yoga allows you to unleash deeply stored stress while bringing awareness to the deepest part of your being, spine, and spinal cord.

While in the Caribbean, see if there are any practitioners who can cater to your needs privately in your villa or on your chartered yacht. It will only add to the blissful deep relaxation that you have come to experience.

2. Eat well, overly well!

It is undeniable that what and how you eat absolutely affects your overall health. You deserve to be putting only the best of the best, high-quality foods into your body. Eating fresh, organic, and local foods will fuel your cells with high energy, nutrition, and taste. Take an opportunity during your vacation to explore new flavors and to let go of any unhealthy food or beverage habits that have not been contributing to your overall health.

If possible, hire a chef with expertise in healthy and clean food preparation. You may even decide that your vacation is the perfect opportunity to be guided on a “catered cleanse” or what I refer to as “lifestyle vitalization.”  Lifestyle vitalization is a personally designed program that is created to assist you in revitalizing your life, beginning with your food.

3.  Drink Plenty of Water | tip on healthy living

You must drink half of your body weight in ounces daily to maintain proper hydration. While at home, it makes sense to keep a glass bottle or jar filled regularly throughout the day. High-quality alkalized-ionized water or filtered reversed osmosis water is the healthiest. Be mindful of the overuse of plastic bottles, which can leach acidic, cancer-causing BPA into the water. If you do use plastic, recycle!

Recycling hasn’t caught on in a big way in the Caribbean yet so that it will take your conscious effort. Be sure that while you are spending extra time in the hot sun of the Caribbean that you drink plenty of water. Coconut water is excellent, also! Your body will thank you, and your skin will be oh-so radiant!

4. Get quality sleep:

The demands of life these days have had a major impact on the quality of sleep we are getting. It is not uncommon for the general population to stay stimulated by their cell phones, computers, and televisions until just before they fall asleep at night.

These practices can interfere with our body’s natural rhythm and really deplete us of good, deep, quality rest. Sleeping in a bedroom without any extra stimulation or EMFs (electric magnetic frequencies) is super important to the health of your cells. Removing cell phones, televisions, or computers from your bedside will dramatically improve your sleep quality.

While in the Caribbean you may notice that you are sleeping very well. This may be because you are on vacation and have let go of many of your regular daily demands. It may also be due to the infusion of negative ions and far-infrared waves you are receiving from the constant breeze of the sea and absorption of sunlight.

If you want to take this feeling home with you, I recommend trying an amethyst crystal biomat. It’s a sure way to feel deeply relaxed and rejuvenated daily when you are away from the luxury of being in the Caribbean.

5.  Exercise regularly:

Move your body regularly! Your body is designed to move! Discover what you like and just do it…daily!  I think it is a great idea to change up your routine while on your vacation. Try some yoga classes, swim, hike, or dance. If you exercise regularly and intensely, perhaps this is your time to try something less rigorous and see how your body responds. If exercise isn’t your thing or life has been keeping you from moving regularly, perhaps hiring a private trainer of yoga or pilates instructor while on your vacation will give you the motivation you need to keep your rhythm going when you return from your trip.

6. Live with a  positive mental attitude: | Good for the Body

Positive thoughts create positive cells! It’s true! Be mindful of your mind. Keep your thoughts positive, happy, and worry-free. If your vacation is an opportunity to let go of stressors that have been bothering and nagging you, let them go! A good practice to create positive thoughts is to list all you are thankful for. Start by giving thanks for your body and all that it does for you, then extend to your gratitude for everything in your life.

If you are coming out of the dark, gray, cold winter, you will feel a natural uplifting of your thoughts and energy just by being in the sunlight, and gorgeous environment of the Caribbean. It is true that our thoughts create our reality. Marvel at the fact that somewhere along the way you envisioned yourself on vacation in the Caribbean, and here you are!

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