“You Make the Memories, We’ll Make the Arrangements”
Luxury vacation

So, you have found yourself on a luxury vacation. I love the word “luxury” because it has the root “lux” in it. Lux means light or life. The truth is, you can seek outside of yourself for luxurious experiences, but the real luxury in life is happening inside of you in each moment.  True?

Your body is fascinating! You have a life force that runs the show without you even having to think about it! Really! It controls and coordinates all of the trillions of cells in your body every second. The thing is, it sometimes goes unnoticed or unrecognized for its brilliance because life is so busy. Think about it, when it is time to trim your hair or cut your fingernails, it isn’t so common to think that the intelligence of your body made them grow. We usually just focus on the fact that it’s time to get them cut.

Things to Do

You can do several things regularly to bring balance to this light, or life force, that runs your body. As a chiropractor, I teach people about how proper alignment of their spine, consuming high-quality nutrition, getting plenty of sleep, drinking enough water, exercising, and positive mental attitude are all contributing factors to living with greater vitality and staying connected to the inner “lux” or light that is running the show.

When I am in the Caribbean, it is easy to naturally feel lighter and like my stresses melt away. Below I’ve created a list of 6 “simple luxuries” that you can enjoy daily during your journey to the Caribbean that will naturally decrease stress, relax your nervous system, naturally improve your immune system, and allow you to return home feeling rejuvenated, recharged, and relaxed:

1. Have a cell phone and an internet-free day

Amazingly, we can stay connected to the world from everywhere we are…but…unplug! The energy we absorb from our computers and cell phones isn’t healthy. See if you can unplug For a day or, if possible, the entire time you are gone! Instead, connect with people, nature, and your body. Now, that’s a simple luxury we can all benefit from.

2. Drink fresh coconut water daily

Coconut water is highly cleansing and nutritious. It is said to be one of the healthiest liquids besides breast milk. This simple luxury is supercharged with electrolytes which makes it extremely hydrating.  Have handy enough to sip on throughout the day, either straight from the coconut or poured into a glass with a squeeze of lemon. If you notice that you have a cleansing effect and are visiting the bathroom a little more frequently, that’s probably a good thing, so keep drinking them.

3. Breathe in the salt air

Really breathe it in!!!! Most adults have very shallow breathing, especially at the beginning of your vacation when you are first just arriving. Every day takes deep breaths through your nose and mouth. Sit quietly and let your lungs fill with the glorious salty air. There is something to it! With each breath, you are inhaling an abundance of negative ions. Negative ions create positive cells in your body, alkalize your blood, and create a youthful glow in your skin. So let it in!

4. Don’t be scared of the sun

The sun delivers gorgeous amounts of far-infrared light (the most healing light in existence)! We also need to expose ourselves to the sun to absorb vitamin D. It is very important for our immune system and healthy thyroid. Of course, if you have been locked inside in the cold this winter, I am not suggesting you go bask in the hot Caribbean sun all day. Allowing yourself to receive natural sun exposure early in the morning and just before sunset is perfect. Even if it is only for 30 minutes, it is a fantastic way to soak up the far-infrared light and vitamin D. In the heat of the day, be sure to cover yourself with a large-brimmed hat, light cover-ups, sunglasses, and opt for a chemical-free sunblock that doesn’t have harmful toxins. What a simple luxury it is to be kissed by the sun.

  • To learn more about the self-care tools, I use daily to infuse my body with regular doses of far-infrared and negative ions, check out the biomat

5. Eat only organic fresh, local fruits, veggies, and fish

Leave the processed and imported food for another time. Or better yet, let them go for good! The foods that grow naturally in the Caribbean have vibrancy, flavor, color, and nutrition. They can absolutely be prepared in a light and healthy way that will fuel your body and leave you feeling fresh and alive! I hear from a lot of clients saying they naturally want to eat lighter when in the Caribbean. I truly feel that this is because they are being fueled with such high vitality because the foods they are eating are local and don’t need to travel far to get to their plates. For those of you who may be interested in allowing your vacation to serve as an opportunity to lighten up and enhance your wellbeing,  I suggest a whole food cleanse that is catered to your personal needs.

*To learn more about creating a cleanse that is catered to your personal health needs, please email me @ [email protected]

6. Stare at the marvelous color turquoise you are surrounded by as much as you can

I had a client in Maui who was a color therapist. She was painting the inside of my house for me and asked what I wanted to feel when I was in a certain room. I told her that I wanted to feel like how I felt when I was in the Caribbean staring at the sea. She fully understood what I was speaking of and that in her earlier years, she had gone to live in the Caribbean just to study the physiological effects that the color turquoise had on people.  

She said that it is found to calm the nervous system, open our hearts, unleash stress, and uplift our mood. So, every day, soak it in. Let yourself be totally enamored by the colors you are surrounded by, and let these colors shift your energy in a way that people can feel radiating from you when you return back home.

Allow the “simple luxuries” listed above to fuel your Spirit, remind you of how precious your life is, and invite you to live life in a way that continuously reconnects you to the “lux,” or light, within you.

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