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One of the beautiful after-effects of a vacation onboard a luxury yacht charter is the reconnection of the mind, body, and spirit.  The goal of many yoga practices is often the same: a focus on the connection between the mind and body. That’s why you should consider a yoga based yacht charter.

 Recognizing this similarity has inspired some crews to offer yoga to their charter guests. “A yacht vacation aboard Orion is a great place to explore the state of your body-mind connection with a guided yoga practice. And a yoga nidra relaxation practice,” says Allison Thompson, co-captain and chef on Orion. And she has over 20 years of experience in yoga.

More Insights about Yoga

Rachel Haskovec, the First mate/chef on Soterion with over 11 years of yoga experience, recognizes the benefits as well. “Yoga is the energetic union between the body and the mind using our breath.  Yoga is an expression of art, a philosophy, a science and a lifestyle of creating a true awareness of what we think and feel.  By coordinating the inhale and exhale with movement, we slow down our breathing patterns. And we can increase the amount of oxygen to the brain. Which in turn, helps us reduce stress and helps calm the mind.”

If you’ve never attempted yoga, a charter yacht vacation is a perfect place to begin. Naomi, the chef/hostess on Greenboat I who has recently completed her yoga teacher training in Goa, India, encourages the reluctant beginner, “All abilities are welcome to my classes. I can adapt the practice to suit the client. Some may prefer more of a restorative class that will bring focus to the mind, and some may want to improve their flexibility strength, etc. Everyone has different needs and yoga can easily be adapted for the individual.”

Yoga onboard is good for beginners

Both Allison on Orion and Rachel on Soterion agree that a one-on-one yoga instruction onboard is perfect for beginners, but offers something to a guest with a consistent practice of their own. “I welcome all guests interested in exploring yoga, be they beginners or experienced practitioners. We all have something to teach one another and I learn from everyone I have the honor to work with,” says Allison.

One of the beauties of practicing yoga while on charter is that these instructors have knowledge. In multiple yoga styles and the instruction can be customized to fit your individual needs and goals. Rachel on Soterion explains,” I teach a gentle, energetic, vinyasa yoga style. With the foundation of my personal practice and training in Ashtanga, Iyengar, Yin & Restorative.  Concentrating on breath and alignment/modifications, I want people to feel stable and comfortable, and open to new sensations of their body & mind.” A personalized instruction like that is challenging to find in a gym-class setting.

The Setting onboard

And the setting these boats can offer to guests is remarkable. Naomi of Greenboat I says, “I will be doing early morning sessions at 7 am. or 6.30. Depending on the guest and afternoon session at 5 pm. These will be held on board the boat and on shore. I like to mix it up and give people a choice. It’s nice to try out different environments.”

Rachel on Soterion and Allison on Orion both agree with Naomi that morning classes are great. But because yacht charters can be customized in so many ways, they recognize the benefits of a flexible schedule. According to Allison, “A clear moon rise, a gentle breeze, the sound of water moving all around you, surrounded by the ocean of emotion. And yoga offers a means to dive deep into the workings of the body mind connection.”

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