“You Make the Memories, We’ll Make the Arrangements”

A Guided Meditation Caribbean Vacation which can be while chartering a yacht on your Caribbean Yacht Charter Vacation

It is said that stress is the number one leading cause of disease. With that said, what better place to de-stress and unwind than on your Caribbean vacation?

Below, I am going to invite you to tune into your senses as a way to relax, calm your mind, and invoke a deeper sense of stillness in your body.

You have arrived. Now it’s time to use this opportunity to infuse yourself with the beauty that is surrounding you. My hope is that the sense of peace and calm you experience while on your vacation is something you can call upon even when not in the Caribbean.

As human beings, our nervous systems are exposed to a constant bombardment of stimulation. This stimulation shows up as physical, chemical, mental and emotional stress. Whether you are aware of it or not, it truly does exist and it greatly affects our ability to live as the healthy, vital, relaxed, and present beings we are designed to be.

Tune into your body for a moment. If you are not sure how I invite you to close your eyes and scan your body from head to toe. Try your best to keep your mind quiet and deeply connect with every sensation that you are currently feeling. Are you able to silence the chatter going on in your head? Where do you feel your body is holding tension? How has your immune system been functioning lately? Do you feel calm? Is there anything worrying you? How alive do you feel? Are you able to truly be present or is there something distracting you? When was the last time you were truly, deeply relaxed?

Overview and Preparation

In the next few minutes, I will lead you on a  guided meditation that will allow your five senses to be fully present to the amazingly luscious beauty and wisdom that is both around you and within you. The wisdom of your body mirrors nature and if you can just quiet and still your mind enough, there will be a sense of peace and relaxation that in truth is always available to you. Nature is a fantastic place to invigorate your senses, silence your mind, and find your calm.  Let’s use your surroundings and the experience that you are having in the Guided Meditation Caribbean Vacation that you can do anytime or anywhere, even after you return home to your busy life.

Your limbic system is the part of your brain that is responsible for storing memories and emotions. Have you ever noticed that when you think about certain memories in your life, you experience again the feelings that were associated with that particular memory? I ask you to tune into the different sensations and emotions that you experience as each of your senses- sight, smell, sound, touch, and taste- is activated. The neurons of your brain will make connections that can be recalled anytime just by revisiting the memories associated with them.

The Five Senses

Please find a quiet, comfortable place to sit. Turn your cell phone off. Take a deep breath in and exhale. It’s time to de-stress, unwind and be totally present. Really take note of where you are, what you are looking at, and the overall feeling you have at this moment.  Now, let’s embark upon a journey of awakening your senses:


Take a visual scan of your beautiful Caribbean surroundings. Choose one focal point that you find absolutely beautiful. Absorb it. What colors do you see? The textures? What elements of nature?  Close your eyes and identify the feeling that is created from that sight. Stay with this feeling for about 5 minutes. Take a deep breath in and take a mental image of this beauty so that you can recall anytime and anywhere bringing yourself to the state of calm that you have just experienced.


The Caribbean has one of the loveliest infusion of scents that I have ever experienced. The varying essences of the salty air blowing off of the warm sea to the abundance of tropical flowers create a fusion of scents that are to be remembered by those who visit. Take a moment and inhale deeply through your nose. What do you smell? Your nose is probably picking up a variety of scents. Notice what you smell first and see if you can detect the layers of other scents that are present. Close your eyes and feel what sensations or emotions come up as you absorb the sweet scents that surround you. You may choose to purchase a lovely essential oil that reminds you of the scent of the Caribbean and use it as a way to use your sense of smell to de-stress.


The sounds of the island can be quite meditative. Notice what happens when you quiet your mind. Are you aware of the sound of the ocean breeze through the trees? Are the birds singing? Waves crashing? Children laughing? Notice the beautiful music that is created by nature. It is always there and available to you if you can silence your mind. What feelings are you experiencing in your body as you listen to the sweet melody of the Caribbean?


Infuse your tastebuds with the fresh fruits, vegetables, and spices that are available to you locally while on yours. For this exercise, I invite you to either take a bite or imagine the most delicious food you have enjoyed since arriving. It may be a gorgeous piece of fruit or a lavishly prepared gourmet meal. Whatever you choose, savor each bite. How does your body feel as you introduce it to that which you enjoy? What flavors make your body come alive?


While your other four senses have specific locations, your sense of touch can be felt everywhere on your body. Touch can be extremely healing in the form of a massage or a hug. Notice how your body feels when stimulated by different stimuli. Then, feel sand on your feet, the breeze on your skin, the warmth of the sun, and the sensation of soaking in the warm Caribbean Sea. Allow yourself to be touched not just on the surface but deep within your being.

How was that? Nice, huh! Allow yourself to fully absorb every bit of your Caribbean vacation and take it home with you via memories made and the deep imprints created within you by being fully present and able to absorb all of the elements surrounding you in each moment.

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Also, Emily Fletcher’s book Stress Less and Accomplish More (The Ziva Method) is excellent.

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