Caribbean Yacht Charter Cost: Check Out These Factors Now!

There are numerous factors that come into play when evaluating the overall cost of a Caribbean Yacht charter. Therefore, it is always recommended to keep these factors in mind so that you can make a well-informed decision. Here are a few standout factors that you should consider when considering a Caribbean Yacht charter: The Type […]

Top Reasons why People Charter Lagoon Catamarans in the BVI

If you’ve been to the BVI you’ve undoubtedly noticed all the Lagoon Catamarans floating in the crystal clear waters. They have their own undeniable style boasting sprawling horizontal windows that people have come to know as their trademark. Or maybe you’ve just been doing some research online. Well, it is true, they are very popular […]

Learn why people love SEGUNDO VIENTO, a BVI Catamaran Charter

SEGUNDO VIENTO is an almost brand new 64′ Privilege yacht. She has been upgraded with incredible features, including custom-designed enhancements. This includes the upper and bridge deck by her Owner, who also happens to be Captain Lee Adams. Keen attention was paid to every detail, including layout, comfort, safety, toys, and of course, luxury. Six […]

Why People love booking amazing private yacht charters in the Caribbean

The Caribbean Sea offers plenty of breathtaking views and some amazing weather. Hence, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that tourists and travelers love booking private yacht charters in the Caribbean to boost their vacation experience. Sailing on your private yacht offers an unparalleled vacation experience. “When we speak to folks that are repeat bookers […]