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Green Cay and Sandy Spit are tiny uninhabited islands in the British Virgin Islands. Located just off the eastern tip of Little Jost van Dyke. Only accessible by boat. This fabulous hilly Cay is merely 14 acres in size. Rounded on the west side where boat anchor. But the east and north sides are exposed to ocean waves with impressive cliffs. It is connected to Sandy Spit by a shallow underwater shelf. You can almost walk across.

For this reason, the shallow waters are a great location to snorkel. After decades of private ownership, they now fall under the auspices of the BVI National Parks Trust.

A phenomenal white sand beach surrounds Sandy Spit. The name is supposed to come from the “spitting” distance to Jost van Dyke. Corona Beer commercials added to its fame. In addition to some green vegetation and a few rocks, you will see two lonely coconut palms. But no shade. So please bring a hat and plenty of sunscreens.


Green Cay and Sandy Spit are fabulous year-round destinations in the British Virgin Islands. The most popular season is in the wintertime, until May. During these months, enjoy an average of nine hours of sunshine and expect very little rainfall. In the BVI, you will always feel a wonderful ocean breeze. Average daily temperatures are in the mid-seventies in the winter months. And mid-eighties in the summertime. But take the hurricane season, lasting from June 1st to November 30th, into consideration.

Places to See

Green Cay

– Is designated as an Important Bird Area. A large nesting colony of roseate terns calls it home. In addition to birds, it is a habitat for geckos and anoles. The oceanside offers an exciting diving site. And the beach is composed of tiny pieces of coral. Shaped nice and smooth by centuries of wave action. Some locations provide shallow water for excellent snorkeling. Look for a small shipwreck of a more recent time.

Sandy Spit

– this islet is less than 1/2 acre in size. Nevertheless a picture-perfect tropical, very picturesque destination. A white sand beach surrounds it. The island changes shape a bit due to sand moving around in storms like Irma.

This does not deter it from being a popular location for commercial photo shoots. For companies like Sports Illustrated and Corona. Therefore, often dubbed “Corona Island.” Bring a picnic, relax and marvel at the beauty of the BVI and the two lonely coconut palms.

Kiteboarding at Green Cay and Sandy Spit, British Virgin Islands
Kiteboarding at Green Cay and Sandy Spit, British Virgin Islands

Things to do

  • Surfing – Green Cay is an exposed reef break and an incredible location for surfing. The best time for this sport is the winter and springtime. Due to optimal wind conditions, creating consistent, clean surfable waves with the ideal swell angles. But beware of reefs, sea urchins, and jellyfish.
  • Snorkeling -. There is a magnificent sloping coral reef and wall off the South side of Sandy Spit. Easily explorable by snorkeling. Green Cay is a magnificent location to snorkel in the shallow waters.
  • Diving – The eastern shore of Green Cay is an exciting dive site. Called “The Playground”. You will see a series of pinnacles covered with radiant-colored sponges and hydroid fans. Both give shelter in effect to a fascinating array of marine life. Delightful angel fish, jacks, barracuda, and huge tarpon call this home.
  • Paddleboarding – a very popular watersport here
  • Kitesurfing, Kiteboarding – Winds off this Cay and Sandy Spit often are ideal for this activity.
  • Swimming – Green Cay and Sandy Spit are fantastic sites for swimming on calm days.
  • Sunbathing – Sandy Spit is the ideal location to bring the family. Bring a picnic, relish the tropical environment and soak in the Caribbean sun.
  • Walking on the beach – On Sandy Spit and Green Cay. You will be greeted with a beach composed entirely of coral. Small smooth pieces that centuries, as a result of ocean waves, created just for you. Look for the small modern-day shipwreck.
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Both Green Cay and Sandy Spit are uninhabited with no amenities

Marinas and Anchorages around Green Cay and Sandy Spit

Marinas are located in Tortola and Jost van Dyke, but not on Green Cay or Sandy Spit. The BVI National Parks Trust manages both uninhabited islands.

The most enjoyable option to get here: While on your Chartered Catamaran Cruise, you have the crew take you to these tiny islands on the dinghy for the day.

For sailors to enjoy the many beautiful sites above and below the water, The BVI National Parks Trust has installed more than 200 mooring buoys at many BVI dive sites. There are for daytime use only. The system aims to protect the fragile underwater marine ecology from physical damage, particularly by boat anchors, and maintain the pristine reefs for the future. The area offers some mooring buoys. The mooring buoys are color-coded:

  • ORANGE BUOYS: Non-diving, day use only
  • YELLOW BUOYS: Commercial dive vessels only
  • LARGE YELLOW BUOYS: Commercial vessels or vessels over 55 ft.
  • WHITE BUOYS: Non-commercial vessels, for daytime dive use only
  • BLUE BUOYS: For dinghy use only

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