“You Make the Memories, We’ll Make the Arrangements”
Sea Boss

Power Catamaran SEA BOSS
offers Fun & Adventure in the BVI

Power Catamaran SEA BOSS offers yacht charter vacations in the British Virgin Islands. Captain Darrel and Chef Jen bring fun and adventure to all who come aboard. Just listen to what other yacht charter guests had to say, then take a peek at Jen’s Sample Menu.


  • SEA BOSS can accommodate 6 guests in 3 cabins.
  • The Master cabin has a king size bed, shower and toilet.
  • A VIP cabin has a queen size bed, shower and toilet.
  • A Guest cabin has a twin bed that can convert to a queen, shower and toilet.
  • SEA BOSS is fully air conditioned through out.

Crew Profiles

Captain Darrel
Captain Darrel of Power Catamaran SEA BOSS

Darrel has extensive sailing experience throughout the Caribbean and knows where to find the best bars on most islands. His sailing adventures have taken him from sailing the Eastern US coastline, all the way through the Caribbean chain, and down to Venezuela and Columbia. In his travels, he has swum with dolphins, had a 40-foot humpback whale breach right next to (and almost land on) his boat, and sailed through a hurricane.

He is keen to experience two of these three things again. He is an experienced and seasoned sailor, with over 35,000 nautical miles in his logbook on multiple yacht types. Darrel is a keen water sports fan, and loves to water-ski, wakeboard, skateboard, and dive. He loves any excuse to get out on the water and would be more than happy to get involved with any of the water-sport activities offered on the boat.

Around the start of 2016, Darrel sadly lost his valiant struggle to maintain his bachelor lifestyle, and succumbed to the wily ways of Jenn, the chef on the power catamaran Sea Boss. They now live in connubial bliss, and there is an obvious peace and harmony on board preserved mainly by him doing everything she tells him to. Theirs is a love and friendship based on mutual respect, a profound inner connection, and knowing that the other person knows way too many of your secrets for you to ever let them out of your sight.

Chef Jen

Jenn is a versatile chef and works closely with guests in coming up with a charter menu tailored to their preferences and any dietary restrictions. She is a big fan of using locally-grown foodstuffs, and tries as far as possible to incorporate a farm-to-table approach in her cooking. This includes a liaison with a local organic farmer while on charter and a meal designed to feature the freshest, seasonal ingredients. Jenn’s cuisine style is globally diverse, she has some amazing contacts and local suppliers down here that assist in this, and strives to incorporate healthy wholesome nutrition in her delicious meals.

A keen surfer and beach bum, Jenn’s love of the water and the island life are a perfect fit for the charter lifestyle, and her warm and caring nature makes her everyone’s favorite crew member. She is a warm, genuine, and friendly soul.

Guests Commentary

  1. Just “outstanding”! Kelly, Ryan and Rosemary and I had a great time with you guys island hopping in the BVI! The food was amazing and the hospitality off the charts. The memories that you guys provided will forever be etched in our minds!…the kids just loved wakeboarding. Darrel, you were right and they both got up! You truly are THE BOSS! – Fondly, Rosemary, Kelly, Ryan and Billy
  2. Thank you for the most idyllic vacation ever. 3 dolphins, 2 sharks, 1 hawkbill turtle, 15 amazing meals and 100,000 unforgettable memories. Thank you! – Susan W.
  3. Every single second exceeded our expectations! Not only do you have a beautiful yacht but combined with such a knowledgeable and experienced crew makes for an unforgettable trip. Jenn, your food was simply amazing and you are absolutely adorable! Darrel,…you added so much more to our experience. The moment you picked us up we knew it was going to be a fabulous adventure!!! You can bet we won’t just “talk” about coming back!!  – Tres, Susan, Jeff and Debbie
  4. Thank you so much for creating such a special and memorable experience for us. Our expectations were blown away with every aspect of the trip, from the comfort of Sea Boss, to a great itinerary, to Darrel’s question each morning (“So, what do you want to do today?”), to Jenn’s phenomenal cooking and attention to every single detail by both of you. – Fernando, Mari, J.C., Gabriel & Lizzie

Chef Jenn Hart’s Sample Menu

This menu is adapted to each group’s preferences and dietary restrictions,  emphasizing local and fresh ingredients.


  • Caramelized apple Belgian waffles with chantilly cream & freshly grated nutmeg
  • Classic eggs benedict with black forest ham, homemade citrus hollandaise & served with homestyle roasted curry potatoes
  • Tortolan french toast made with toasted coconut, cream of coconut infused egg bread, fried bananas & Virgin Island honey


  • Seafood platter with sesame crusted Ahi tuna served with pickled ginger, wasabi, tamari sauce, seaweed & calamari salads fresh local mango & papaya salsa
  • Lebanese donairs -marinated steak, homemade tahini & parsley sauces served in a toasted pita with cucumber, yogurt & fresh dill
  • Sea Boss fish taco bar- locally caught mahi poached with ginger, garlic, Caribbean honey & lemon. Pile on grated beets, cabbage, mozzarella cheese, homemade salsa & yoghurt
  • Loaded Pad Thai with chicken, beer marinated shrimp; sautéed with fresh veggies, bean sprouts, cilantro, roasted peanuts & fresh lime

Apres Lunch

  • Homemade sorbet of mango coconut and raspberry mint served in crispy filo cups
  • White chocolate and pistachio cookies served with milky Bailey’s Irish cream – to dip or sip
  • Sea Boss rum smoothie with cream of coconut, mango, bananas, Cruzan Rum & fresh nutmeg


  • Fruit & nut stuffed grilled peppers with couscous & pomegranate
  • Candied pecan, raspberry, arugula & goat cheese salad
  • Tomato zucchini bruschetta with melted parmesan
  • Korean beef lettuce wraps


  • Grilled beef tenderloin with port cranberry reduction served with savory scalloped potatoes & sea salted green beans
  • Pan roasted Chilean sea bass with buttered mushrooms & eggplant served family style with wild rice
  • Thai basil chicken curry with fresh local basil, red curry, chicken, shrimp, fresh peppers & coconut milk. Served with aromatic rice
  • Caribbean BBQ fest: BBQ ribs, jerk chicken and local lobster served with corn on the cob & mustard seed, tarragon potato salad


  • Vanilla bean creme brulee
  • Dark chocolate mousse with fresh raspberries & orange zest
  • Key lime pie made with cashews & ginger snap crust
  • Caribbean banana cake with rum, chocolate & a broiled coconut topping

Health and Wellness Charter

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