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Sea Boss

Advantages of a Power Catamaran Charter was written by Captain Nathan and Chef Laura Kurton of SEA BOSS.

Why Choose a power catamaran over a sailing catamaran?

Do you prefer a sailing cat? This is entirely understandable for charter guests who have sailed before or are lovers of the power of sailing, but what about guests who are new to sailing, boating, and/or chartering? What makes them initially look for a charter on a sailing cat instead of a power catamaran? We share the advantage of a Power catamaran charter.

We believe, from years of talking with our guests, it’s the conception by clients that sailing catamarans are more calm, relaxing, romantic, and even environmentally friendly. If your clients feel this way but are unsure, then a power catamaran may be just what they need or will prefer.

One of the Advantages of Power Catamaran Charter | How does SEA BOSS compare?

Sea Boss can move up to 20 knots quite smoothly. This means we can make more stops in a week and cover more ground in less time. On SEA BOSS, we can also report that mornings are much less rushed for everyone as time is always on our side. Lay-ins and later breakfasts can be opted for without missing a thing.

Charter guests often overlook that their main priority is to get to the next stop to enjoy the surroundings. They may have a romantic notion of the journey being with the sails up, the silence of no engines, the sound of the water splashing as the hulls cut through the water while relaxing with a gin and tonic for an hour or so. Lack of wind makes it impossible to make substantial progress in a timely fashion, and the crew must turn on the engines at some point.

If guests don’t want engines on, the slow, lengthy movement can become tedious. When there is enough wind to sail, tranquility is often replaced with hair in the lip gloss, spilled champagne, loud moving parts, and ever-changing shade. Very soon, it is clear to our guests that they prefer to enjoy the stops more than the reality of sailing between them.

The Power Catamaran Sea Boss in the Caribbean that Nathan and Laura shared their advantage of a power catamaran charter.
Power Catamaran Sea Boss
  • On Sea Boss, trips between destinations are quick and direct. Sunny areas are always sunny and shaded always shaded. With our fully enclosed, air-conditioned flybridge, the bar is always open.
  • Sea Sickness is less likely due to the smooth sailing and limited movement in choppier water. SEA BOSS  is easy and comfortable to move around while underway.
  • As there are no sails to hoist or maneuver, there are fewer dangers or variables while moving. The advantages of a power catamaran charter.

What does this mean?

All this means is that you get more time at your desired destination, a more relaxing time while making your way between destinations, and of course, a high-quality finish and service to enjoy always.

We are excited to return to work with enthusiasm and a genuine desire to give our guests the best, most luxurious vacation they have ever experienced.

Please keep this Virgin Islands power catamaran SEA BOSS in mind when choosing your next yacht charter vacation. You won’t be disappointed!

Friendly regards and positive thoughts for the season ahead!

Nathan and Laura Kurton

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