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Are you looking for the best restaurants in Antigua and Barbuda? Here’s a compilation of the best restaurants in Antigua that will give you a taste of genuine Caribbean cuisine.

You’ll find something to suit your taste, from fine dining restaurants to a local Caribbean café. Get to try world-class dishes even with locally-sourced ingredients. In fact, this satisfies even the most discerning palates.

So, don’t hesitate and let your culinary adventure begin! Bon Appétit!

Antigua and Barbuda is famous for its delicious and diverse cuisine influenced by African, European, and Caribbean flavors.

Antigua Ducana | Best Restaurants in Antigua

One of the most popular dishes in Antigua is its national dish, the Antigua Ducana. This plant-based dish consists of sweet potato, coconut, and spices. Surprisingly, a sprinkle of savory saltfish often finds its way alongside.

Furthermore, Ducana and saltfish served together as a meal, creating an exciting contrast between something sweet and salty. The sweet and soft texture combination makes it a dish match made in heaven. Well, this dish breaks free from the breakfast table, boldly claiming a spot at lunch and dinner too. Many locals consider it comfort food and a staple in their diets.

Antiguan Bread

Antigua is also famous for its bread; you’ll find various options. From coconut to sweet bread, there’s a bread for every taste bud. Well, you can try some of the best Antiguan bread at the local bakeries and cafes around the island.

Wadadli Jerk

Wadadli jerk is a must-try Caribbean dish in Antigua and Barbuda. Antiguans reimagined this Jamaican classic, infusing it with their own island flavors and flair. The chicken is slow-cooked over a grill or fire, resulting in a juicy texture that falls off the bone.

Whether it’s marinated or dry-rubbed, the combination of allspice and Scotch bonnet pepper gives it a distinct flavor.

What are the best restaurants in St John’s Antigua and Barbuda?

Apart from unique restaurants, visitors in St John can find some of the best seafood restaurants in Antigua. Various flavors exist to explore, from comfort foods to local Caribbean-style cuisine.

Here are some of the most recommended restaurants in Antigua for any occasion and budget:

Sheer Rocks

This restaurant clings to the cliffs of Cocobay Resort, with breathtaking views. The restaurant also serves Caribbean fusion cuisine, and the ambiance is romantic and intimate.

The Cove Restaurant | Best Restaurants in Antigua

Located at the Blue Waters Resort, The Cove is a fine dining restaurant specializing in modern European cuisine. In addition, the restaurant has a romantic setting overlooking the sea. It offers a menu featuring fresh seafood and other gourmet dishes. They also offer private dining reservations, especially if you are celebrating a special occasion.

C&C Wine House

This place is both charming and cozy in the historical Redcliffe Quay. You’ll enjoy delectable dishes, such as coconut shrimp, pasta, burgers, paninis, and their signature dish, Devil Prawns. In addition, get ready to savor your way with their extensive selection of South African and Argentina wines.

Plant based dish prepared in one of the best restaurants in Antigua
A plant-based dish served in one of Antigua’s best restaurants

What are the hot Dickenson Bay Restaurants?

Get ready for a culinary journey at Dickenson Bay. Experience tantalizing and authentic flavors from Jamaica, Trinidad, the Bahamas, and other regional places. You also enjoy specialty dishes from the freshest local ingredients, served in fun and inviting ambiance. With delicious cocktails, delicious eats, and incredible scenery, Dickenson Bay Restaurants has something to offer everyone.

Ana’s on the Beach

Ana’s on the Beach blends with the stunning natural surroundings, creating a pleasant experience. The breathtaking views of the Caribbean Island complement its stylish interior design in shades of pink, black, and white.

Furthermore, the beachfront cabanas offer an intimate and stunning view of neighboring islands on a clear day. This makes a delightful dining experience.

Every inch of the veranda radiates opulent glamour. Plus, it provides a comfortable and inviting space for long lunches and dinners while people watching the outdoors.

Additionally, the dynamic art gallery features the works of national and international artists. They showcase a diverse range of styles and subjects that will capture your attention.

Bayside Restaurant | Best Restaurants in Antigua

Bayside Restaurant Dickenson Bay is a highly-rated restaurant of Sandals Resort in the heart of Dickenson Bay. The restaurant offers a stunning waterfront setting – a perfect way to relax and soak up the sun while enjoying food and drinks.

The restaurant offers many dishes, including fresh seafood, grilled meats, and vegan options. Feast on local ingredients, served by friendly and attentive staff.

Tony’s Water Sports Beach Bar & Grill

This restaurant is a lively beachfront destination located on Dickenson Bay. Aside from offering different water sports activities, visitors go there to taste the delicious food and drinks.

Moreover, the menu features classic Caribbean dishes, such as jerk chicken and fresh seafood. In addition, the bar offers a variety of tropical cocktails and cold beers.

Are there restaurants in English Harbour?

Yes, there are several restaurants in English Harbour, Antigua. As a popular tourist destination, English Harbour serves up diverse dining. From laid-back beach shacks to upscale French bistros, fueling all appetites.

Trappas Restaurant & Bar

In the heart of the yachting paradise, Trappas has become a go-to destination to enjoy great food and drinks with family and friends. Thanks to its dynamic team, guests can enjoy delicious foods, drinks, and top-notch service.

Overall, this restaurant offers a lively and inviting atmosphere where the food is outstanding.

The Admiral’s Inn Restaurant

The Admiral’s Inn has two fabulous restaurants: Pillars and Boom. At Pillars, guests can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner on a tree-shaded terrace overlooking the water. Seafood is the menu’s star, and the chefs use fresh, locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible.

And for those seeking a more casual dining experience, head to Boom. Boom is where fresh and tasty lunch or sip on your favorite cocktail or glass of wine meet breathtaking harbor vistas. 

Incanto | Best Restaurants in Antigua

Satisfy your craving for authentic Italian cuisine at Incanto, located in the heart of English Harbour. This exquisite restaurant will take your taste buds on a delicious journey through Italy. Using only the freshest ingredients, the chefs create mouth-watering dishes. Beyond the food that makes Incanto a must-visit spot, you can also escape to its oasis of calm.

La Brasserie d’Antigua

Suppose you want a taste of France in the heart of Antigua, head to La Brasserie French Restaurant & Bar. Then, experience top-notch service and exquisite décor alongside classic French cuisines at the Antigua Slipway in English Harbour.

With a dock in front of the restaurant, feel free to tie up or take a water taxi to enjoy a meal. In addition, they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with daily happy hour specials from 5-6 pm. Not to mention the carefully curated wine list and delectable ice cream.

Colibri Restaurant | Best Restaurant in Antigua

This dining spot in English Harbour, alongside the Dockyard Drive, has a cozy and chic vibe. Then, indulge in French and Creole cuisine – dishes that are rich in flavor and aroma straight to your palate. Or sip French wines and cocktails infused with the region’s fresh ingredients.

People here are lively and enjoyable to dine with. The lush garden, as a backdrop, enhances the al fresco dining experience. Moreover, its kitchen team is sourcing Caribbean flavors from what is available in the farms and seas of Antigua.

What are the highly recommended Jolly Harbour restaurants?

For a culinary adventure in Jolly Harbour, you’re in luck. So, here are some of the top restaurants that you won’t want to miss in this area:

Al Porto

This waterfront restaurant serves excellent Italian food: freshly prepared pizza and homemade pasta in a stylish, contemporary setting. From their open kitchen, guests can see chefs at work, and they produce some of the best thin-crust pizza on the island.

But it’s not just pizza and pasta. The menu also includes a wide range of authentic Italian dishes, from caprese to grilled meats with unique sauces. Enjoy your meal on the large deck overlooking the water.

Miracles of the Caribbean Restaurant and Bar

Miracles of the Caribbean Restaurant and Bar is the go-to place to eat in Antigua. Located at the corner of Valley Road and Jolly Beach Road.

Furthermore, this restaurant offers guests ribs, seafood, delicious desserts, creative cocktails, and drinks. In addition, there’s live entertainment on weekends. Indeed, it’s a great spot to go out and enjoy a fun night out with friends.

On the other hand, guests can request how they’d like their dishes prepared. The restaurant also accepts reservations, especially for private events.

Big Head Lobster Seafood Restaurant And Reggae Bar

Try this restaurant’s flavorful Caribbean and international cuisine that will tantalize your taste buds. They specialize in fresh seafood, meats, poultry, fish, pasta, and pizza prepared to perfection.

The place also offers complete catering services and can provide a private chef for that extra special touch. Lastly, don’t forget to try their signature rum drinks at the reggae bar for a perfect night out.

OJ’s Beach Bar and Restaurant | Best Restaurants in Antigua

OJ’s Beach Bar & Restaurant is an idyllic Caribbean escape. This place offer great food, service, and an memorable seaside ambiance. Also, they specialize in local cuisine with the authentic taste of Antigua.

Decorated with local artwork, driftwood, ropes, and artifacts, the atmosphere is incredibly charming and romantic – especially at night. The upper deck, The Tittle Lounge, is perfect for a romantic night under the stars or small intimate weddings and parties.

Besides freshly grilled red snapper and lobster salad, they also serve delicious and potent island rum cocktails.

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