“You Make the Memories, We’ll Make the Arrangements”
Plant-Based Lunch on board King's Ransom

The CYBA’s Green Initiative works with the crews on charter yachts in the British Virgin Islands to promote a variety of eco-friendly methods. This will help lower the charter’s footprint while still providing the excellent service and experiences guests have come to expect.

Have you wanted to explore the turquoise waters of the Virgin Islands or island hop around the Caribbean? It is becoming increasingly easier to do so sustainably, thanks to the efforts of the Green Initiative.

The chefs on these sustainable yacht charters participate in this effort by supporting local food sources. By shopping local and creatively accommodating plant-based diets, they are providing an eco-friendly charter experience. In addition, sourcing locally grown food is providing more commerical opportunities for residents.

Crews on sustainable yacht charters understand that small changes they make can, over time, be part of the larger global push for sustainable food sources and food solutions.

National Geographic’s video on World Food Day illustrates the importance of such efforts.

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