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On their recent trip to the British Virgin Islands for the BVI Yacht show, CKIM Group Yacht charter brokers Christopher Patrick, Julia Towne, and Jennifer Huffman visited Virgin Gorda. They had the opportunity to visit several Virgin Gorda restaurants. Their insights and reviews about dining in paradise may inspire you to try one (or all) of these establishments on your next luxury yacht charter vacation.

Chez Bamboo: Vibrant Ambiance

After a long day of traveling, the team enjoyed dinner at Chez Bamboo. The restaurant has a vibrant ambiance, a lively crowd, and a band playing on the patio. Fortunately for the weary travelers, there was also a quiet section where everyone could relax. Julia said, “It was nice to have the option between a lively crowd and a quiet area to enjoy dinner. The staff was excellent and friendly.”

The menu offered a variety of options, including sushi. Julia ordered the spicy tuna roll with a Carib beer, and tropical mango added a nice touch.

Spicy Tuna Roll
Spicy Tuna Roll

Jennifer ordered the Specialty Salmon with artichoke spread with macaroni and vegetables, paired with a local beer from St. John Brewery.

Coco Maya: A Hidden Gem on Virgin Gorda

Coco Maya was one of the team’s favorite Virgin Gorda restaurants. They commented that the restaurant’s ambiance is captivating. A cozy firepit, purple lighting above the bar, and excellent service all combined to create a memorable experience. The bar area also featured double-seated porch swings hanging from ropes. You can hear waves splashing on the beach from the table and feel a cool breeze. Jennifer said, “Finding this restaurant was like finding a hidden gem within the city.”    

Julia and Jennifer split the Chicken Gyoza and Pork Bao Buns. Julia ordered Spicy Tuna Roll with Caribe beer.

Delicious food in the BVI
Spicy Tuna Roll

Virgin Gorda Restaurant | Nova Restaurant at Oil Nut Bay: Island Chic

Upon arriving at the dock of Nova Restaurant, the team immediately noticed the restaurant’s calming ambiance. The furniture was very modern, simple, and very tastefully done. Lounge chairs overlook the dock area, while a more formal seating area offers beautiful views of the bay. There’s a medium-sized bar where bartenders carefully craft cocktails.

Julia had the spicy tuna roll, which she said may have been the best sushi. It was topped with crispy garlic and garnished with Spiced Kewpie Mayo and Togarashi. (Nova has a dedicated Sushi chef.)

Jennifer had the Beef Carpaccio with Truffle Aioli, Parmesan, and Arugula and a dessert of a Chocolate Pot of Genoise Sponge, Chocolate Mousse, and Caramel.


Hog Heaven Bar & Grill: Awesome Views

Hog Heaven Bar & Grill was a fantastic, casual restaurant with amazing views of the boats in Malone Bay. The restaurant went above and beyond by staying open late just for the team!

Julia had a classic hamburger, which did not disappoint. Christopher, who eats a plant-based diet, was happy to see that they had a veggie burger option.

Jennifer had the Barbeque Chicken, which was sweet and generously sized. The nighttime view from the restaurant was beautiful, with catamaran lights shining in the darkness of the bay below. However, it was slightly chilly due to the breeze. 

Mad Dog Café: After-Baths Cocktails

A fun day at the Baths required the perfect ending, so the CKIM Group team headed to the Mad Dog Café. Although the owner was closing, he saw the team coming and stayed open! He was very friendly and accommodating and made everyone feel at home. He briefly overviewed a hotel in operation until Hurricane Irma (2017).

Julia and Jennifer had a Strawberry Daiquiri, while Chris had the Pina Colada. The Strawberry Daiquiri was refreshing after hiking through the Baths. 

Julia’s Spicy Tuna Roll Review

Julia is a spicy tuna roll aficionado. When comparing the tuna rolls between Chez, Coco Maya, and Nova Restaurant (Oil Nut Bay), Julia said that Coco Maya was her least favorite. Compared to Chez and Nova, it was essential and did not have the spicy kick she usually looks for.

That said, Nova was her favorite spicy tuna roll because of its presentation and the freshness as well as the garnishings; crispy garlic topping, Spiced Kewpie Mayo, and Togarashi.

Chez Bamboo had a nice roll. Despite the delicious incorporation of mango, the presentation was not as extravagant as Nova’s spicy tuna roll.

Dining in Paradise: Virgin Gorda

When on your luxury yacht charter vacation, dine in paradise at these Virgin Gorda restaurants or try other fine establishments on the island. Contact us for more information or to book your charter today.

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