“You Make the Memories, We’ll Make the Arrangements”
catamaran Guiding Light

Virgin Islands yacht rental “Guiding Light” Cooks up Great Meals – FREE OF CHARGE!

Captain (& Cook) Shane loves to prepare delicious meals for his guests on board his sailing catamaran. He will generally cook half the dinners and specialty desserts for guests at No Extra Charge.

Captain prepares the meals.

Captain Shane cooks several popular appetizers, meals, and desserts, and he will come up with new items on request. Celebrating a birthday or anniversary?

Captain Shane will make you a delicious Cake from scratch! How about some homemade Key Lime Pie? That’s no problem for Captain Shane.  Enjoy his special “Drink of the Day” at sunset while you sail the beautiful waters of the British Virgin Islands.

Check out what guests from virgin islands yacht rental Guiding lights have to say:

  • “Captain Shane ensured that my belly was full with homemade bread, tropical fruits, and lest we forget, the famous “Drink of the Day.”- Griffin
  • “As the cherry on the pie, after another wonderful day of snorkeling, hiking, sailing, and sunbathing, we had another delicious meal on board and an even more delicious dessert. Besides being a knowledgeable guide, Shane is a fabulous cook.” – Tanka.
  • “Shane was an excellent tour guide, captain, host, and gourmet chef all rolled into one person. You will adore his baking and cooking if you like to eat good, healthy food. It was a week of excellent dining from start to finish.” – Shanna.

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