Sailboat Rental Virgin Islands for fun in the Sun

Overview of Sailboat Rental Virgin Islands for fun in the Sun sailing. Do you desire to feel the wind in your face and sprinkles of seawater? Then a sailboat rental in the Virgin Islands is to be considered. We will provide you with a brief overview of the Virgin Islands. That is both the British […]

Have Your Ideal Cruise In The British Virgin Islands

We all want to sail and cruise, especially in tropical beauty such as the British Virgin Islands. But how we sail and cruise matters ultimately. You don’t want to sail and cruise just like anybody. We want to do it stylishly and in a very relaxing, comfortable way. We look for that charter that can […]

AUGUST MAVERICK Stress-Free Charters

U.S. Coast Guard Veteran, Two Captains – S/Y August Maverick Stress-Free Charters. Take a former coast guard officer, divemaster, and kid at heart who enjoys sharing his love of the sea. Add an equally capable captain with Greek Isles experience, who’s as happy at the helm as fixing a water pump. Combine these two crew […]