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Scuba diver on SWISH - BVI Scuba Diving

BVI Scuba diving is a unique and unforgettable experience. The British Virgin Islands with green gentle-sloping mountains, white-sand coves, and offshore reefs alive with eye-popping color. The British Virgin Islands is a major tourist destination for water sports enthusiasts around the globe. One can see why since these islands contain more than 62 named dive sites – which cater to all experience levels – providing some of the best diving in the world!

BVI Scuba Diving Charters

For those wanting to see it all and have the freedom to hop from site to site, bare-boating or renting a crewed yacht charter acts as an all-access pass.

Choose a secluded anchorage for a quiet escape or moor at places like the Bitter End Yacht Club on Virgin Gorda, where boaters meet up for happy hours and grilling parties.

BVI Dive Sites

Deep-sea scuba diving off Norman Island is incredible. Angelfish Reef, a more intermediate site, is an excellent spot for finding green sea turtles and dog snappers. Those who dive around the island’s western tip will find canyons and sand chutes where schools of Creole wrasse and goatfish pass through.

For some of the best diving in the world, head to Jost Van Dyke. This island features more advanced sites where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea. At the famous dive site, Playground, this convergence of waters attracts tarpon, eel, crevalle jack, pompano, and other silvery hunters.

Horseshoe Reef, Anegada
Horseshoe Reef, Anegada

The nearby Twin Towers, so named for the dramatic pair of leaning monoliths, is another excellent place to spot Caribbean reef sharks, sleeping nurse sharks, and patrolling barracuda.

For more of the best diving in the world, head to The Chikuzen, a 246-ft-long Korean refrigeration ship. Like an oasis in the desert, this advanced dive site provides shelter for marine life between Virgin Gorda and Anegada. Dozens of schools of fish spill overtop the hull and along the sand around the wreck. This food supply nearly guarantees sightings of eagle rays, barracuda, goliath groupers, and stingrays.

The Dog islands also provide excellent British Virgin Islands diving. These islands are riddled with granite boulders, now overgrown with corals and sponges. An airplane fuselage lies off Great Dog Island at about 30 feet.

Off Cockroach Island, an open-water pinnacle known as The Visibles (best for advanced divers) attracts a wide array of marine life – from turtles to sharks.

Wreck Diving

British Virgin Islands diving will appeal to history buffs and ocean lovers. Between Tortola and Salt Island lies the RMS Rhone, which met its fate in 1867 thanks to a late-season hurricane. A collision with Black Rock Point, coupled with exploding boilers, cleaved the vessel in two and created a wide field of debris. Despite this, the two halves remain relatively intact and can be enjoyed even by beginner divers on most days.

Divers can penetrate the wrecks hull, home to lobsters, angelfish, eels, and other marine life that have grown to cartoonish proportions, mainly due to the site’s protected status as a marine park.

Recommended BVI Crewed Catamaran Dive Charter - wreck of the Rhone
Scuba diving in the BVI

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