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St Lucia beach area
St Lucia

You will be drawn to St Lucia’s iconic Pitons during your St Lucia Yacht-Charter Vacation. They are a pair of volcanic spires that vault upward from the Caribbean Sea. And indeed define, this region is a romantic destination for travelers worldwide. While the trademark vistas that surround the Pitons are the most memorable. St Lucia does deliver robust and varied scenery as well. Indeed, the island looks the way the Caribbean is supposed to look. Castries, the capital and largest city on the island, is also a port of call for cruise ships.

Sailing toward St. Lucia’s southernmost coast, you will be reminded of the dense, green islands of the South Pacific. Lush tropical jungle stretches across much of this Windward Isle. It is set between the islands of Martinique and St. Vincent. Particularly explore the Tet Paul Nature Trail and the Pitons. Then soak in the mineral baths in Soufrière. Be sure to zipline through the tropical rainforest. Dolphins actually reside here year-round. Humpback whales migrate past St Lucia from January to April. While leatherback turtles nest from March through August.

Consider combining your St Lucia Yacht Charter Vacation with a stay at one of the many fantastic luxury resorts and villas.


The best time to visit Saint Lucia is between January and May when the weather is driest. Temperatures are pleasantly warm year-round. Average highs range from 82°F to 90°F. However, it can be significantly cooler up in the mountains than at sea level. From June to December, you will experience the rainy season. But rain usually only comes down in brief bursts that do not last long. In addition, the rainforests and mountainous regions experience more rainfall than the coastal regions.

Places to See on your St Lucia Yacht-Charter Vacation

Whether you’re exploring dazzling coastlines or scenic volcanic peaks while on your St Lucia Yacht-Charter Vacation, this island paradise offers something for travelers of all kinds. Above all, St Lucia, secluded mountain coves, and historical plantations will capture your heart.

  • The Pitons – The perfect way to start exploring St Lucia. Ask the captain of your St Lucia Yacht Charter to sail around them for the perfect Instagram photo. Or you can hike around them while enjoying colorful plants and animals. The Pitons, Petit, and Gros Piton were created by volcanic activity about 200-300 000 years ago. These two dormant volcanos reach a height of about 2500 feet.
  • Soufrière – Established in 1745 and carefully guarded by the Pitons. This colorful fishing village has an intriguing history. Josephine, the wife of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, was born here in 1763. During the French Revolution, the town square was the location of a guillotine. This vibrant fishing village offers the most panoramic view of the two peaks. Even more though from the Tet Paul Nature Trail. 
  • Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens – A splendid way to spend a couple of hours. This 6-acre attraction will delight you with vibrant foliage in addition to the waterfall. Dip in the mineral baths and dine at the Old Mill & Waterwheel Restaurant.
  • Castries – the capital of St Lucia, a major naval and cruise ship port. It is home to about 60 000 inhabitants. Walk up the hill to Morne Fortuné, a mountain overlooking the harbor. It used to be an important military base during British island control. The view from “Good Luck Hill” over Castries and the harbor are stunning. On a clear day, you will see Martinique.

More Places to See in St Lucia

  • Marigot Bay – This picturesque bay has been used for background shots in many Hollywood films. For example, Dr. Doolittle. Marigot Bay is located southwest of Castries. One of the best beaches in St Lucia, you will find a wide range of accommodations, restaurants, and bars. Complete with swaying palm trees and picturesque anchored boats. It is said that the British sheltered their fleet here from the French. In this perfectly sheltered harbor, by covering the boats with palm fonds.
  • Pigeon Island – A National Park of St Lucia. Here, you can combine history and nature. It is connected to the main island by a causeway. Jambe de Bois, the famous pirate with the peg leg, created a camp on Pigeon Island. Climb around the ruins of Fort Rodney. Here stand next to the cannons. Now you can experience how it felt guarding the island in the late 1700s. Then enjoy beautiful panoramic views.
  • Sulphur Springs Park– the only “drive-in volcano” in the Caribbean. You can safely drive right by an active volcano. Mount Soufrière is the most active geothermal area in the Lesser Antilles. Soufrière is the French name for sulfur. The road traverses right at the edge of the almost 900 feet crater. Making it possible to drive in a volcano. A genuinely unique experience indeed. But please do remember that Mount Soufrière emits sulfuric steam instead of lava. So cover your nose. You can view the bubbling pools from the observation platform. Finally, soak in warm mud pools visitors can bathe. Claiming rejuvenating properties.

Things to Do on your St Lucia Yacht-Charter Vacation

  • Snorkeling and Diving – The Anse Chastanet Reef is located right off the Anse Chastanet Beach. It is one of the best snorkeling and diving locations on the island. This shallow reef is even perfect for the beginning snorkeler. The plateau of the reef has been buoyed off to provide the most snorkeling safety. At the end of the plateau, divers will find a stunning solid wall of mixed coral. Here the reef falls away from 20 to about 140 feet. The Anse Chastanet Reef is home to more than 150 different fish, like colorful parrot and trumpet fish. Underwater photographers will delight in this reef.
enjoy SNORKELING while on st lucia yacht-charter vacation
Snorkeling – Photo credit: Maja-Novak on Unsplash
  • Hiking – Hike the Tet Paul Nature Trail. It winds through a tropical forest in St. Lucia’s World Heritage Piton’s Management Area. It will take approximately 45 minutes to hike this trail. The view is breathtaking. On a clear day, you can see Martinique and St. Vincent. Hike the Pitons. Another popular way to spend the day on your St Lucia yacht Charter. Locals caution against hiking Petit Piton unless you are an experienced climber. The trail is very steep. Even though hiking the Gros Piton is still a strenuous adventure.
  • St Lucia Beaches – With such a picturesque coastline, St Lucia is perfect for beach lovers. White, gold, and even black beaches allow you to relax and enjoy the Caribbean sun. Reduit, one of the busiest and most loved, provides ample water sports activities. Veggie Beach is waiting for the visitor looking for serenity. Moreover, if you want to see a volcanic black sand beach, head to Anse Chastanet. Indeed a picturesque and more peaceful alternative to Reduit on the southwest coast.

More Things to Do in St Lucia Yacht-Charter Vacation

  • Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC)– This event would be for you since you enjoy your vacation on a chartered yacht. This is an annual transatlantic sailing competition for racer and cruiser yachts. It commences at the end of November in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. And ends at the IGY Marina, Rodney Bay, in early December. The ARC is indeed the largest transoceanic sailing event in the world. Attracting regularly over 200 yachts from all over the world. A variety of events add to the allure.
  • Saint Lucia Carnival – Carnival is an iconic celebration of Caribbean history, culture, and unique creativity. If you are in St Lucia in late July, you do not want to miss this kaleidoscopic event. Of course, steel pan and calypso competitions. And street parties with live bands and DJ music. As well as the most vividly colored Carnival costumes that will leave you with lifelong memories. St Lucia Carnival is recognized as one of the top Carnivals in the Caribbean.
  • Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival – The premier jazz festival in the Caribbean. It is produced in collaboration with ‘Jazz at Lincoln Center”. The most distinguished names in modern jazz performances throughout the island in May. Taking place in open-air public settings on Pigeon Island and in intimate venues.
  • Mercury Fest – Indeed, the ultimate in beach parties, occurring in August. Thousands of visitors arrive for the two-day beach party at Pigeon Island beach. This upscale event focuses on creating a unique beach party.
  • I look forward to outstanding international and local entertainment. Then dance all night, eat delicious local food and drink regional cocktails.

Gastronomy Highlights

Saint Lucia is easygoing. With a dress code that is relaxed, comfortable, and chic. Finally, try some of the unique local dishes. It will make your experience on your St Lucia Yacht Charter much more memorable. Let the locals share their favorite foods and restaurants with you. St Lucian cuisine combines French, Creole, and West Indian dishes. While fish is an intelligent option, pork and chicken are also special items. In effect, Lucians love to eat.

Local Specialties

  • Green figs and saltfish -The national dish of Saint Lucia. Green bananas (figs) and salted codfish.
  • St Lucia Lambi – Conch in flavorful sauces with vegetables. Found in general at street parties on weekends.
  • Bouyon – Red bean soup with meat and vegetables.


  • Jade Mountain ClubSoufrière Dine on local cuisine, Caribbean, and seafood. Then be mesmerized by the iconic view of both the Petit and Gros Piton. They are towering above the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. An excellent place for a romantic lunch, dinner, or sunset drinks. Entertainment in the evenings.
  • Pink Plantation House – Castries. Impeccable Caribbean seafood. View Castries harbor while you sit on a porch high over the ocean, amongst palms and mango trees. On a clear day, Martinique is visible.
  • Liz Roti – Rodney Bay. Authentic Caribbean food. Chicken, beef, shrimp, and vegetarian rotis. Also, various curries, and how about a mango or coconut cake for dessert?
  • Rainforest Hideaway – Take a ferryboat ride from Castries to this open-air restaurant in Marigot Bay. A tropical setting. With dockside tables around an illuminated lagoon in the evening. Gourmet Caribbean fusion dishes like chili-infused shrimp or scallops with lime-ginger cream.

Marinas and Anchorages on St Lucia Yacht-Charter Vacation

Saint Lucia remains one of the most popular destinations for the ultimate yachting vacation. Ports of Entry for arrivals by yacht are Rodney Bay and Marigot Bay. In addition to Soufrière, Castries and Vieux Fort. The island is home to two marinas. IGY Rodney Bay Marina and the Marina at Marigot Bay. These are the preferred and most convenient ports of entry.


  • Rodney Bay Marina – First-class marina located near the northern tip of St Lucia. Complete facilities, including Customs and Immigration office. Two hundred fifty-three total berths, 32 for mega yachts. Max length – 285 feet, max draft – 13 feet. Full-service boatyard and dry-dock capacity for 120 boats. Recreation areas and stores in addition to high-quality yacht provisioning. Furthermore, restaurants offer exquisite cuisine. Luxury concierge service in addition to duty-free fuel. Also, the destination for the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC).
  • Capella Marina at Marigot Bay – Located 20 minutes north of Soufrière. On the west coast in one of the best-sheltered bays in the Caribbean. This 40 berths marina is an official port of entry with a customs and immigration office. Rainforest-covered hills surround this beautiful bay. Explicitly frequented by superyachts and other luxury vessels. Overall with ample opportunity for provisioning. And duty-free fuel, impeccable service, and well-stocked stores. Many restaurants, bars, boutique hotels, and resorts are waiting to serve you delicious local cuisine. Or instead, opt for an exquisite meal prepared by the talented chef on your beautiful chartered yacht.

Anchorages for St Lucia Yacht-Charter Vacation

  • St Lucia’s Marine Parks offer well-maintained moorings. Especially along the western shore and the area of Soufrière and the Pitons, you will anchor in the most beautiful settings. No viable anchorages are located on the eastern coast of St Lucia.
  • You will find several anchorages along the leeward coast, south of Marigot Bay to Soufrière. But they can only be used during the daytime.
  • Laborie Bay – Located a couple of miles north of Vieux Fort Bay. You will find the small harbor of Laborie Bay with some good anchorages.
  • Vieux Fort Bay – Anchorages are located south of the commercial dock. Customs is located at the head of the large commercial dock. Immigration is based at the airport.

St. Lucia is open for tourism.

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