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The following St Lucia Yacht Charter Information is helpful to anyone planning a trip there. If chartering a yacht to St Lucia, your yacht charter broker will review all the details of your trip with you and ensure you are fully prepared.

Getting There

St. Lucia is a beautiful island. You can find the right vacation spot once you arrive. However, getting to this island leaves travelers with plenty of options.

Entry to St Lucia is generally accessible through popular airlines. Whether you enter the northern George Charles (Vigie) Airport, located near Castries, or the Hewanorra International Airport in the south, you’ll have to make your way to your final destination. 

Some fly via helicopter from Hewanorra to Castries, while others take a private car and driver. Those who want to make their travel an adventure, or an island-hopping experience, can fly into nearby islands, like Martinique, and catch a ferry to St. Lucia.

Those who want to turn their travel into a vacation can also choose a sea-based route. You can set your course when visiting St. Lucia by yacht. There are several ports of entry around the island, so vacationers can customize their arrival and departure.

BVI SAIL / CKIM Group can arrange a yacht charter vacation for you. Before booking your trip, discussing your St Lucia yacht charter information and sailing itinerary is necessary. Your yacht broker and captain will do all the briefing and prepare everything you need for your lifetime vacation. 

No matter how you reach St. Lucia, you’re sure to find a tropical paradise when you arrive.

St Lucia Yacht Charter Information | Basic Details

  • Currency: Legal tender in St. Lucia is the Eastern Caribbean dollar (EC), but US dollars are widely accepted.
  • Driving: Driving in St. Lucia is on the left.
  • Entry Requirements: Entry requirements vary for each destination; it is your responsibility to verify you have the correct documents prior to travel. A valid passport is required for travel to St. Lucia.
  • Language: The official language of St. Lucia is English, but many residents speak a local patois heavily infused with French.
  • Time Zone: St. Lucia is on Atlantic Standard Time, one hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time and four hours behind Greenwich Mean Time.

Marinas | St Lucia Yacht Charter Information

St Lucia is the perfect place to start your yacht charter inspiration. The stunning island offers travelers awe-inspiring sceneries, crystal clear waters, and endless water activities.

Read on for more information on the best marinas in St Lucia.

Rodney Bay Marina

Rodney Bay Marina in St Lucia offers excellent facilities for yacht docking and easy access to nearby beaches and bars. Its convenient location and amenities make it an ideal spot for a St Lucia yacht charter vacation.

Marigot Bay

Marigot Bay in St Lucia is a safe and popular destination for yacht charters, with a large marina that can accommodate even the biggest yachts. Its protected location and proximity to the best of St Lucia make it an ideal starting point for your yacht charter adventure.

St Lucia Yacht Charter Information | Sample Itinerary

When planning your island getaway, studying different sailing options is important. Your charter brokerage company can provide complete St Lucia yacht charter information to help customize your plans. 

Here are some sample itineraries:

St Lucia 7-day Local Itinerary

1st day – Marigot Bay

  • secluded anchorage
  • specialty stores for shopping
  • try French, Creole, and Caribbean cuisine while watching the beautiful sunset
  • Explore underwater activities

2nd day – Anse Cochon

  • head to Anse Cochon to see some shipwrecks
  • snorkel and witness abundant marine life
  • relax on the beach
  • stroll and enjoy the scenery

3rd day – Anse Chastanet

  • Sail to Anse Chastanet and anchor on a small jetty in the bay
  • Explore the Pitons
  • Snorkel and see various colorful fish

4th day – Pitons Bay

  • Explore the majestic Twin Pitons
  • Check out dormant volcanoes up close
  • Gros Piton is known for its underwater scenery

5th day – Malgretoute Bay

  • Go to Soufriere, a picture-perfect, scenic wonderland.
  • Take in the sights of the Pitons, two towering volcanic plugs that dominate the skyline.
  • Climb to the top of Gros Piton for an unforgettable experience.

6th day – Sailing Day

  • Go fishing, swim, and enjoy the stunning view from the deck of your private yacht.
  • Spot some dolphins or turtles while anchored around the island.
  • Go on sunset sailing while going back to Anse Cochon.

7th day – Pigeon Island

  • Visit the National Park at Pigeon Island.
  • Check out, Fort Rodney.
  • Enjoy white sand beaches.
Overlooking St Lucia Marigot Bay - St Lucia Yacht Charter Information
St Lucia Marigot Bay

St Lucia to the Grenadines 7- day Itinerary

1st day– The Pitons

  • Visit this UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Cruise along the coast of St Lucia to witness a dramatic landscape that never fails to impress cruisers. 
  • Soufriére is home to a dormant volcano and a highlight of yachting.

2nd day – Bequia

  • Take a short sail to anchor in Admiralty Bay
  • Explore the charming island village of Port Elizabeth
  • Discover shops, boutiques, food markets, bookstores, and several bars and restaurants.
  • Go hiking, snorkeling, and diving.
  • Witness boatbuilding around the harbor.

3rd day – Tobago Cays

  • Visit Tobago Cays, the jewels of Tobago Cays Marine Park.
  • Horseshoe Reef nearly encircles the area and is perfect for snorkeling.
  • Petit Tabac has a pristine beach that should not be missed.

4th day – Salt Whistle Bay, Mayreau, Tobago Cays

  • Anchor off the beautiful white sand beaches of Salt Whistle Bay on the northern tip of Mayreau
  • Anchoring is free of charge and is a favorite swimming and beachcombing spot for many charterers.
  • The Tobago Cays are world-famous for their pristine turquoise waters. They are a top snorkeling and diving destination in the Caribbean.

5th day – Mustique

  • Sail to the tiny island of Petit Nevis, home to celebrities, business magnates, and other luxury travelers.
  • Mustique is an exclusive private island home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean.

6th day – Kearton’s Bay, St. Vincent

  • See beautiful places like Keartons Bay. It has some great restaurants like Rock Side Cafe.
  • A charming hidden hideaway with black sand beaches excellent for swimming, snorkeling and kayaking or paddle boarding.

7th day – Marigot Bay

  • Marigot Bay is a secluded area for boaters who only want peace and quiet. 
  • There are specialty shops and boutiques in the nearby marina village.
  • Visitors can also choose from seafood, barbecues to cocktails as they explore this anchorage.
  • After some water activities, you can swim or sunbathe in the island’s crystal clear waters.

Sailing from St Lucia to Union Island Sample Itinerary

  • From Soufriere, stop at St Vincent for lunch and snorkeling.
  • Enjoy a nice view of Young Island while Blue Lagoon is just a walking distance.
  • Pass by the Bequia Admiralty Bay and spend more beach time at Mustique.
  • Spend the highlight of your cruise at Tobago Cays, where travelers can find the premier snorkeling and diving sites. 
  • Enjoy the afternoon and evening at Chatham Bay, stopping by a few beach bars like Sekki’s Sunset Beach Bar.
  • Head to Petit Martinique for your private crew to replenish supplies (water, alcohol, ice, and more). 
  • Enjoy a pleasant sail across Union Island, part of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
  • Arrive in Clifton Harbour, Union Island, a bustling small port.
  • While docked, you can also try to hike and bike on the roads and trails.

St. Lucia to Grenada 10-day Sample Itinerary

1st to 3rd day – from St Lucia to Bequia

  • Start with a briefing and orientation at Soufriere in St Lucia.
  • Then, set sail early to enjoy a nice view of Petit Bayhaut at St Vincent.
  • You’ll find restaurants lined up at the shore. And you can even barhop to your heart’s content. 
  • Let your private crew take you to Bequia’s main harbor, a fishing and boatbuilding center.
  • In this area, you can enjoy the gorgeous beaches on the southern side of Bequia.

4th to 6th day – Mustique, Tobago Cays, Chatham Bay

  • Stop for lunch and some beach bumming time at the tiny island of Petit Nevis in Mustique. It’s an exclusive place frequented by the rich and royals. 
  • Pass by some parts of what is considered a Marine Park jewel, the five deserted isles of Tobago Cays.
  • You can spend time snorkeling and diving at the protected Horseshoe Reef, Petit Tabac, and the premier water exploration sites in the entire Winward island chain.
  • While anchored at Chatham Bay, you can swim, chill by the beach, snorkel, and explore some bars and restaurants.

7th to 9th day – Petit Martinique, Union Island, Carriacou

  • Cruise to Petit Martinique, Grenada’s most famous island. Its plywood speedboats and world-class snorkeling sites, Fota and Petit Dominique are famous.
  • Another unique underwater attraction is Mopion, which is surrounded by colorful reefs. 
  • Then, tourists can head to Union Island, part of St Vincent and the Grenadines, to enjoy a pleasant sail across Union Island.
  • Finally, stop at the charming Happy Island, made entirely from conch shells. 
  • Head over to Carriacou, the town of Hillsborough, built on a beautiful beach. The area offers a charming seaside dining experience along with some local culture. 
  • Travelers can visit one of the rum shops or watch locals build boats.
  • In addition, Tyrrel Bay is the highlight of this leg, where you can stop by Sandy Island for lunch which is excellent for snorkeling, sunbathing, beach bumming, or just chilling out. 

10th day – Grenada

  • Pass by the underwater volcano of Kick-Em Jenny. It is a must-see for any visitor to the island.
  • Another hidden gem is Dragon’s Bay on the south coast of Grenada.
  • The bay offers some of the best snorkeling sites and is also home to Grenada’s most beautiful beaches.
  • If you’ve decided to grab lunch on the way, Prickly Bay is a well-known anchorage.
  • It also offers you a chance to explore the island, learn about its history and culture, and enjoy some of the best food in the Caribbean.

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