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Encompass body, mind, and soul

Enjoy healthy meals, relaxing massages, and exercises for the body and soul combined with the beauty of the British Virgin Islands on one of our luxury Wellness Yacht Charters. Select a charter on-board a crewed sailing catamaran, power catamaran, monohull sailboat, or motor-yacht. The choice is yours.

Wellness Yacht Charter | Yacht Types

Embracing health and wellness while vacationing in the lap of luxury is within your reach. Available on catamarans, sailboats, and motor yachts, your luxury yacht charter would be customized for you based on the experiences you wish to enjoy. A yoga yacht charter would provide you with private Yoga or Pilates training as you sail through the Caribbean waters.

Or, how about spa services such as a relaxing massage on deck as you listen to the sounds of soft waters lap the hull of your yacht and feel the warm Caribbean sunshine on your back. All are possible options with one of our wellness yacht charters.

We will coordinate the planning of your charter from your departure, to your destination, and back home again.

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You make the memories. We’ll make the arrangements.