“You Make the Memories, We’ll Make the Arrangements”
Sea Boss

Sea Boss Health and Wellness Yacht Charter. M/Y Sea Boss is a 60-foot power catamaran. She spends the summer and winter seasons in the British and US Virgin Islands. SEA BOSS features three ensuite cabins and can accommodate up to 6 guests. Nathan and Laura run Sea Boss and offer a unique health and wellness yachting experience. Sea Boss’s crew wrote in to explain exactly what their health and wellness charter focuses on.

Why book a charter catering to Health and Wellness?

Captain Nathan and Stewardess Laura onboard Motor Yacht Sea Boss
Nathan and Laura onboard M/Y Sea Boss.

Onboard Sea Boss, we often get families or groups of people who vacation a lot. While they want luxury, all-inclusive service, sometimes they also want to maintain their healthy lifestyles.

For those who are lucky enough, traveling and vacations are not just a once-a-year thing. For people who fall into this category, that often means that they don’t want to overindulge too much while they are on board.

These people often ask me to cut down on portion sizes or adhere to certain dietary restrictions. Sometimes they ask me to adapt the charter for an early morning run each day.

In the last few years, it has started to become popular to book a vacation where the focus of the vacation is to get fit and healthy or to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes these vacations are called “health and wellness/fitness retreats“.

In this case, guests are signing up for a vacation that relies on trainers and experts to ensure a certain level of activity and discipline is achieved.

Nathan and Laura returned home to the UK and are operators of bespoke Cottage Vacation Experience. You can enjoy Laura’s exquisite cooking and Nathan’s attention to detail and service there.

Motor Yacht Sea Boss at sea
Sea Boss

That’s why we offer Sea Boss Health and Wellness Yacht Charter

We are lucky that we can offer health and wellness-style vacations on Sea Boss. While guests can still enjoy the beaches, entertainment, snorkeling, and gourmet food that surrounds them.

Guests can relax knowing that every meal is purposefully healthful. We provide the highest quality of fresh foods available. And each meal can be adapted to specific dietary requirements when necessary.

With regards to exercise and activity, the beauty is incorporating as much exercise within fun activities: Paddleboarding, snorkeling adventures, hiking, beach Pilates, or even learning a new sport like kiteboarding or surfing.

For guests who are more interested in structured exercise, there is an exercise bike and other fitness equipment on Sea Boss that Laura can coach them on using while on their Health and Wellness Yacht Charter.

Sea Boss’s experienced crew will take care of you.

Motor Yacht Sea Boss at anchor
M/Y Sea Boss at anchor.

The crew will not only provide an all-inclusive experience of healthy meals, cocktails, and snacks every day, but they will also guide guests through their activities. We want to motivate the guests every step of the way and make it ultra-fun.

Captain Nathan will design an itinerary based on guests’ interests, requests, and some of his inside knowledge of the area and activities available. The best thing about this type of vacation is that it can still be very bespoke and entirely dependent on the desires of each group. While guests are maintaining their healthy lifestyle and maybe even aiming to increase their fitness level, they will also have the absolute time of their lives.

The only requirement to book this type of vacation is that the entire group commits to health and wellness. This can be difficult for family holidays, so we recommend a charter like this to a group of individuals above the age of 18.

There is no additional cost for a Sea Boss health and wellness charter.

Health and Wellness meal, lobster, grilled corn on yacht charter Sea Boss
You don’t have to sacrifice taste when it comes to eating healthy.

Our health and wellness charters do not cost more than a regular charter, even though we provide our health and fitness expertise in addition to our usual charter experience.

Laura is not only a very experienced yacht chef, but she has a BTEC National Diploma in sports science. This gives her a vast knowledge of the human body, nutrition, and the effects of exercise. She is qualified in many types of group exercises and is also a qualified personal trainer.  Her experience and qualifications in the industry also extend to GP Referral and back pain work.

She enjoys creating, cooking, and making healthy recipes and alternatives to all sorts of food. She loves to share this with her guests, who appreciate clean, nutritious, and healthy eating.

Not for the faint-hearted.

Paddle boarding for health and wellness while on Sea Boss
You can enjoy all sorts of physical activities while enjoying a relaxing vacation.

This charter is not for the faint-hearted. Groups of people want to stay fit or get fit and take care of their health. In addition, their bodies, while enjoying great fresh and healthy food. AND have a fantastic charter experience in the British Virgin Islands. Check out another Wellness Article.

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