“You Make the Memories, We’ll Make the Arrangements”
Plant-Based Lunch on board King's Ransom

Exclusive Interview with Vegan Environmentalist Suzy Amis-Cameron on why she and her husband maintain a plant-based diet.

Former model and actress Suzy Amis-Cameron — as any avid Ecorazzi reader knows — has since 2012 been embracing a plant-based diet. Alongside her famous filmmaker husband James Cameron, the pair has become very vocal with their vegan advocacy, touting not only the personal health and beauty benefits but also — and especially — the planet-positive effects.

“My whole focus now, when I have extra bandwidth, is spent bringing more awareness around livestock production and the environment. I feel like it’s my mission,” Amis-Cameron said during our interview. “When you get me started on this stuff, I won’t be quiet.”

Learn more about healthy Yacht Charter Cuisine, including charters with a plant-based diet option.

More of the chefs of the crewed yachts we offer are well versed in catering to plant-based cuisine guests. One of the yachts Bel Ami a sailboat that specializes in plant-based cuisine charters. Captain Dave enjoys plant-based cuisine and makes delicious smoothies for guests while on charter.

King’s Ransom a luxury 76ft catamaran delighted us with a plant-based lunch during one of the yacht shows. Here is a picture.  Chef Nikki is incredible!

Plant-Based Lunch on board King's Ransom
Vegan Lunch on Kings Ransom

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