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Full view of BVI Catamaran Yacht Charter MANNA

Grenadines Catamaran Yacht Charter MANNA, The 53ft Royal Cape MANNA, is currently available for charters in the Grenadines.

 S/V Manna was commissioned in 2013 to be built by Royal Cape Catamarans in Durban, SA. Royal Capes are known for maximizing every inch of space to ensure you are always comfortable while on charter. Plenty of space and smartly designed to sleep up to 8 guests.

grenadines catamaran yacht charter manna - alfresco dining area
BVI Catamaran Manna

MANNA provides the perfect venue for soaking up the Caribbean sunshine and culture. Perfect weather year-round, almost constant Trade Winds, gorgeous watercolors, lush islands, peaceful anchorages, plentiful coral reefs, and soft white sand on the beaches – all spell out the conditions for a yachting paradise.

Grenadines catamaran yacht charter Manna is loaded with water toys for kids of all ages, including ten people floating island, four paddle boards, a 3-person rigid kayak, water skis, two sub-wings, and a 3-person tube.

Grenadines catamaran yacht charter Manna can accommodate up to 8 guests in 4 luxury en-suite cabins. The Grenadines is one of the Luxury Yacht Charter Destinations you can experience on Manna.. She offers an incredible amount of headroom and A/C throughout. Read about MANNA in the BVI

grenadines catamaran yacht charter manna - whole view of the boat
MANNA – Catamaran

Inclusive Rates:

  • Two guests at $16,000/week
  • Three guests at $17,250/week
  • Four guests at $18,000/week
  • Five guests at $19,250/week
  • Six guests at $20,000/week
  • Seven guests at $21,500/week
  • Eight guests at $22,500/week

Captain Wayne and Chef Emily are exceptional hosts with a professional but fun attitude and many stories to share…

Crew Profiles

“Captain” Wayne and “Chef” Emily Keese are both originally from Texas. They met skydiving in the late 1990s and have always led an incredibly adventurous life together.

Wayne began his adventurous lifestyle at the age of 16 when he found the love of flying an airplane. He joined the Army at the age of 17 and became part of an airborne unit which sparked his desire to skydive professionally. He later pursued his instructor’s ratings and began Eagle Flight Skydiving in Granbury, Texas to share the sport with others.

Emily pursued a career as a pharmacist. As a way of giving back, Emily volunteers, working with groups like Open Arms International in Eldoret, Kenya, and Outreach organizations on the Amazon River assisting with the needed medical camps.


“Where do I begin to express our thankfulness for the opportunity to celebrate my 60th birthday aboard your awesome home “The Manna”? This is truly one vacation that I will remember for many years to come. Being on board with my husband, children and best friends have truly been a blessing. This awesome experience would not have been possible without the hospitality of you two. You willingly gave up your cabin for us and treated us royally. Those pleasant dispositions you have!

Emily, every meal was a hit. You really went all out! Wayne, no request was denied. You are a 1st Class Captain. We loved your giving spirit and willingness to please. God is good for providing such beautiful scenery for us to enjoy. From sun up to sundown, his majesty surrounded us. After being on “The Manna”, it’s hard to return to New Orleans and everyday life. No doubt memories of this time will sneak into my mind and cause me to think of you two and I will smile. Love you guys!

We’d love for you to experience Grenadines catamaran yacht charter MANNA.

MANNA supports a Charitable Foundation that funds projects in Haiti and Missionaries.

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