“You Make the Memories, We’ll Make the Arrangements”
family on vacation

Family vacations are great. Really, truly great. If all they accomplish is getting you and the kids away from the daily grind for a little while, mission accomplished. That being said, there are some ways of travelling as a family that are better than others.  Take a crewed family yacht charter vacation for your next family adventure and you will not be disappointed! 

On Marmot your family can enjoy water skiing, tubing, and snorkelling together while on a private luxury yacht. Marmot is spacious enough below that it won’t feel cramped, while there is plenty of room to hang out above the deck. 

And remember, a crewed charter is a completely customized dream vacation; the crew will make their menus and schedules based on what your likes and desires.

We recommend sailing the catamaran Marmot for your next family yacht charter.  “Marmot” loves families and has lots of activities for all children and adults of all ages.

“Marmot” has wakeboards, water skis, multiple tubes for water sports, and kites and toys for the beach. Also, Chef Jalene enjoys making fun meals for smaller kids

“Marmot” still has room on their summer calendar and would love to show you the best the BVI has to offer…”Marmot” E-Brochure

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