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If you’re looking for something a little different to do on your next BVI Yacht Charter vacation, we’ve compiled a list of 5 unique family activities to try. Some of these activities may require advance planning with your crew but the memories you make will be well worth the effort!

1. Geocaching

Geocaching is an outdoor scavenger or treasure hunt that uses GPS coordinates, and sometimes additional clues, to help participants find geocaches that are hidden all over the world. For this extremely family-friendly activity, you search for caches that contain a logbook, a pencil, and sometimes a small trinket. Download the geocache app on your phone then follow clues to find the cache. Once you’ve found it, record your name and the date you found it. Take the trinket and leave one of equal or greater value. Small plastic toys, buttons, pins, coins, or other objects are good.

This is an activity that you can enjoy once you arrive home as well.

Geocaching container, 5 Unique Family Charter-Activities

For the scuba diver, there are even geocaches under the sea! Of course, the logbook and pen are waterproof.  According to the current map of St. Croix USVI, there are 26 geocaches of varying sizes and diverse locations; some are deep underwater or accessible only by boat.

2. Golfing

Even if your itinerary does not include a golf course, you can still hit a few balls. Putt from the deck and try to get a hole-in one in a floating tube. Biodegradable golf balls are the way to go with this activity. Preplanning is required to make sure you have a few clubs and the special golf balls in advance.

3. Pirate for a Day

Have a treasure hunt. The Captain or crew buries “treasure” on an island or beach and creates a “map” to find it. The younger children will be amazed when they find the treasure. Older children may catch on to the game but will still enjoy the hunt and treasure at the end. For that matter, even adults may enjoy this game where the treasure is customized for them. Make a day of the pirate theme with Pirate-themed meals, fake tattoos, and pretend eye patches and swords. There are just so many unique family charter activities to do!

4. Games in the Shade

After a few days of water sports and outdoor activities, the kids (and you) might like a break from the hot Caribbean sun.

Uno cards
Card games in the shade.

During the hottest part of the day (noon-3 pm) make time for an afternoon inside the air-conditioned boat. Most yachts have a variety of board games suitable for all ages. You might want to discuss what they have during a pre-planning Zoom or phone meeting with the Captain. In addition to playing board games, you and your children may also enjoy making your own pizzas and having a movie marathon. These activities also work well on a rare rainy day.

5. Hermit Crab Races | 5 Unique Family Charter Activities

For the competitive family, you might want to organize a hermit crab race. This activity has more of a fan following than you might think. In fact, there’s a special event called CrabCon, an International hermit crab conference and adoption event.

hermit crab racing, 5 Unique Family Charter-Activities
Hermit Crab

For this activity, first, find at least two hermit crabs. The best places to locate these little critters are along the shoreline, in tide pools, and under rocks. Next, give your crab a name. Be creative! You could stick with ocean-themed names such as Crabby or Salty, or go for speedy names such as Flash, Zap, or Dazzle. Last, set up a racecourse in the sand. You can make it a traditional straight course with a start and finish line, or a circular course. For the circular course, the crabs all start in the center. The crab that reaches the outside of the circle first is the winner.

Family Friendly Yachts | 5 Unique Family Charter Activities

These 5 unique family charter activities are just a few of the many experiences you can enjoy on your vacation. Let us match you with the perfect yacht and crew for you and your family. Two family-friendly yachts are:

  • ZINGARA has a young, energetic crew. This yacht has family-friendly amenities such as a PlayStation 3, lots of games, an Apple TV in each cabin, and unlimited High-Speed Wifi for use while in the BVI. The yacht has 5 cabins to accommodate 10 guests.
  • TRANQUILITY is a 76-foot Matrix catamaran that accommodates 12 guests in 6 cabins. This yacht has a fun crew, lots of water toys and beach games, and a huge aft platform between the hulls creates a “resort shelf” on the yacht where you can sit in 6 inches of water while at sea.
  • And for another excellently reviewed BVI Catamaran Charter check out our page on PORT TO VINO!
  • Catamaran Elysium also offers Kids Sail for FREE in the British Virgin Islands.

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