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Yoga on the beach

Wellness Yacht Charter: Many people seek spa vacations as a way to unwind, cleanse, and meditate. They are often used as a way to completely relax or as a starting point for a new way of eating or living. If you’ve ever experienced this type of wellness travel, you’ve no doubt returned feeling as though you’ve just done something good for yourself.

Leisure travel is something you’re familiar with, too. Most vacations can fall under this category, from sightseeing treks, cruises, and international travel, getting away from the daily grind is something we all try to do on vacation. But maybe you, like many people, have categorized wellness travel separately from leisure travel.

In this day and age, where hybrids are the norm from flowers to fruit to cars, a hybrid vacation of wellness and leisure comes together on a wellness yacht charter as beautifully as a fine marriage. There are many options available to you when you decide to take a wellness yacht charter. Several yachts offer a range of wellness programs and activities to enhance what will already be an amazing vacation.

Yoga on the beach
Yoga on the beach

Wellness Yacht Charter Programs and Activities

If you want to mix some zen into your zip, M/Y Live the Moment offers a complete wellness program combined with your yacht charter vacation. Learn from Samar Saba and Paulo Fernandes, co-founders of Wellness and Beyond, as they incorporate an acidity-neutralizing diet into your dream Caribbean vacation. You will still have ample time to explore the BVI between guided meditation sessions created to balance the mind. The rejuvenated feeling you bring home with you will be second only to the information you’ve gleaned from the experience. Greet the Caribbean day with sun salutations as you combine yoga practice with your yacht charter vacation.

First-timers and regular yogis alike are welcome. No matter where you are on the yoga spectrum, your yoga instructor will incorporate your practice into your vacation. For more on yoga while on charter, click here. Maybe you, like so many of us, are trying to eat healthier. You may be on a plant-based diet, a whole foods diet, or maybe you’re excluding something like gluten or dairy. Most chefs on yacht charters have years of experience catering to different dietary restrictions, and many have specific diets themselves. They enjoy presenting you with healthy meals that adhere to your preferences yet lack nothing in terms of flavor.

 Something for Everyone

One of the best things about a wellness yacht charter is that they are for both men and women alike. Many crews on yacht charters have diverse backgrounds and can offer you the blend of experiences you’re looking for. Trained sommeliers, masseuses, and whole-food chefs are just some of the options available to you as you plan your wellness charter. Let us help find the right crew and charter yacht for you.

Sea Boss the power catamaran and other crews like Chef Audrey on Mystic Soul can cater to healthy diets.

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