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Top 10 Amazing Snorkeling Spots in the BVI

The British Virgin Islands are home to some of the world’s most beautiful and pristine natural wonders, including reefs and grottos that are teeming with life underneath the waves. Whether you’re snorkeling by yourself or with a crewed yacht charter from one of the area’s top sailing charters, these 10 snorkeling spots in the BVI will let you see things you never imagined possible under the sea!

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The Baths – Virgin Gorda

Few places in the world offer the mix of beauty, serenity, and adventure that you find at The Baths. Certainly one of the BVI’s most sought-after tourist destinations. Not only for excellent snorkeling but to also just explore the enormous boulders which create breathtaking natural grottos!

The Wreck of the Rhone – Off Salt Island | Snorkeling Spots in the BVI

The wreck of the Rhone sits hauntingly as one of the Caribbean’s best wrecks to snorkel! Her resting place is in shallow waters off Salt Island in the British Virgins, so it’s never too difficult to reach for divers or snorkelers alike. It’s also positively teeming with marine life – barracudas, moray eels, octopuses, grouper fish – all make this shipwreck home!

The unsinkable Royal Mail ship, one of the largest and most luxurious making the transatlantic run in those days, sank off the British Virgin Islands in 1867 during a hurricane. More than a hundred passengers and crew members died that fateful night. Today she sits in her own national park just waiting to be explored by snorkelers.

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Monkey Point – Guana Island

At the Southern end of Manchioneel Bay sits Cisterns Point. Here you will find great snorkeling teaming with exciting marine life. Cistern Point has a dinghy mooring (a rope tied between two moorings) easily accessible to boaters who want to dinghy over.

This excellent snorkeling area extends to a rocky point and coral reef ridge off Cooper Island and out to a rock by that name. In conclusion, this is a place you probably want to take note of. Cistern Point is just one of the many excellent snorkeling spots in the BVI!

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The Caves – Norman Island | Snorkeling Spots in the BVI

For those who want to explore the depths of the ocean with a mask- and snorkel. Certainly, one destination you’ll want to put on your itinerary is The Caves. A popular spot located near Norman Island. Which has exceptionally calm water perfect for swimming through submerged caves. As well as fish of all shapes, sizes, and colors.

This place will have you coming back for more! But do note that it can get crowded during peak hours later in the day. Therefore, try going there early in the morning when it’s less likely you’ll run into other people trying to also enjoy this spot.

Alice’s backside – Ginger Island

You may want to make a stop off on your way to either Cooper Island or Virgin Gorda. This spot offers snorkeling amidst clear waters and giant brain coral heads. Furthermore, this is one of the most gorgeous snorkeling spots around!

Located at the northwestern point of Ginger Island, this site has only a few mooring buoys. Of which are usually taken up by commercial diving operations. Luckily for travelers, if you can find an open buoy, it’s well worth the stop on your sailing charter.

The site’s uniqueness comes from its large sand patches dotted with enormous brain coral and mushroom coral heads. In Conclusion, aren’t uncommon, but beautiful nonetheless!

The Bight – Norman Island | Snorkeling Spots in the BVI

Cooper Island’s stunning snorkeling site can be found near Cistern Point and Little Carvel Rock at the foot of a cliff where people still often go to draw water. The cliff was once a plantation in the 1800s, and perhaps even before that. As people walked up the hill, they found the ruins of an old fortress which has been converted into someone’s home- you can see how its stout walls would have made it very hard for anyone trying to break in during those times.

But because there wasn’t much policing on this island back then (especially as it’s outlying), if pirates attacked or Spaniards came over from Cuba looking for slaves or goods then every person had to look after themselves.

Buttonwood Bay – Peter Island | Snorkeling Spots in the BVI

Buttonwood Bay offers great snorkeling opportunities. There are several reefs around the bay, perfect for yacht charters where tourists can explore all that this harbor has to offer. The most popular reef begins at 8 feet deep and goes up to 40 feet deep – home to thousands of fish, including varieties of coral and purple sea fans.

The Dogs – The Dog Islands

Situated in between Virgin Gorda and Beef Island you will find excellent snorkeling at “The Dogs” The five islands which make up the Dog Islands are Great Dog Island, George’s Dog Island, West Dog Island, East Dog Seal Island, and Little Seal Dog Island. These places got their name from the barking seals that lived there once but are now long gone due to excessive eating of these animals by sailors. However, now they are known as an amazing place to snorkel for the Day!

This concludes’s Top Amazing snorkeling spots in the BVI.

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