“You Make the Memories, We’ll Make the Arrangements”
Bahamas Kayak | reasons to visit the Bahamas

Spring break is commonly seen as a getaway in order to pamper oneself: move away from the cold, have fun, and recharge energy before going back to reality. As the break does not last that long most people remain in the southern part of the USA, mainly in Florida, as it is close and affordable. But this year, wouldn’t it feel adventurous to follow the path of Christopher Columbus or Blackbeard or the tracks of Johnny Divine and seek a trail off the beaten path? I think so, too, so come spend your Spring Break in the Bahamas!

Why not cross the Gulf Stream and discover the wonderful archipelago northeast of the Bahamas called the Abacos? Indeed  Abaco is just one hour away by plane from Florida and has a lot of connections. The Abaco Islands are a group of islands and cays forming a boomerang-shaped 120-mile-long island chain. It stretches over 630 square miles. Geographically, the Abaco is simply ideal for boating, sailing, snorkeling, and diving! In March, the waters are warm, and the winds are fair. So, why is  Spring break better here than anywhere else? Because “it’s better in the Bahamas”, of course!

Sail in the protected sea of the Abaco on the luxury yacht Dream Ketcher. Every day, discover a new cay where you could taste the special local drinks. That sounds like a pretty great Spring Break in the Bahamas to me! You will enjoy the untouched white sand beaches on all the cays, you will walk the narrow streets of the settlements and meet the friendly locales (on land or underwater). And, your Chef will cook special lunches and dinners with local products: lobster, conch, and grouper to name a few. So, grab your swimsuit, sunglasses, t-shirt, and flip-flops and we’ll meet ya at the dock!

What better way to spend your holiday than to explore the islands on CATAMARAN CHARTER SPRING BREAK. Check it out.

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