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Norman Island, sailing in the BVI

Perhaps this is your first time sailing in the BVI. We’ll give you a sneak peek at what it feels like to finally visit the British seas. In addition, we shared sailing in the BVI tips, like what to bring and what to wear.

Read our British Virgin Islands Yacht Charters Guide for an overview.

British Virgin Islands TODAY

The British Virgin Islands have recovered 90% from the impacts of Hurricane Irma. Yacht charters can visit its top sailing destinations, from the main islands to new resorts and marina ports. It also includes newly built moorings and more watersports shops. Read “What’s open in the BVI” years after the storm.

No new islands, but BVI promises more discoveries for every charter.

Due to climate change, the island and its community are now well-trained in how to respond to emergencies such as this. 

Sailing in the BVI | Places to Visit

Jost Van Dyke

One of the Caribbean’s main islands, it offers visitors fun and historical insights. Swim in White Bay, a great place for snorkelers teeming with corals near the shore. Or enjoy the nightlife in these famous places: the Foxy’s and Soggy Dollar Bar.

If you’re into a moderate hike, The Bubbly Pool offers a stellar island view after a 10-minute hike.

In comparison, Little Jost Van Dyke offers a tranquil escape.

Virgin Gorda

On a chartered boat, experience the natural beauty of Virgin Gorda, from its white sand beaches to national parks. Additionally, CocoMaya is an excellent place for foodies and cocktail lovers.

Visit Devil’s Bay National Park for panoramic views. Mooring buoys are available so that vessels won’t damage coral.

Our top favorite, The Baths, is ideal for families, couples, and groups. The granite boulders look like a maze, and inside, there are rock pool surprises.

The Bitter End Yacht Club is a sailor’s destination that reopened in 2021 after Hurricane Irma. While on a luxury yacht charter in the BVI, you can enjoy scuba diving, fishing, and a sunset tour.

Anegada - Sailing in the BVI


British Virgin Islands yacht charters also take guests to the coral paradise, Anegada. There’s a higher chance of spotting stingrays, bonefish, and other marine life near the shoreline. The island also boasts a healthy ecosystem, where various birds and rock iguanas reside.

Moreover, all local restaurants in Anegada serve a spiny lobster dish, mostly grilled. This is sailors’ favorite meal when sailing in the BVI.

Here’s a breakdown of places to visit in Anegada:

  • Swim, sunbathe, and relax on Loblolly Bay
  • Cow Wreck Beach
  • Flamingo Pond Lookout
  • Conch Island


Road Town is a must-see for learning about the island’s history and rich culture. It has several attractions for foodies and shoppers alike. After that, taste their award-winning, aged rum in Callwood Rum Distillery.

Tortola offers more than just a laid-back adventure. Spot some florals and wildlife at J.R. O’Neal Botanic Gardens, just a few minutes from the bustling town.

Walk to the hiker’s paradise, Sage Mountain National Park, for stunning views of the islands when sailing in the BVI. Or visit the Mount Healthy National Park, a sugar mill and now a historical landmark offering scenic island views.

  • Cane Garden Bay
  • Smuggler’s Cove
  • Long Bay Beach
  • Josiah’s Bay

Catamaran sailing in the BVI will also bring guests to its smaller islands and cays.

Sail across to Sandy Cay from Jost Van Dyke. It is a small island for day-trippers, surrounded by nature trails for spectacular views.

Don’t miss out on Norman Island, a pirate hideout that is now a snorkeling place with the Caves. A short distance away is the famous rock formation “The Indians.” 

Lastly, Cooper Island is among the best choices for diving enthusiasts. When on a motor yacht, consider looking for a dive mooring along the Cistern Point to ensure safety.

Sailing in the BVI | Fun Things To Do

Choosing the destinations to visit in the BVI unlocks the activities you might enjoy.

Boat Tours

Sail in the BVI from one island to another and stop at famous destinations. Charter a yacht and enjoy a day or sunset cruise, and expect the British Virgin Islands to have a breathtaking view. 

Dining Experiences

One thing that most guests love in the British seas is their local delicacies. Many beach bars serve unique meals and refreshing drinks.

Read about the Top Restaurants in the BVI and taste the flavors of the blues.

Snorkeling or Diving

The British Virgin Islands is rich with marine life. Therefore, most charters include water toys to let you discover the underwater world. You might charter a yacht with a PADI-certified crew for scuba diving experiences. 

Check out the top snorkeling destinations in the BVI.

Hiking Adventure

The BVI rainforest awaits beginners or moderate hikers. Many beautiful spots are good for sightseeing, where you can enjoy the island’s full view after a short hike.

Overall, the British Virgin Islands are perfect for unwinding, fun, and exciting adventures. 

Tortola, BVI

Frequently Asked Questions

What should you pack for a sailing trip in the BVI?

Depending on how many days your charter adventure will be. Consequently, write a packing list to help fill your duffel bag.

  • Travel documents
  • Clothing
  • Footwear
  • Electronics, such as phones, cameras, etc.
  • Other essentials, like medicines and credit cards

What to wear on a BVI sailing trip?

Beyond the outfit, sunscreen is essential to protect you from the scorching Caribbean sun. We then recommend wearing flip-flops when walking on the shore. 

  • Cover-ups
  • Underwears
  • Swimwear
  • Pajamas
  • Casual and formal dresses
  • Sailing shoes
  • Stylish hats
  • Rash guard

The number of clothing will depend on the number of charter days.

When are the best months to sail in the BVI?

You can sail around the BVI year-round – no bad times.

December through April is the peak season with steady winds and warm weather. May and November are ideal for lesser crowds, a turtle nesting season. The hurricane season is between June and November. 

Sailing in the BVI with the Experts

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