“You Make the Memories, We’ll Make the Arrangements”
Salon of Port To Vino

Launched in 2016, the new PORT TO VINO, BVI Catamaran Charter, is a true beauty. Built and maintained to luxurious standards, this ship provides incredible views of the surrounding natural beauty. Additionally, four generously-sized staterooms each come with an ensuite bathroom—bringing comfort back home on your holiday. Enjoy ocean breezes from the aft deck at dinnertime. While freshly prepared dishes are expertly cooked using culinary experience gathered over many years at sea.

Make use of all available spaces aboard PORT TO VINO. Something like enjoying some time reading outside on the starboard dining area (complete with adjoining flybridge). As well as staying cool and dry beneath one of two trampolines towards the bow end of this dreamy vessel during sunny days spent at anchor.

Whether you’re there for long hours snorkeling around reefs or looking for family bonding time, there’ll be no shortage of high-quality onboard equipment and company to join in when you choose Port To Vino BVI Catamaran Charter.

About the Crew

Photo of Captain Jeff Nichols & Chef/Mate Caitlin Nichols, the highly regarded and outstanding crew of PORT TO VINO
Captain Jeff Nichols & Chef/Mate Caitlin Nichols

We want to provide an exemplary charter experience whilst maintaining your vessel to a high standard. Safety always comes first, but that doesn’t mean our guests can’t have fun too! Are you interested in exploring the underwater world as well? We can guide you through the reefs while either diving or snorkeling just as comfortably as we navigate the islands above the water. We pride ourselves on making every charter a unique experience by catering to each guest’s preferences and requests.
Neither of us ever imagined we’d be living and working on a boat, but we can no longer imagine life anywhere else! Combined, we have over 30 years of diving experience, over half of which is in a professional capacity. We met working for a dive charter company in coastal North Carolina. Caitlin had completed a degree in Marine Science from Rutgers University and was aiming to increase her professional dive experience, while Jeff was a newly minted captain after many years working abroad in Asia and Central America as a dive instructor. In the past seven years, we’ve worked in the US, Fiji, and the BVI, transitioning from resort and dive shop management to running charter boats, and haven’t looked back since!

– Captain Jeff Nichols & Chef/Mate Caitlin Nichols crew of PORT TO VINO BVI Catamaran Charter

Outstanding Reviews of PORT TO VINO BVI Catamaran Charter

Well, we had to scramble and do the whole trip in the USVI instead of the BVI, but you guys made it all worthwhile. I am still in awe of how you made all those gourmet meals in a tiny kitchen on a boat… Goals!! Loved all the drinks and the snorkeling was the best – even the darn jellyfish sting was OK. Thanks for everything!

Jenna and Derek

Jeff and Caitlin were great! Very professional and lots of fun. They interacted with our group perfectly. The boat is amazing and perfectly maintained. Food was awesome and made from scratch daily. We had several restaurant owners on board. All were impressed with Caitlin’s abilities in the galley.

Rick W.

Our charter was one of the best vacations we have ever done. The personal touches by the crew made it a great event. Their marine knowledge, especially, made a big difference whilst snorkeling – every session was very unique. Caitlin is a great chef and put special touches on each meal. Jeff is an extremely competent Captain,very focused on safety, but he also made some fun drinks! We can’t wait to charter again with Captain Jeff and Caitlin!

The Uncers

The two of you are a treasure! Thank you so much for keeping us safe (a bit of a challenge with a 3 & 5 year old pair) and taking all of us on a tremendous adventure. But most of all, thank you for the warmth and caring and the amazing attention to gave to our children. They are going to miss you, as shall my wife and I. All the best – we hope this is “see you later” and not “goodbye”.

P, T, E, & P. Los Angeles, CA

Please note that this is just a tiny sampling of the many outstanding reviews for PORT TO VINO

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