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BVI Kiting in North Sound, Virgin Gorda

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is a stunning destination known for its beautiful turquoise waters, pristine beaches, and secluded coves. With its consistent trade winds, the British Virgin Islands has become a top destination for water sports enthusiasts, particularly kite surfers. This article will explore the best kite surfing spots in the BVI and why a catamaran charter is a perfect way to experience this exciting sport.

Consistent Trade Winds in the BVI

The trade winds blow from the east-northeast at an average of 10 to 20 knots, creating ideal kite surfing conditions. The best time for kite surfing in the BVI is from November to June, when the trade winds are strongest. The varied coastline of the BVI makes it a perfect destination for kite surfers of all skill levels. The islands have a mix of shallow bays, protected coves, and open ocean waters, providing a range of conditions for kite surfers to enjoy.

Kite Surfing Spots in the BVI

When kite surfing in the BVI, a few spots stand out. Anegada is a remote island known for its flat, shallow waters and consistent winds. The island is surrounded by a barrier reef that protects the open ocean, making it a perfect spot for beginners. Other great kite surfing spots include Leverick Bay, Eustatia Sound, and the North Shore of Tortola.

Catamaran Charter for Kite Surfing:

One of the best ways to experience kite surfing in the BVI is on a catamaran charter. A catamaran provides the perfect platform for kite surfing, with plenty of space to store equipment and easy access to the water. Many catamarans also come equipped with dinghies, which can be used to shuttle kite surfers to and from the best spots.

$59,000 - $70,000 /wk
  • 4 Cabins
  • 65.00 Ft Cat
  • Built: 2021
Scuba  Scuba Diving On Board
$31,100 - $32,000 /wk
  • 3 Cabins
  • 60.00 Ft Cat
  • Built: 2016
$42,000 - $46,000 /wk
  • 3 Cabins
  • 62.00 Ft Cat
  • Built: 2017
Scuba  Scuba Diving On Board
$34,000 - $37,500 /wk
  • 3 Cabins
  • 62.00 Ft Cat
  • Built: 2010
Scuba  Scuba Diving On Board
$20,000 - $25,000 /wk
  • 3 Cabins
  • 49.00 Ft Cat
  • Built: 2021

Other Activities in the BVI:

In addition to kite surfing, the BVI offers plenty of other activities for active charter guests. Snorkeling, scuba diving, stand-up paddleboarding, and E-Foiling are popular BVI water sports. The islands also offer excellent hiking, cycling, and horseback riding opportunities for those who want to explore on land.

Important Safety Considerations:

It’s important to note that kite surfing can be a dangerous sport, especially for inexperienced people. Before attempting to kite surf in the BVI, taking lessons from a qualified instructor is essential—Kite Surfing schools in the BVI offer kite surfing lessons. Your crewed catamaran captain can coordinate lessons for you.


In conclusion, kite surfing in the BVI is a thrilling and rewarding experience for active charter guests. With its consistent trade winds, varied coastline, and stunning scenery, the BVI is an ideal destination for kite surfers of all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, a catamaran charter in the BVI is the perfect way to experience this exciting sport.

In addition, many Virgin Islands-based crews know the kiting locations. And they will happily take guests to the BVI Kite Surfing hot spots to enjoy the Virgin Islands Kite Surfing. Experience a Kite Safari.

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