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Kiteboarding Bahamas: Have you ever tried kiteboarding in the Exumas on a catamaran with a trained captain? For kite-boarding enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike, this is a must-do!

Check out this video of the catamaran Rubicon’s kiteboarding video filmed in Exuma, Bahamas.

The Bahamas is not a kiteboarding hotspot yet. No kite school with a station, no kite shops, and no dedicated kite beach. But, this has some advantages for you: You will not be disturbed on the water, you can discover beaches in private, and you are away from crowded kite hot spots. You are pretty much by yourself when kiting!

There are some wonderful and perfect beaches to kite. For beginners, there are plenty of big lagoons and exciting spots for experienced kitners. If you like to discover islands and explore fun kite spots as well as beautiful beaches, you will enjoy the Bahamas for kitesurfing!

Consistent winds, crystal clear, warm, sandy bottom waters, and pristine beaches make the Exumas a fantastic Bahamas kiteboarding destination. Bahama’s windy season is from November through April.

You will be outfitted and well taken care of with a kiteboarding yacht charter. Your yacht charter captain will take you to all the best spots, and in most cases, the captain and crew love to kite as well. So, if you need a refresher lesson or just a little inspiration, they will take care of you… ..more Kitesurfing

There are two catamarans sailing the Exumas on a year-round basis with crews who kiteboard and know the kiteboarding spots in the Exumas. Rubicon and Swish are the two catamarans. If your group is large, a third catamaran Freebird can join the group to accommodate the additional people. Rubicon and Freebird each accommodate up to five guests, while Swish can accommodate up to seven guests.

These three catamarans offer charters that include all meals except one dinner ashore at your expense, drinks, and snacks. Additional costs for the charter are customary crew gratuities between 15 – 20%, given at your discretion.

Kiteboarding Bahamas: The Yachts

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