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BVI Catamaran Charter Specials

CKIM Group Inc., in coordination with, brings you two excellent BVI Catamaran Charter Specials. As always, our charter brokers are eager to assist you with any questions.

BVI Catamaran Charter Specials

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AD ASTRA 54 | BVI Catamaran Charter Specials

AD ASTRA 54 BVI Catamaran Charter Specials
AD ASTRA 54 BVI Catamaran Charter

This Outstanding BVI Sailing Catamaran Charter can impressively accommodate ten guests. AD ASTRA 54 undoubtedly stands out with its fun water toys, fully customizable menu, spacious salon, and much more. She will undoubtedly book fast with the special prices. The hospitable crew of AD ASTRA 54 awaits your arrival. See the full e-brochure below for more info and to inquire.

  • Length: 54 feet
  • Year Built & Builder: 2019 Bali Catamarans
  • Two crew members with five guest cabins, five Queens, and one Twin
  • Ten guests

Your Crew

Captain: Thomas Bik | BVI Catamaran Charter Specials

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Thomas always had a passion for the ocean. With both of his parents being fanatic sailors, it was only natural that he spent all of his free time on the water, partaking in every water sport imaginable.

BVI Catamaran Charter Specials, Captain Thomas
Captain Thomas

From a young age, it became clear that his drive would point him toward a career on the water. He applied for a bachelor’s in Water Management with a minor in Smart Water. Subsequently, followed by a Master’s in Hydrology specializing in hurricane storm surge control in the Caribbean and Florida.

During COVID, he decided to apply to a nautical college and, upon graduation, worked as a first officer on sailing yachts up to 500GT. He quickly realized that the size of these yachts directly impacted the amount of guest interaction. He, therefore, decided to obtain his Yacht Master and become a captain on smaller sailing vessels.

His adventures started working in Flotillas in the Mediterranean, where he met Mollie on the dock in Croatia. After a lot of evenings sharing dreams, they decided to put these dreams into practice. They moved to the south Caribbean to work day charters on a 75ft catamaran and returned to the Mediterranean together. They quickly realized that this is the life they want to live.

Chef/Mate: Mollie Olsson | BVI Catamaran Charter Specials

Mollie grew up in a small city called Jönköping in Sweden. With her loving mother, she learned how to cook from a young age. Then and there, she would always create great feasts for her big family and friends.

At the age of 18, she moved away from home to follow her passion for performing arts and worked as a dancer, flying trapeze instructor, and acrobat in Mexico. Here she found her love for Mexican cuisine, which speaks to her eclectic cooking range with combinations of ingredients like lime, chili, and garlic. Her guacamole is to die for.

BVI Catamaran Charter Specials, Chef Mollie
Chef/Mate Mollie

Mollie then found herself following her other interests, sport and exercise science which took her to Australia to study for a year. She fell in love with this beautiful country and stayed for almost four years. With her knowledge, she tried her hand at the entrepreneurial ship, opening her performance center for strength sports on the Sunshine Coast in a partnership.

After separating from the partnership (the business, however, has been a success and is still in operation), she started working as a front-of-house manager in a vegan and gluten-free herbal bar. Here she was able to tap into her creative side and create new exciting cocktails, write menus and run a team of incredible people.

Chef Mollie continued

After this, Mollie moved back to Scandinavia to enter the oil industry, where she worked in the catering department. But she got tired of the cold weather and decided to take a new path and move to a warmer climate. She then found a home in the yachting industry, an occupation where she could travel and work simultaneously whilst meeting new and exciting people all over the world.

She took on multiple roles as deckhand, stewardess, and chef on both motor yachts and sailing boats. This is where she found a passion for the art of cooking. Mollie has been fortunate to travel worldwide and has visited over 50 different countries. She loved taking an active approach to learning and studying the cuisine in those countries. Fresh produce and good ingredients are key when creating a nutritious and flavorful dish; don’t forget that sprinkle of love.

When Mollie is not cooking, she enjoys adventuring activities such as hiking, dancing, skiing, sailing, and all kinds of training. When she wants to relax, she likes taking a deep breath on her yoga mat or creating long-lasting memories through her camera lens.

Mollie and Thomas met on the dock on her very first sailing trip, and they never looked back! They found each other in a whirlwind of adventure from two separate parts of the world.

EMYSA | BVI Catamaran Charter Specials

EMYSA BVI Catamaran Charter Specials
EMYSA BVI Catamaran Charter

You’ll be glad you discovered EMYSA. She is an exceptional BVI sailing catamaran charter prepared to facilitate your vacation. The fun on “and under” the water begins with her six sea scooters, two passenger kayaks with clear bottoms, two paddleboards, fishing gear, and more. Enjoy your favorite cocktails perched high on her spacious flybridge lounge with 360-degree views of the surrounding Caribbean archaeology. Inquire now to begin that vacation of a lifetime.

  • Length: 58 feet
  • Year Built & Builder: 2019 Leopard
  • Two crew members with three guest cabins and three Queens
  • Six guests

Your Crew

Captain: Bastian Tromp | BVI Catamaran Charter Specials

Captain Bastian
Captain Bastian

Growing up in South Africa, Bastian was always surrounded by nature. He would find creative ways to indulge in it: climbing trees, hiking mountains, surfing, or scuba diving – anything that would bring him closer to the elements. After years of returning to the sea, it was only natural for him to continue on this path and become a skipper.

Qualifying for his license on the South African waters, his training in a challenging ocean prepared him for whatever may come. On his first voyage, he crossed the Atlantic Ocean. This was preceded by more voyages, in which he quickly advanced positions and worked as a Captain.

Chartering yachts for potential buyers in Cape Town, Bastian found a way to bring his two loves together: sailing the ocean and bringing people closer to nature. Even on land, people turn to him to take them out exploring and camping. Chartering proved to be a beautiful extension of that.

Bastian is truly passionate about the sea, nature, and our connection to it; he always seems to know the perfect equation for a divine sunset. For him, providing an excellent and memorable experience on the sea is a duty just as much as it is a pleasure.

Chef/Mate: Sarai Ben Ari | BVI Catamaran Charter Specials

Sarai was raised in Italy, Germany, and Israel – always on the coast. Being the daughter of a skipper, her family had a close relationship with yachts. They regularly went sailing in the Mediterranean, exploring all of the different coastlines the Med has to offer, and that was where she fell in love with the sea.

Chef/Mate Sarai
Chef/Mate Sarai

Discovering this at a young age, she took on competitive windsurfing. She started scuba diving, along with photography, as a way to indulge in the present and the beauty of nature.

Living in the Middle East and Italy gave her an appreciation for the Mediterranean and Italian cuisines. At home, the dining table has always been where everyone gathers, and time seems to stop. Seeing food as an art that can connect people, she ventured into hospitality during and after high school, working in different catering companies.

At 19, she enrolled in the IDF and served four years as a Commanding Officer. During her service, she found profound meaning in human companionship and the relationships we build with each other. This understanding grew stronger through her travels in Africa, getting to know various cultures, and being inspired by her experiences there.

Sarai is passionate about the beauty in the simplicity of life. She believes food has the potential to elevate any experience to new heights. Combining fresh ingredients and accentuating natural flavors, her cooking is designed to bring those at the table closer together.

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$28,500 - $32,500 /wk
  • 5 Cabins
  • 56.00 Ft Cat
  • Built: 2020
$27,000 - $29,000 /wk
  • 3 Cabins
  • 58.00 Ft Cat
  • Built: 2019

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