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Great thatch island

Italian cuisine, while it does encompass flavorful meals, goes well beyond pastas and sauces. One very popular Italian specialty is Limoncello, a lemon flavored liqueur often enjoyed after a meal. When it comes to charter sailing, does it get any better than Italian cuisine on a luxury catamaran?

Andrea, a native Italian and the captain of the luxury catamaran Nemo, has become quite skilled at making this delicious digestif, among other flavored liqueurs. “Our liqueur recipes started from family and friends recipes, but then we customized them to our taste and to our sources of ingredients,” he explains.

The Team

Andrea and Valentina, the hostess onboard luxury catamaran Nemo, have travelled the world and have explored many different ingredients. So in addition to Limoncello, Andrea infuses fresh flavors such as vanilla and cinnamon. “We started the cinnamon one after purchasing incredibly tasty cinnamon sticks in Grenada, famous for good and organic spices.”

Their travels expose them to high-quality, fresh ingredients that Andrea can then use to begin the process, which can take quite some time from start to finish. “To obtain each liqueur you start by infusing your main ingredient with spirit/alcohol for several weeks depending on the freshness and flavor of the material, then you mix it with a sort of simple syrup and you let it settle down again several days out of heat and daylight.”

Their Heritage

Andrea and Valentina honor their Italian heritage when creating and serving these libations, as Andrea explains, “These liqueurs, like Limoncello, are normally served in Italy to help digestion after dinner; they are served chilled and they are sipping liqueurs to enjoy a chat at the table after your meal.” He does, however, suggest, “But of course, can you imagine a better pairing than Cinnamon liqueur and a bite of organic dark chocolate?” Perfecto.

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