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Virgin Islands Sailboat Charters are a special treat for those who like to feel the wind in the face and the salt spray. Since there are a limited number of crewed monohull sailboats for charter, availability can be limited.

In addition, the Virgin Islands are some of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean to charter a sailboat. This comes with good reason! The Virgin Island is full of natural beauty, historical significance, and welcoming people who want to make your vacation unforgettable. Whether you want to cruise around the islands or visit specific places, options are available to suit your needs. The bottom line is Virgin Islands sailboat charters are an experience of a lifetime. While some charters take place on smaller yachts with one or two crew members. Others have as many as ten crew members on larger yachts (though it’s not ideal); bigger isn’t always better. Below is the most important regarding how to charter a sailboat going to this paradise!

How can I find a charter company? | Virgin Islands sailboat charters

Experience: there’s no adequate substitute., as part of CKIM group, has over 20 years in the yacht charter industry. Additionally, we take pride in the many credentials we carry, including but not limited to; IYBA and CYBA.

We are quite certainly no “fly-by-night” company. Therefore, you can trust us to deliver an experience to cherish for a lifetime. Furthermore, please feel free to visit our team page for more info on us and start getting to know who we are.

€107,000 - €155,500 /wk
  • 24 Cabins
  • 177.00 Ft Motors
  • Built: 1993
$65,000 - $68,000 /wk
  • 4 Cabins
  • 141.00 Ft Sail
  • Built: 2014
$89,500 /wk
  • 4 Cabins
  • 121.00 Ft Sail
  • Built: 2010
$44,000 - $49,000 /wk
  • 4 Cabins
  • 115.00 Ft Sail
  • Built: 1939
$34,000 - $39,500 /wk
  • 3 Cabins
  • 93.00 Ft Sail
  • Built: 2001
€28,000 - €32,000 /wk
  • 3 Cabins
  • 82.00 Ft Sail
  • Built: 2001
$22,000 - $24,000 /wk
  • 4 Cabins
  • 65.00 Ft Sail
  • Built: 1989
Scuba  Scuba Diving On Board
$14,500 - $16,000 /wk
  • 2 Cabins
  • 62.00 Ft Sail
  • Built: 1991
$11,900 - $13,800 /wk
  • 4 Cabins
  • 57.00 Ft Sail
  • Built: 1982
$11,100 - $15,500 /wk
  • 3 Cabins
  • 50.00 Ft Sail
  • Built: 1997
Scuba  Scuba Diving On Board

Where can you Charter?

The two premier Virgin Islands yacht charter areas are the U.S. Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands. Most US Virgin Islands sailboat charters start from St. Thomas, visiting the surrounding places, especially St. John. For the adventurous, a sail to St. Croix can be rewarding with four to five hours of the open sea crossing.

For the British Virgin Islands, we recommend starting from Tortola or Scrub Island and ending at either island or Virgin Gorda. Many of our clients enjoy staying at a resort or villa before or after their charter.

It takes multiple trips to the BVI to experience all these countries have to offer.

Check out one of our most recommended boat charter LA PALAPA when sailing to the Virgin Islands. s

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